Being an Indian a lot of stress is given on baby massage in our households.Since the day baby is born the old grannies start with their advises on massaging the baby for stronger bones.Well scientifically there is no difference in bones of babies massaged since birth and babies who has never been massaged.The only and the most significant benefit of massage is off course soothing the baby and a good sleep.My whole idea of massaging my baby was a good sleep and well moisturise the skin of my baby as baby skin tends to get dry frequently.

My baby has a very sensitive skin and baby oils reacted so bad that I had to consult doctor fearing a major allergy but to my respite it was just a skin rash caused due to baby oil.

The thumb rule for selecting any oil for massage for a baby is ‘The oil should be edible’.

Baby oil consists majorly of mineral oil which is the last and the cheapest component of distillation of petroleum.Hence it is not an edible oil.My baby is not blessed with a skin immune to the ill effects of oils and hence I had a hard time selecting oil for him.The baby oil was a total NO.

Even edible oil was not of much help as his skin reacted with mustard oil and effect were same as baby oil.

The miracle oil which we are using till now is Virgin coconut oil.It is the best so far and has replaced many of my moisturizer as well along with the baby’s.I just love the effect of this oil on my skin.My skin is extremely dry and hence oil acts like water for my parched skin in winters.

Benefits of massaging virgin coconut oil on baby’s skin

Dryness seems to fade away, if your baby has a dry skin you should give this oil a try all you need to do is massage this oil in upward motion in hands and legs and circular motion in the tummy area leave the face and massage with finger tips on head.

Inculcating a sleeping habit -Just massage as mentioned above before you plan to take the baby to sleep at bedtime.Massage increases the blood circulation and soothes the baby muscles which makes them feel sleepy.And also massage on regular basis will send a message to the brain that its sleep time over a period of time.

Massaging your baby with coconut oil helps in healing of the bruises faster.As the baby grows and becomes more mobile bruises and wounds also become common, applying coconut oil on daily or regular basis heals the bruises faster.Also this oil is considered anti microbial and acts as a good antiseptic.

Other than that virgin coconut oil when applied on hair and head of baby prevents cradle cap and also keeps hair healthy and shiny.If you don’t wish to keep it for a longer duration apply oil on baby hair few hours before washing the baby’s head but make sure you do it before every head wash.

It works as an amazing nappy rash cream as well because of its anti microbial and antiseptic properties.

Lastly virgin coconut oil is a great aid for the sore nipples.All you need to do is rub a little amount of this oil in and around nipple and areola.try to alternate breast while feeding so that it stays on for a longer durations and heals better.



Basically how to get ‘me time’ out when you are a stay at home mum.

Every kid is different and there are different ways they can be kept busy ,these are just my ways of keeping my baby busy for a longer time.

I just have one way to keep him busy and I  modify it to keep it interesting.My baby is 11 months now and is no less than Colombus when it comes to his exploring and discovering spree.It is just so difficult to keep him occupied as he will leave whatever he was playing within a while to explore something new.Toys mean mommy sitting and playing ,he simply refuses to play on  his own.The only thing that excites him and he doesn’t want his mom to be around is when he is exploring the cupboards,drawers ,laundry baskets and boxes.


So while child proofing our home , me and my husband decided to give away with the last drawers of our cupboard and dedicate a laundry basket which will always be accessible to the boy but we will make sure he thinks it is the usual laundry basket.

yes it can be called treasure hunting but my baby touch wood doesn’t seem to get bored with it.There are different ways I make the drawer for him.Let me tell you I am the kind of mom who would be around the kid even when I am having my me time.

So how do I make it interesting

Laundry Basket 

I keep some of my regular clothes and his soft toys in the laundry basket.I don’t show him or allure him to play with it.I simply let him discover the laundry basket by dropping few clothes into it when he is busy with something else.He loves to take out the clothes and soft toys out of it.Turns the laundry basket tries to get into it,come out of it try to throw the clothes again to some distance,tries to mop the floor by rubbing my clothes on to the floor.


