Blocked Nose “Snuffles saga”-Nightmare for New Parents(Tips and remedies to prevent snuffles)

The day I saw my baby for the first time I was in awe,such a beautiful creation (babies look like alien when they are born nothing cute but then when you are a mom you just are impossibly proud about it ;)).One of the things I loved about my baby was his tiny nose,it was all pink.As a first time parents you are unaware about many facts like that pink nose can give you sleepless nights,that pink nose my dear friends made me do some very weird things that I would have considered yuk,down market.

Yes I didn’t sleep for many nights because of the blocked nose that my baby had all thanks to Delhi’s pollution.Yes I have been weird and every time my baby cried checked his nose with my phone’s flash light to check if he is crying because of blocked nose.

As a first time parents what are you supposed to do when you see your baby crying and refusing feed.There can be nothing more depressing than the fact that your baby is hungry but refusing to feed.My whole world turned upside down when my evidently healthy baby refused to feed one day.

“It’s normal he might just be full,if he is hungry he will feed no matter what” said some well wishers.

“He might be colic,try some remedies to release gas”-Said others

“Try saline drops he might have a blocked nose its common in babies”Said my sister who has been my guide throughout.

Wait what ‘saline drops’ whats that and he doesn’t have cold then how come his nose is blocked.

A new chapter opened a new search begun and then from the very cute pink nose comes out the villian,the reason of my misery -SNOT.

Then it all started, catching it with fingers once it was out was so common because I didn’t want my baby to breathe it in again and finding a wipe or wash cloth at the moment of time was next to impossible as if they understand your need and disappear and reappear the moment you hold the slimy thing in your fingers.

I fed the baby standing and keeping him in my arms once he had a bad cold and was not able to feed.Standing and keeping him upright kept his nose passage open and he could breathe while feeding.

There was no bigger relief than the baby sneezing the snot out by himself and if it was before bed time it was like blessing.

Snuffle is nothing but mucus collection in the baby’s nostrils.The new born babies in fact babies don’t know how to snort or sniff and hence cannot clear the nose on their own.Babies don’t know how to breathe through mouth and also they breathe and feed at the same time.This is the reason the baby refuses to feed in case he has a blocked nose and that’s the most frustrating part .

There are few remedies I tried and would like to share

1.Keep  saline nasal drops handy ,this will save you in the time when your baby is refusing to feed and has a blocked nose.Saline drops can be used multiple times in a day if required.

Make the baby lie on the bed facing upwards put one drop of saline nasal drop each in both the nostrils.Let it be for few seconds and then lift the baby keep his head on your shoulders and pat him the snot will come out.Remove it with a wipe or wash cloth.

Your baby will cry and resist but magically will be relieved the moment the snot comes out and will take the feed happily .

2.Keep a bowl of warm water in the room this will ensure that the room has enough humidity.

3.While bathing the baby keep a hot water tap running so that steam is generated and mucus can come out of its own from babies nose while bathing.Needless to say keep a safe distance between the hot water tap and baby.

4.Try using nasal aspirator if it is regular and baby is unable to feed.And also if the baby catches cold nasal aspirator are of great help to clear the nose.

5.Never try to poke your finger into the baby’s nose this will do more damage than relief.

6.Feed as frequently as possible on a regular and small interval.

I must admit one thing my life became easier after knowing about snuffle. At least I got to know the reason why my baby was refusing to feed, and also helped my baby get relief of the snuffles which obviously was a nightmare for my husband and me but also a great discomfort for the baby.

Hope my tips will help you if you are facing the same issue with the baby and also if you were unaware of the snuffle fact just like me, then this will help you find the reason the next time your baby cries and refuses to feed.

First Winter for Infants-Prep and Tips


My baby was born in october and gave me enough time to prepare for the winter.We were all prepared and geared up and nature threw a surprise, it was by far the warmest winter I experienced in Delhi.Winter of 2015 was warmest ,the bone chilling cold of Delhi was lost somewhere.I missed wearing boots and over coats but anyways this time when I am not there and still miss the cold weather of Delhi let me tell you how to prepare for the winters if this is your baby’s first winter.

