Does walker really aid in walking ….As a parent all we want is anything we offer to our baby should not cause any danger.Everyone wonders why  I haven’t bought a baby walker yet ,when I consider buying stuff for my baby as priority.There has been many reasons for me not opting for a walker.Walker does seem like a convenient way of keeping my baby busy but it does come with a cost(not the monetary )

1.When the baby gains mobility and starts walking with support the chances of him meeting with an accident when on walker increases three folds.Hence you can’t rather should not leave your baby unattended in a walker.

2.The walker doesn’t help in achieving the milestone.Yes contrary to the fact it does not. Your baby will start walking when he is ready physically and that completely depends on his speed of achieving milestones which comes naturally.Some baby start walking at 8 months and some at 14 months. Walker has nothing to do with it.

3.For the babies to walk they need to practice and strengthen their upper and lower leg muscles.walker makes their work easy and the desire to practice and strengthen the muscles takes a back seat.

4.Often the baby who are kept in walker skip their developmental milestone like crawling, standing on their own and walking with support and straight away start walking resulting in weak leg muscles.

5.Babies love walker no doubt about it as it makes their job a lot easier and that is what as a parent you want to but if something made easier has a long-term impact on the overall development of the child the short-term happiness should be ignored.

I never thought about all this honestly and was of this opinion that walkers are safe it was only when my baby was 9 months and I started considering one for him.It came to me as a shock a simple gadget that we consider an aid or a thing to play can be so risky and impart a long-term damage to the babies.This damage no wonder is not evident and very well ignored by all of us I guess.That is the reason walkers are so common and whereas a car seat which is a necessity is ignored completely.

Next time you browse for a walker and feel guilty consider some alternatives of walker like a play station table which your baby can drag make sure it has less mobility or for that matter no mobility.

The best will be taking your baby out to a park for some fresh air and walk.I know today it seems difficult with us working and busy lives that we have.but believe me no walker can beat the time you play with the little one his walkie game.If you do it even twice a week that is more than enough. Let your baby cruise freely at the house that builds confidence in them to walk on thier own.This is the time your baby needs supervision almost at all the active time as they can reach out to objects which were earlier out of their reach like a table ,shelf etc so consider baby proofing your house again rather toddler proofing your house.



So Diwali is round the corner and is the festival of DIY …Since childhood I have been excited about this festival. Diwali means rangoli, decorations, diyas,candles and fun.We celebrate a no cracker diwali and hence crackers are not a part of our celebrations.This will be again one of the diwalis I will be celebrating away from home but I don’t want to miss out on the fun with Nirvaan (N).This year has been special and all festival celebrated will have a mark on him and his upbringing.Anyways so while you all are busy with the diwali cleaning and shopping here is a DIY I did for Diwali hope you like it.

Materials used


The glass jars used here are the ones we usually throw like the jam,pickles,garlic paste jar.I cleaned them removed the label using hot water.

Corals and sand we got from maldives you can use salt if you don’t have sand and instead of corals you can use uncooked pasta ,rice,chick peas etc.

Start with painting the pebbles as they take the longest of time.I have given a coat of acrylic paint first to the pebbles and then painted them with nail paint (cheap ones from the local shop)to get the glossy look.


Use a container to paint the sand take some acrylic colours in your finger and mix it well with sand let it dry

thumb_img_7612_1024Its the easiest to paint the coral.Once the painting part is done and all the materials are dried up.Start putting them in the jar just remember while pouring the sand to revolve the jar keeping the spoon on the rim as it will give a even look.thumb_img_7631_1024

Keep them in any cosy corner of the house ,lit the candles to get the perfect look.

thumb_img_7627_1024I have used the left over wool to make pom pom balls as decorative flowers you can use real flowers and decorate like this

Here are some more pics after the candles were lit

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Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali ..May this festival of light bring happiness ,prosperity and most importantly enlightenment into our lives.

Dental Hygiene for babies- When to start and how!!

Before the tooth sprout

I started cleaning my babies gums once he was like almost 1 month and his routine of massage and bath was set.Initially it was hit and miss attempts to make him open the mouth but I didn’t realise and slowly it was a habit he would open his mouth seeing the cloth and by the time he was almost four months he would try to suck the cloth and would try to bite my fingers.I use to do it once a day but if you have a sleep time routine you can add the wash cloth gum cleaning routine in the night as well.

