Babies have really sensitive skin and the product used should be the best. It’s not about the sensitivity but just that  whatever we use should not be harsh on baby’s skin .So while choosing a lotion which is actually going to stay for quite a long time unlike the bodywash and shampoos which gets washed off you need to be cautious about the ingredients used.

I have been using Aveeno baby products which was recommended to me by my sister  and one of their products that we love is the lotion. The lotion I used till my baby was like almost 10 months was again from Aveeno Baby but was fragrance free as adding fragrance to baby products means adding the unnecessary chemicals which is simply not required neither is the fragrance required for babies. Anyways we are 10 months already and this time when we went out to shop for our favourite we didn’t get the Aveeno baby but instead got Aveeno Active Naturals Baby. So we thought let’s try it out.

thumb_IMG_5895_1024The product is light, non greasy and blends well, it stays on for quite a long time if applied right after bath.It keeps the skin hydrated for longest of time .My baby never faced the dry skin problems even in winters.It doesn’t give that sticky look which most of the baby products have that is one of the most important reason for me continuing with this product.I would highly recommend this product and will definetly keep it in our favorite list.

Apart from that it has a good rating in which gives the rating based on the ingredients used. You can check out the site for other products that you are using as well.







You are suffering from DIY fever That is how my husband makes fun of me but seriously its fun.DIY’s are stress busters , easy to do and results always make you think ‘did I have it in me, why didn’t I try this earlier’.

So let’s get started with the fever, today i am going to make a simple rope vase out of a juice bottle which i usually use to throw.


Materials required


  1. Plastic  bottle (I liked the shape and hence chose this one you can choose any bottle of any shape or size)
  2. Rope
  3. Glue

No you don’t need a baby hand ,ignore the little thief who is trying to steal stuff 😉

How to

Place the bottle upside down and apply the glue over the rope.

Stick the rope to the end of the bottle and press it for a while so that it sticks properly

Once the rope has stuck to the bottle you can start  wrapping the rope around the bottle.

Glue won’t be required in every round that you make as it will stick on its own to the bottle but if you want to you can use. I have used glue at the bottom and at the neck rest it stuck on its own.


I have not removed the cap and wrapped the cap with rope as well.I liked the shape the cap was giving to the bottle.

This is the final result you can make to decorate the shoe rack at the entrance like I did or else you can place it right below the lamp shade.

Its perfect if you shift  regularly like I do and don’t wish to spend much on decor yet want to make your house look beautiful.

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Welcome to the generation of google, by google I just don’t mean a curious generation but a whole lot of self-declared smart asses which I am one-off course, else i cant write about this genre so well. yes I am that lot of irritating over googled mother who thinks she can just steal the words out of doctors mouth and hats off to the doctors for being so patient and understanding the over googled crowd so well.

I remember my mother saying little knowledge is dangerous when I was young and l would shrug off thinking that’s not for me I do a good research. My pregnancy started with a good research as well. Thats good right to be aware of whats happening inside you and telling people  “Do you know the heart beat comes in this week? and now the finger must have formed ,my baby is exactly the size of brinjal right now. Oh great thats like a hell lot of knowledge!! i don’t know how many people dropped the idea of having a baby just because of me.

But anyways it is good to know but over doing definitely is not welcome but the problem is where to stop no one knows. If you think I am going to tell you where to stop then I am sorry I still over do it.the only thing that I started to help myself from getting carried away with the google effect was to read about actual people….yes thats where you get to know, leave your computer or phone for a while grab a good book may be. I didn’t read much though, all I did was socializing talking to people the information I got was much more practical and made me feel more comfortable.

I didn’t leave my research but a mix was good and healthy.This makes me realise that we are in much better position than our mothers but still there are many questions which google can’t answer the only way to get an answer  is”Maa can we talk “.

lets talk about DADDY!!