I fill the drawers with knick knacks which are not his toys like empty tumblers,some stationery(just be careful while choosing stuff and make sure there is no choking hazard),some plastic bottles etc.He loves to take them out see what exactly it is.Off late i discovered that he has started to keep the things back as well, not to help me but to again throw it out.


Kitchen cupboards are his favourite ,I keep some spoons cups and bowls and he loves to take them out play with bangs them throw them shouts on them.

At times I fill the drawers with clothes and keep one of his tether in it.The moment he discovers the teether he starts blabbing keeping the teether in his mouth as if he found his long-lost friend and now he is not going to let him go.

And you guessed it right my me time ends up in me watching my baby play on his own.

Hope my ideas gives you the “ME TIME”and I am pretty sure you will end up doing the same that I do.Kids are different mommies are just the same 😉

I am currently on a DIY tresure box project which will be my future post some day if my baby loves it.






Here is another quick easy and yummy salad recipe from my kitchen



For the salad

chickpeas (soaked over night and boiled)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper




For the dressing


Olive oil


Cumin Powder




Boil The chickpeas if you are not using the canned ones For like 15mins, If you are using a pressure cooker 4 whistles.

just like my thumb rule for making salad for two If you are taking a bowl of chickpeas then make sure all the other ingredients mentioned should collectively be one bowl.

Cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato,  into small cubes and mix with the chickpeas. Keep it aside.


In a blender take one half of avocado , one table-spoon olive oil ,salt as per taste ,some cumin powder ,pepper , squeeze half of a lemon and blend it.

mix the dressing well with salad.

You can keep this salad in fridge for good 3-4 days.The best way to keep the salad is by keeping the dressing and salad separately and mixing just before eating, if you wish to store it for more than 3 days. else a well mixed salad tastes great after 24 hrs in fridge.

p.s- you can add canned jalapeños and olives as well.I couldn’t as it was not available in my kitchen while  I was making this salad.

MATERNITY STYLE CHECK-Must Haves for the last Trimester

Maternity is the time when you least think of style and more of comfort.But can you afford to look shabby anytime of your life its a big no for me when comfort can come with style then why compromise. So here is a list of must haves for the style and comfort during the last trimester when wearing your normal clothes is just out of question and splurging on new ones seems like a wastage of money as you would think of reducing as soon as possible.But there is a good news what ever you invest in the last trimester will hold good till 6 months post partum as well. Isn’t that great… no that does’t mean you will remain the same or look pregnant even after 6 months all I mean is you can use them in a comfortably stylish way 😉

So lets get started with the shopping list

1.Maternity Pants

Ditching your jeans is painful but what if you get an equally stylish substitute . Buy some jeggings.Why some because you can buy couple of jeggings with the same money you bought a pair of jeans.

2. Palazzo

What better than a palazzo to hide you baby bump better when high waist (will require a lot of adjusting in between though ).


Yes you would need leggings as well even if you have couple of jeggings nothing can beat leggings when it comes to maternity wear.

4.Boy friend Shirt

Buy couple of boy friend shirts to pair either with leggings or simply wear them as dress. They look cool with canvas.

5.Maxi dress

Your maternity is incomplete if you don’t have maxi dresses in your wardrobe.Buy few for the dressy outings.Pair them with jewellery and stylish flats.Btw they make the bump more pretty.

6.Canvas shoes/ sneakers

Nothing can beat the comfort of sneakers during pregnancy when high heels seems like a distant dream just slip on canvas and renovate the style by simply pairing them with any attire but leave the palazzo please;)


Some chunky jewellery when you know you can’t afford to make it more stylish a simple kurti and legging will do wonders if you can add the magic of jewellery to it.


By shrug i don’t mean the usual short ones but the one which will be like an over coat but with slits.


Just buy anything be it tees or dress and stripes will make it amazing. Stock few stripes for the casual outing.


last but not the least don’t forget to wear your smile. You look amazing any which ways but smile just adds to the awesomeness.

Keep smiling and stylish.