How to

Take a soft cotton wash cloth wash it properly and make sure you keep few wash clothes of same colour identified for gum cleaning only.Do not use any other cloth used for wiping face etc. The wash cloth should be exclusive and should be washed after every use. I use to keep the cloth in boiling water after washing it.

Wet the wash cloth with luke warm water,wrap it around your fore finger and middle finger and tap on babies chin before inserting inside his mouth. Tapping the chin will be sign for baby to open his mouth once he is use to it.Try to rub as gently as possible.

Once the tooth sprout

Once the first tooth sprout there is no hurry to introduce the real brush as yet.I used the finger brush like this


 Till the time my baby had his lower two and upper two. I honestly was in no hurry to introduce the tooth paste as my baby majorly fed on breast milk.Even though they feed on solid try to post pone the tooth paste till their first birth day.

Introducing tooth paste and the real brush


Now that the four are out and many are in the process we have finally introduced the real thing.While choosing the tooth paste just ensure the tooth paste is a flouride tooth paste.Although there is no harm if swallowed but take a tiny amount may be less than 1/4th of the amount an adult would take.

Brushing will not come easily with babies as they are teething and the first thing they would do is snatch the brush and chew it. Let them be, it should be fun more than a boring routine.Let them play and familiarise with the brush.

This is the time when you can teach them how to brush by a little play. Let him think it as a play time just like his bath time.Teach him to spit the tooth paste by showing him how to.I try to remove the tooth paste by swiping the brush out while brushing.

P.s If your baby is teething try the wash cloth massage 3-4 times a day at any age the baby will be relived from the pain and will be less cranky.

Travelling with baby -Part II ‘its a holiday’

In my earlier blog post TIPS FOR TRAVELLING ALONE WITH BABY AND MY EXPERIENCE  I discussed about how to handle the baby when you are travelling alone. In this blog post lets discuss about travelling for a holiday with baby.Last trip was not a holiday but this time we went on a holiday to celebrate his first Birthday.

Booking the tickets

The plan was made in advance like 60 days in advance, we usually make our plan 90 days in advance but this time it was just 60 days.While booking the tickets we had few cheaper options like much cheaper options like Fly Dubai but this time we chose the expensive one,Reason not that we have loads of money but the baby.My baby is still breast feeding and flying means lot of anxiety and loads of feeding.So we just wanted him to be comfortable with more leg space and less claustrophobia.So we chose Emirates.The reason for choosing emirates was they give a bassinet seat. They affix a bassinet right in front of you for the baby to sleep.We travelled in the night and the travel time was almost 6 hours we thought it was the best option.

Our experience with emirates

The flight had 10 seats in a row and people with babies/toddler if booked prior were given the bassinet seat which is the middle row with 4 seats and near to emergency exit but not the next to the door seat.The leg space was enough even for my baby to go down and explore the stuff (magazines,safety instructions) kept in front.

The bassinet was fixed once the seat belt signs were off after take off, with the instructions to remove the baby from it once the seat belt signs are on.

One drawback that we faced was the bassinet was too small.My baby is 1-year-old and he didn’t fit comfortably.But still he slept in it for good 2 hours as it was night-time.

thumb_img_6161_1024The reason we chose Emirates and shelled some extra bucks was pretty much for a comfortable journey and indeed it was comfortable.But next time we travel my baby for sure will not fit into the bassinet.

Apart from that we got some freebies which both the baby and mummy loved and papa could only smile seeing the excitement on both the faces.

Travel buddies


Travel Kit


It consisted of baby lotion,baby wipes, one bib,one sheet for diaper change and few diaper disposable bags.

Emirates provides strollers at the Dubai Airport where we had a halt of almost 3 hours to catch our connecting flight.The strollers are free of cost and much handy as taking out your own stroller from the checked in luggage will mean wastage of time and you will miss out on exploring the duty free shops and off course the amazing airport.

Dubai Airport has nursery where you can feed the baby or make him sleep with privacy.

The essentials I carried were same since I travelled last with my baby.

Finally we reached our destination where we celebrated his 1st birthday.

The breath-taking beauty MALDIVES.

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Few things in life you should follow what your heart says rather than pondering about empowerment,marketing etc etc since last few days all I get to read over social media is debate over Karwa Chauth and how females should stop observing fast as it is silly and no ones life is lengthened by a silly fast.Few articles where about how oppressive karwa chauth is ,shows the female as weak over powered by men.Every one has a right to express their view but all this while i wondered why such a hue and cry about a festival which is more than just fasting.