Yes lets talk about daddy they play a major role but yet are the most ignored part of the whole process be it pregnancy parenting they are just so ignored. Well i agree few just enjoy the ignored status and love to live in the times when it was just a females job to be pregnant and raise the kids. Lets talk about us lets talk about the generation we are into lets talk about the shift from my wife is pregnant to we are expecting……

This shift has not happened overnight it has happened overtime I am not saying that the older generation was not good at parenting but we have to agree on this that raising a baby was considered women’s job and the percentage of super daddies was less as compared to today.

so lets just talk about super daddies be of any generation and why are they ignored may be because they don’t take the physical pain. But still they do a lot more i guess starting from the day we get pregnant. The load of taking care is on them no matter how the day in the office was when they come back home they just can’t say no.All the fights seems so unjustified and they have to bow down no matter who is at fault, yet they are made to feel guilty for fighting and not apologising .

The cravings are all answered by the click click of the car and of course by the super daddy. They change their taste too my husband was fine till chinese cravings but once the south indian took over he had a hard time adjusting.Well my cravings were wacky too when the whole world said i will crave over chocolates i just wanted to have rasam for no reasons. I kept on thinking about the training days when in the canteen they had a separate south indian section where rasam and sambar were served daily.I tried my own googled version of rasam and it was all messed up just like my searches.

The tension over the bump getting bumped and saving the bump from the bumps on the roads.Yes they change their driving style completely for us just to make sure the bump is safe from the bumps.

The constant reminder to the lovely mommies of how prettier they look with the bump.How the glow is just so perfect and they never looked prettier than this.

I know we go through a lot on the D Day but one look on the daddies face and you get to know how nervous they are and how they wished the whole thing should have been easier than this, but still they give you all the pep talk possible just to make u feel better.

Then start the sleepless saga along with the mommy, they burp the baby, calm them, lull them to sleep.No one asks them to take rest and just after few days when they start the office the woes doubles with the work pressure and the night duty.

Way to go super daddies just remember your contribution is going to raise a baby who is going to be a gentleman or a super fine lady.


We made few resolutions the day we brought the baby home

1.No swear No ‘F’ word in front of the baby

No No we cant do that how can we use the ‘F’ word in front of him no matter how young he is ….no he is going to pick it No ways.

Few days later…….

F**k man whats with this red spot on his face,

Hey don’t use the F word ….

What !!!! can’t you be little practical you are bothered about the F word when he is too young to even understand  rather you should be worried about the insect bite on his face.

2. No fights in front of the baby – Mummy papa are one team

Ha Ha !!!!!! Do I even have to give an example.

3. Set the routine for the baby

Sorry let me correct Set into the routine of the baby

4.We are going to be one chilled out parents unlike the hyper lot around.

What is that


That little black thing on the wall

Oh my god oh my god is that a mosquito ???

Yes i think so… oh my god

How did it happen ???

Bring my slippers


Ahh such a relief

After sometime ………

Honey can you see the bunch of mosquito on the same spot


Ohh leave it your slippers  way too dirty

5.I will get back into shape(This one i made to myself)

This conversation is with self

Stop eating for two you are one now, the baby is already out

Shut up I am feeding the baby so that makes more sense when you eat for two.

Bringing your bundle of joy home indeed is a special moment, so its ok if the plan didn’t work out.And its ok if there are few fights here and there i believe that makes the memory more special and you are going to laugh over it later. So go ahead break the resolution bring home the baby.



If you are a parent you must also be battling with the same question and if you’re  not yet then yes, you very well are the boss of your own life.Since morning till the next morning yes you got me right I dance to the tunes of my 9 month old.

No matter how much i try to set routine EAT PLAY SLEEP …REPEAT… never happens in our house .

Its like …….


He needs to see what you are trying to feed him,he opens mouth for the first time and then what you get is a mouth tightly shut and a constant nodding head this goes on for a while, till the time he gets hold of the spoon and throws it away. Well eat time ends with a few bites of finger food here and there ,then the demand of getting away from the high chair comes in and yes as I said you know who the boss is ….so give in pick him up.


Too bored of the old toys he needs something interesting like may be the thing you are trying to type on to NO NO NO BOSS you are too young for it and papa (the other slave) cant afford another one as of now. So you better shut it down and sit down and play with him and make things interesting for him. Here you go Play time you become the monkey doggie tiger even the kitty.