Follow the thumb rule One layer extra than yours,Young babies aren’t able to regulate their temperature well and can lose heat quickly.

This thumb rule is going to save you from the cranky out breaks almost all the time.It helped me a lot as we planned to go out for dinners and shopping the layering rule helped.So while leaving home we will be layered extra but the moment we reach a place which is stuffy,I use to remove the extra layer and sometimes more.Reason is simple outside it will be cold but in places like restaurants  and all it will be stuffy and hot.

While layering the baby , make sure the layer you opt for is not all warm for example if you are wearing a sweater and you plan to make your baby wear two sweaters;that ways it will be too hot for the baby. Start layering with a onesie, a full T-shirt ,a half sweater, then lastly a warm jacket.

Onesies are the most important piece of clothing, specially in winters when you lift the baby and the baby’s midriff is exposed.


Opt for Rompers,rompers are convenient covers the baby properly ,diaper change becomes easier, socks are not required.I can’t thank much the person who designed this amazing piece of clothing for the little ones.


Start with a onesie and end with a romper.Cover your baby’s head, feet and hands.Keep mitten,socks and cap handy, baby’s hand should always be warm if it is cold then he/she is not wearing enough warm clothes.

Check for signs of over heating like crankiness or red cheeks.

In case of a new-born ensure to carry a wrap or receiving blanket all the time. You can use it while at home as well ‘all the time’.

At Bath Time


Make sure the bathing time is not long keep it short.If you don’t wish to give your baby a bath daily then you can try sponge bath in between.Ensure that the room is warm if you give a massage before bath.While massaging the baby, massage  chest in the last and remove the clothes from chest in the end. After bath cover the baby with towel.Don’t expose the baby’s wet body for long.

At sleep Time


Ensure that the baby is not over dressed, but also ensure the baby is wearing warm clothes as babies won’t keep the blanket and also the blanket should be avoided.In case you use the blanket ensure the blanket is kept below the hands and not above chest.I used to make my baby wear rompers/jumpsuit in the night.

If you swaddle the baby in the night ensure the swaddle is not above the shoulder or is not lose.Best way is to keep the hands out.

In case you co-sleep make sure that your blanket is tucked to you and doesn’t get over the baby.

If  you plan to use a room heater than go for a humidifier by fail.

Lastly Just go by your instinct and have a happy and cosy winters.





Yes it was a drama as far as I remember my baby was due on 17th oct 2015 as per the scan but as per LMP it was due on 10th Oct.But I was mentally prepared to welcome the baby once my 37th week was over.Every day it was like may be tomorrow, the wait was endless and I was desperate.After 10th the doctor decided to induce on 14th night and the baby was supposed to come on 15th.Man proposes God disposes my pain started early in the morning on 14th itself.When the pain started I thought I am just being nervous but slowly the intensity increased.The pain initially would come for 5 mins and then reoccur after an hour.I knew labor pain starts like that but for some reason,I thought  may be I am just being nervous.Then when the pain started reoccurring in every half an hour we decided to call the doctor and went to the hospital.I was straight away admitted to the labor room.

Honestly the pain was not that severe it was just like cramps, when I was admitted , the doctor checked me they told me that the cervical opening was almost 6cm and pain should have been much severe to their surprise I was smiling and talking.I spoke to the young doctors as they wrote my background we had a little chat like what I do and how was my pregnancy what am I expecting a girl or boy?? It was 9 Am when I reached the hospital my obstetrician was supposed to be there by 10 am.For 1 hour I was talking to the young Interns while they did my check up went through my reports.I was overhearing their conversations and enjoying.My obstreician arrived checked that everything was fine and expected the baby to be out by 2PM.By 12 the intensity of the pain was severe and interval was shortened that is when I started shouting and the young intern had a hard time explaining me how shouting is going to drain my energy which would be required to push the baby.It was around 1 am when the doctor checked and decided to go for a cesarean as my baby head was not in place and also his heart rate was dropping. My husband was called and asked to sign few papers and was told that an emergency C-sec was to be done.I was in acute pain and begging my doctor to go for c-sec and cursed myself for braving a normal delivery.I wanted to curse my husband for agreeing with my idea of having a baby.The only thought which went through my mind was why did I do this to me, I was happily living my life why on this earth I wanted to go for this roller coaster.