Yes karwa chauth has been glamorised ,yes it has become a marketing gimmick so is diwali,holi, christmas and for that matter navratri.Then why so much of hue and cry and how does not fasting makes me more liberated ,more empowered.

I fast for my husband and so does he, so does his fasting for me makes him an oppressed male. He does it because he likes it and I do it because I like it.About the marketing part I don’t think there is any harm if it has been glamorised and makes the small vendors earn some money out of it.I see it as an opportunity encashed majorily by the local market.It lets the mehdni wala, bangles wala and similar local vendors earn.Regarding the ritual of females gathering and checking each others sari, gold and thali… we do the same when we meet otherwise for example when I go to parties We discuss dresses, watch , bags shoes and the holidays we went so how does this gathering is different from any other social gathering we attend.

I belong to a state where this festival is not celebrated and I have been born and brought up in that part of country where it is celebrated with all the pomp.So there was no compulsion to observe the fast but the beauty of the festival the spirit of the festival and the desire to pray for your loved one’s long life made me love this festival and observe it.

The debate over this festival makes no sense to me as I believe all the articles and debates asking women not to observe this fast in the name of empowerment are actually asking the females who are already empowered not to fast and an empowered woman doesn’t need an article to form an opinion as she  has her own.

A very happy Karwa Chauth  to all who are observing it with all the heart.

My baby is a toddler now

So this 14th my baby  turned 1!!! officially a toddler now,but he has been a toddler behaving like one way back.Now when he is officially one its time to accept his rules.

Toddler is the king of his own kingdom and his kingdom comprises of people around basically mom and dad.When you don’t have kids you have different ideologies of handling your kid.You think you won’t let your kid be like that or you will raise him or her this way.But when you land up in the situation and you get to know that baby is too small for anything to understand and you are the parents with a soft corner, you actually give up and enjoy the moment of restriction and all the whims and fancies toddler throws on you.

The year gone has been the most memorable year and the forerunner of the memories ahead.

But But But there is no fun getting sentimental when you have a toddler in the house so as I said its time we accept his rules let me throw some lights on the rule set by him

There is a daily inspection of drawers and cupboards

Laptop can be used only when his highness is taking nap

Watching a movie is a crime and hence not allowed

Using the washroom without his permission is a punishable offence  and so is locking it while using with his due permission.

No food item should be consumed before his highness messes with it

Dressing up for Mumma is not allowed

Mumma loose hair are meant for pulling

No one can sleep when his highness is awake

Cuddling is allowed but only with his highness mind it !!!

There has been few rebellion in the house like it was noticed that few rebels are sealing the shoe rack which he loves to open.

The list is endless but at the end of the day when he sleeps on your lap hugging you ,only thing that comes to your mind is

Don’t grow up so fast be my baby always…….




Morning sickness should be named sickness just sickness there is no connection between morning and sickness you feel during the first trimester of your pregnancy. it can happen anytime just anytime.when I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy i didn’t feel anything in the beginning and I thought I am one of those lucky few. But eventually it all started in the evening when I was all tired and exhausted from the days work.I started to abhor anything or everything related to food. even the slightest smell of cooking would make me feel sick anywhere.I skipped cooking and that was completely taken over by maid.all I could do was sleep smelling the lemon while my maid would cook keeping all the windows open and chimney running at full speed.Eating seemed like a torture I completely lost interest and started asking people when would the phase of craving come, as i don’t think this phase is going to ever end.

This phase is something which happens with almost everyone in a different way. there is no escape the only thing you can do is eat and puke.dont think of skipping meal eat whatever you feel like don’t think about the foetus weight and stuff at this stage eat whatever you feel like. The more you eat the less you puke, you might feel like but you wont puke. yes that’s true the less you eat the more you puke.

The worst part was I was not allowed to tell anyone I was pregnant at my office and I was sick all the time. people made wild guesses tried asking the other way round but never asked on my face.When after my sickness phase was finally over and I had to declare there were so many exclamatory voices “I told you she is pregnant”.

Here are few of the tips  to survive the morning sickness

1.Do not skip meal Skipping meal means an empty stomach, an empty stomach means the urge to puke.

Morning sickness is actually our way of the body to adjust to the changes happening inside where our body makes space for the new one.

2.Don’t concentrate on eating healthy as of now but avoid too much of junk that again leads to nausea.

3.Eat at regular interval don’t give your stomach time to prepare for nausea just keep it busy with food.

4.Drink water and lots of water.

5.Take rest

It’s just a phase and shall pass so just keep your mind busy watch some good movies if you feel like being at home all the time, else just keep yourself busy by meeting close ones and breaking the news to them.