Expectations Mummy sings a lullaby baby sleeps on the lap awwwwwww ….so sweet. Reality

Baby: What the hell!!!! are you trying to lull me to sleep

Mumma: ahhhhh no thats just mumma loving you

Baby: Dont you mumma mumma me put me down right away

Mumma: But its almost midnight you need to sleep

Baby: What are you nuts daddy came just few hours back need to spend some time with him quality time i mean

Mumma: Enough now off to sleep

Baby: buhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mumma: Ok puppa here you go

This pretty much sums up what happens every day and how democracy is sabotaged by this little autocrat 😉


Breastfeeding is one of the most basic aspect of parenting and the most amazing experience of motherhood which helps form a special bond between mother and the baby. At the last trimester of my pregnancy I read a lot about how to breast feed, I watched many videos on YouTube and thought it wont be that difficult.But as they say no pain no gain that was what my initial experience with breastfeeding was.I will be discussing about sore nipples and the plight I went through in a different post but since this is the World breast feeding week (1st to 7th August) I thought will throw some light on the aspect of breast feeding.

Breast feeding no doubt is the best for your babies, up to 6 months baby’s all nutritional requirement are fulfilled by  mothers milk. Even top feed or water is not required till the baby is 6 months old.The breast fed babies are no doubt the happiest. My opinion might be biased but this is what I have experienced personally.Despite so much of campaigning awareness on breastfeeding still there is a shift towards the alternatives of breastfeeding, either the mother is always worried for baby not getting enough and she is not producing enough or because of the opinion that alternatives are equally beneficial. I completely understand the concern because every time my baby use to cry I use to think the same but the truth is something else.

When you think the baby is not getting enough and start with the top feed you are actually changing your body’s hormonal set up. Our body is made up in such way that it starts producing milk according to the requirement of baby.When the baby latches that sends a message to the brain to produce milk. If you are a lactating mother you must have experienced that if you are away from the baby and think about him/her you start leaking, that is how our brain works with emotions and hormones.

I know its difficult initially but just stick to it, i know saying is easier but i have gone through and sticked to it . Lets make this campaign a success and advocate breastfeeding for a healthier generation.



When I finally sit to write my first ever blog which I have been thinking quite a while from now, I have been wondering how to start ,where to start, as I have no time simply no time for myself. when i decided to take a break from my work just to be a full-time mom , I thought what if I slip into depression as i will have ample of time with me but little did I know that I was taking a break from a part-time job to begin my full time highly professional job of being a full time momma. It’s not an easy task believe me if you are a parent to be then jut get ready its nothing less than a battle with no preparation you are just thrown into the battle field . And yes whatever “Tips & Tricks” the experienced so-called parents already tell you just forget that every baby is different and so is the journey oops !!!!! battle.

Well talking about parenting, handling a baby is incomplete if you don’t discuss the initial phase the initial happiness that you experience when you see those two lines. Well mine was nothing less than a dream come true.Totally unaware of the fact that my little one has already started taking his space in our life I thought its a normal delayed time of the month. It was after like 15 delayed days we decided to test. Both of us were confused but yet ready for it. Finally when we tested just like any other couples we wanted to be doubly sure and hence performed the test for like twice… thrice…. yes thrice we did it to be just sure.And it was yes yes yes all the time.I must admit he turned my life upside down from that day on.From that day I started having mixed feelings , mixed feelings as in I started seeing people from both the perspective people who were happy couples without babies and people who were happy couples with babies (that was a phase as someones happiness can’t be measured by the pics in social media ). Couple without babies always won in the matter of happiness quotient.That made me so insecure of the fact that I am no longer going to be the same carefree person I use to be now there will a huge responsibility, the responsibility of being a parent and I am too young , when I say young that doesn’t mean by age but by the maturity level which I think matters not the age.I thought being a mother you just need to be so perfect after all , all mothers are just so perfect what if I am not able to perform my role as a mother properly what if I become a bad mother a failure mom.That made me think over the decision of being a parent again and again.But since there was no looking back I decided to take it as it comes.

Believe me that was the best decision I have ever taken needless to say my baby is the best thing that ever happened to me. My motherhood made me realise just one thing which all mother to be out there should remember and the already mothers will agree , there is nothing called a perfect mom or a failure mom. Moms are just moms and they are the best for their babies no matter young or experienced.