So finally after much of research we bought the car seat but since my baby is already 10 months old and is use to travelling sitting on my lap, i knew I will have a hard time making him sit in the car seat.I was mentally prepared for wailing crying and emotional blackmail for being carried out of it.So the day we bought we didn’t make him sit on it. He played standing by its support , the reason why I did this was I wanted him to get familiar with the car seat before anything. Forcing is something I don’t want to do as it only leads to more of crying which in turn might just disturb the person driving. Since in our case I am not going to drive and my baby will have company for a while at the back seat till the time he gets used to riding in a car seat, I thought why not make the ride little interesting for both of us and giggles from the back seat makes the drivers drive smooth.

Here are some tried and tested tips which has helped us enjoy our car journey

Once the car seat is home bring it home let the baby play with it.make him sit in the car seat put the harness and sit around him and play for sometime if you are planning to take a long trip,Making the baby sit in the car seat at home and getting comfortable is highly recommended if you are planning a long trip and baby is not used to the car seat else just take some short trips for the baby to get accustomed to it.

Never take a crying baby out of the car seat as it will become a habit once he gets to know that he is being taken away if he cries.Instead stop somewhere take him out for a while before starting again.

Initially make the baby sleep on the car seat. Babies tend to sleep as they enjoy sleeping on car rides so don’t make them sit right away from the start let him be with you till he doses off. Once the baby doses off make him sleep on the car seat. Once they wake up they will spend some time on the car seat and will get use to it slowly.

For the wake up time

Make a separate box of car toys for your baby.Why a separate toy box…babies tend to get bored with the same stuff. If you bring the same toys it might not excite him but new ones will definitely excite him and will keep him busy for a longer time. No don’t buy new one for every trip you make just make a separate toy box for car, to be used in the car only.

Include some finger puppets and hand puppets in your toy box. babies love listening to your voice and definitely a live story with moving characters will keep them entertained.

Some musical toys for him to press and discover new tunes .

include some tethers.

These are just suggestions for the toy box which works for my baby you can include things that your baby loves.

I made a toy hanger by simply tieing the scarf around the side handle on both side and hanging the toys.


Make sure the temperature of the car is comfortable and the music is not loud. Play some track which are soothing.

Keep some finger foods and expressed milk and be ready for some mess and clean up session once the trip ends.If you are not expressing I suggest some stops in between for feeding so that baby doesn’t get an idea that for feeding he will be taken away from the car seat.

Lastly everything seems little difficult in the beginning but one thing that I have learnt being a parent is never lose hope and stick to it. One day without even you noticing it slowly and gradually it will become all normal and effortless. So the mantra is just stick to it.

It has just been a month and we have succesfully taken 3-4 long drives and many short trips.My baby is fine with a trip of 2-3 hours but a trip longer than that is difficult and we are trying. Will come up with more tricks and trips and updates once we start enjoying our more than 3 hours trip. Till then keep trying and all the best.



My maternity leave ended when my baby was 6 months old, That is when we started with solid.Initially solids were all fun when my baby will look up to eating the puree.He simply enjoyed the puree offered and use to eat a jar full and three course meal along with expressed milk.Every thing was going on smooth and good till the time I took a break from work to join my husband overseas that meant me staying at home with my baby. That is when the whole thing started he started screaming while he was spoon fed and will refuse to be in high chair even in our meal time which he use to enjoy munching a finger food earlier.

I was completely at loss at his 9 month when all of this started and I had no clue what i should do.Sitting in the high chair meant screams wails and snatching and throwing stuff.He would make attempts to just throw the spoon, keep his mouth shut,attempt to puke.All this was something i never imagined a 9 months old can do and that is when i decided enough is enough i can’t go on worrying over this i need a solution and force feeding was completely out of question. I did a little research over internet asked few experienced mothers and came across the concept of baby led weaning.

So basically it means that you let the baby wean on his own. I never wanted to do that but since I had no other option and worrying and making calls , trying out different food and flavours  nothing was working out for us and hence we adopted the Baby Led Weaning. It has been 3 months since we started on the baby led weaning path and guess what we are doing quite well.Honestly my baby doesn’t eat much of solid still the maximum he takes is the milk.But he enjoys the dinning time and the food offered he still eats very less as compared to the puree he use to eat but considering at that time he was not fed milk on demand which is now being done he eats pretty well.His weight gain is constant and he charts in the range of healthy baby.