Since the day my baby started crawling I have been on my toes stopping him is just not possible. The only thing I can do to baby proof my home is to sit with him and play. This was while playing i realised how babies get bored with old toys and are on a look out every time for new things. Well actually I cant afford to buy new toys everyday and don’t have the patience to hide the toys so that it fades away from the memory and is new when introduced again.

So ……..

There are few things that the baby likes and loves to move that’s the main thing baby needs to be on the move to perfect the skill of crawling.My baby did the army crawl for almost a month before he started the real crawl. Army crawl didn’t stop him from exploring he was equally active.The kind of toys which would keep your baby busy during the most active part of his days are the moving toys.Yes the toys need to move as well along with mumma 😉

I have shortlisted few toys which keeps my baby busy and he loves to just move along with these

  1. Balls

Babies at this stage have a special connection with the balls they just love playing.Plastic balls have been something which i have not given to my baby yet as he is teething and takes everything into his mouth literally everything.

These are washable balls which can be washed easily and are super light and hence doesn’t hurt the baby even if you play a little throw to mumma throw to baby game.


2. Battery operated toys

These are china made toy but I thought these were too interesting as babies at this stage responds to moving toys. These toys are battery operated and are touch sensitive. It dances around the house and changes direction if it touches an object or a wall. My baby loves moving behind it trying to catch it. It keeps the baby busy and active as it changes directions on its own.


3. Balls with beads

The balls like these make noise while rolled around and babies love to follow it. It has space in between as handle and can be held by babies while playing which gives babies a sort of independence while playing. My baby loves to bang it which i don’t let him. This one has been with him since the time he was like three months old. I use to just rattle it and he use to love the beads falling from one end to another, now that he has grown up he tries to that on his own.


4. The crawler

This one is by fisher price and is amazing as it runs away when touched. The sound of this toy is very soothing and is not high-pitched unlike the chinese toys. It keeps the baby engaged as baby tries to catch it and it runs away.


5. Push and Go

Well these are one of my favourites not only they are pocket friendly they keep the baby busy for a longer duration.These push and go comes in all shapes animal cars and are easily available at any other shops.


I pick these from billing Desk of baby shop where they are kept strategically to be picked .

The list is endless but so far these have been the most useful toys to keep the little crawler engaged for a longer duration.

P.S- Well the fierce crawlers not only loves to play with these but also gives them a good dose of bashing by banging them on the floor N number of times. And the best part is they survive phew!!!!!!!


Diaper rash is one of the most common rash and happens to almost all the babies even if you are using cloth diaper ,still your baby is prone to diaper rash.Keeping your babies bum area dry in the night time is not always possible specially in winters and hence it becomes common in babies to have diaper rash in an around their anal area.

I have used many other diaper rash cream available in the market before settling on Sebamed’s.

About the Brand

Sebamed is a brand of Sebapharma which is a German based company.Sebamed makes skin care products with pH of 5.5 to maintain the skin’s natural barrier.

About The Sebamed Diaper rash cream

It claims to

Promote the development of the skin’s protective acid mantle.

Titanium dioxide protects skin against harmful contact with excrements.

Highly protective lipid formula with skin related lecithin and squalane.

Pantheon stimulated the healing process.

My review

Due to the pH 5.5 it doesn’t disturb the pH of the acid mantle of the skin.Acid mantle acts as barrier for our skin and protects against bacteria.Since the product has a pH of 5.5 which is one of the major reason for this product to work so well with the baby skin.

Diaper rash occurs due to contact of excrement with skin for a longer time.This cream acts a barrier and saves the skin.But still even if you have applied cream to baby’s bottom check the diaper and change as soon as possible after a poop.

I have been using this cream since a long time and my baby never had diaper rash.I don’t apply this cream to my baby on a daily basis but yes on days when he has to wear diaper for the whole day I apply  this cream to his bum area and also around the anal opening to prevent rash.

My baby has had slight rashes in the beginning ,other creams that I used took time in healing but this cream started showing results from the first application itself.

I have applied to other rashes that my baby had on his thigh area and it did wonders .The rash started disappearing from the first night of application.

It has become one of the permanent toiletries of my baby’s diaper bag.Although it is on the expensive side much more expensive than the other diaper rash cream available across the counters ,but the results are beyond comparison and as I mentioned in my earlier review as well baby’s skin need little extra care and hence shelling out a little extra makes sense if the product is really good.