I know this is one of the major concern for mothers when the babies are growing and deciding on baby led weaning can actually be difficult for someone like me who constantly worries about the baby not eating well.This was not a choice made by me but i was forced by my baby into it and I am happily sticking to it.


A brain which is pre occupied by the thoughts of how to keep a baby busy becomes creative.My babies never ending love for balloons made me make a super easy cheap chandelier for him.


How to

Simplest DIY ever

Inflate the balloons using the pump,tie the balloons hang them to the clothespins. viola !!! its done.

Hang it anywhere where it would attract your babies attention, my baby started walking with support so the wardrobe is the best for us.



And we love this one as well…




Hunger pangs are the worst specially those which make you munch on those unhealthy snacks, which is a big NO! NO! when you are trying to get back to your pre pregnancy size.

But breast-feeding can be very exhausting and can leave you hungry all the time the best way to beat those hunger pangs are salads.Salads are filling and healthy. I am not an advocate of cutting on your diet as long as you are breastfeeding or otherwise. Salads can fill as snacks, breakfast or help you eat a chapati less for dinner.

Here is one of my recipe which is easy to make




For the salad

Sweet Corn (I use the frozen ones)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper





For the dressing


Olive oil


Cumin Powder




Boil The Sweet Corn For like 5-8 mins, If you are using a pressure cooker one whistle or else you can switch off just before the whistle blows.

If you are taking a bowl of corn then make sure all the other ingredients mentioned should collectively be one bowl.

Cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato, apple into small cubes and mix with the corn. Keep it aside.


In a bowl take 2 table-spoon fresh yogurt, one table-spoon olive oil ,salt as per taste ,some cumin powder ,pepper , squeeze half of a lemon if you wish to make it tangy you can use a whole.mix it well.

Once the dressing is mixed well and is of even consistency pour it over the corn salad which you have kept aside. mix it well.

Your healthy corn salad is ready.

Hope it helps you keep the extra calories you gain from snacks at bay.


In the last trimester of my pregnancy when I was too worried about handling a mini human I got comfort from the already mothers ,saying you can just read its mind ,there is some connection and you will get to know when he is hungry sleepy or colicky. I imagined myself as complacent mother taking my wailing baby from others lap saying he needs to sleep.

Sadly that never happened but yes it happens the other way round in my house. And as a result I have come to this conclusion that babies can read your mind that’s a talent that is inborn.

Giving them the benefit of doubt for the first three months as they are new to this world and adjusting and blah blah. lets start after that now that the baby sleeps for a longer duration at night so you think of a day when you plan a photo shoot on your own. You wake up dress for that make the baby dress and guess what its a sleepover day for him he is sleepy and wants to sleep. You decide to feed him and let him sleep and browse something over pinterest and the moment after browsing for like i don’t to know how long moment you get what you were looking for baby is up and ready to play.So that pretty well explains the reason for you looking like a sidey in all your baby’s pic where he  looks like he is giving cute baby syndrome to people around.

The day you think you can take a long shower and pamper yourself that day i bet that day you will be running out of the shower half-naked or may be naked.

Hot tea or coffee is a luxury which is very difficult to afford that is a proven fact and all over the internet become a parent if you don’t respect a hot tea. I never had one till now.

Getting out of the bed without waking your baby is an achievement that happens only when you can cheat with your baby by placing his favourite toy near him to make him believe you are around.

When you want to ignore someone and say you don’t want to visit them as the baby gets cranky in a different place or environment altogether and you by chance drop by for like few seconds and your baby greets them with a huge smile and wants to be carried by them ,on the other hand he just hates strangers.

But you know what I am really going to miss this super natural power possessed by my baby when he grows up.The candid photographs , the lukewarm tea ,the little time over internet ,the half-naked running around the house are the memories we are making. The memories of his childhood, where every lukewarm tea I sip today will be an anecdote for our future.

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