So finally I was taken to the operation theatre, I can’t thank the mid-wives enough, from labor room to operation theatre all they wanted was to have is a normal delivery and motivated me to push the moment the pain arrises.The doctors decided to give a last push before going for the operation.The last push was when my baby decided to come out.It was like something slipped out of my body.I was so relived it was only after few seconds when I heard my baby cry and I realised I have become a mother.

Meanwhile outside the operation theatre my husband, mother and brother were waiting desperately for the news.When the doctor was stitching my stitches and my baby was being washed one of midwives went out and told them its a baby boy.

Falling in love at the first sight if you don’t believe in it become a mother.I saw his eyes and fell for him.I wanted to cry and tell the world its mine.My world changed that day ;that day at 1:30 PM I realised how loving someone above all felt like.The pain I went through was nothing infront of that 3.7 kgs of bundle of joy.

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Kidney Beans salad with Mint Dressing

I am back with another salad recipe, I just experimented and loved it so much that I thought it will be great if I share this will all of you to try.This time the dressing is little different and with an Indian twist.We love chutneys and pickles and it can be used as dressing and sauce,here I will be using mint chutney as dressing which will make the salad yum.Lets get started ……


Kidney beans(soaked over night and boiled)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper




For the dressing 

Mint Leaves

Corriander/Cilantro Leaves





Sugar and salt as per taste

Olive Oil

To prepare the dressing Take a small amount of mint leaves, a handful  and the same amount of coriander leaves along with 2-3 cloves of garlic,2 chillies roughly chopped , add lemon juice of one lemon,two table spoon of yogurt with some salt and sugar in a blender and make a paste. Add water while blending if required.


Boil the beans and cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato,  into small cubes and mix with the boiled beans.

Mix the dressing with the salad add some olive oil and salt if required.

Your salad is ready enjoy!!

Ways to get relief from sore nipples

In continuation to my last post My Story-Breastfeeding and the sore nipples , I thought to share the ways I got rid of sore nipples and also got relief while breast feeding.

Sore nipples during the initial stage of breast feeding is very common and experienced by almost all ,I envy you if you are amongst the few who didn’t have to go through it ;).And if you are one of those fighting the battle just try the methods I used to get relief from the sore nipples and eventually mastered the skill of breast feeding along with my baby.

First and the most important thing to do is while breast feeding is to make your baby learn how to latch.When the baby is hungry he will get up and start feeding without properly latching to the breast.This causes abrasion of the nipples with the most hard surface of the mouth of the baby and hence they get sore.

If you feel the pain while breastfeeding that means the baby has not latched properly.Insert your fore finger from the side corners of the mouth of the baby and try to remove your breast by losing the grip of the baby.Never try to pull your breast away as it will leave you with more pain and abrasion.I did it once and it worsened the situation as my baby got cranky and my nipple was badly hurt.

While you latch the baby while feeding make sure you insert the nipple along with areolae into the mouth of the baby ,it is very important that the baby latches on the areolae .Reason is simple when the baby latches nipples along with areolae the nipples touches the most soft part of the mouth and the hard part is touched by areolae as areolae is not a sensitive part it doesn’t get  hurt while feeding.

If your nipples are sore and hurting make sure you offer the breast which hurt the least first to the baby.

Apply coconut oil on regular interval to your nipples.This will help your nipples stay hydrated and will avoid drying , dry nipples get sore easily.

As I mentioned in my last post use a nip shield .I highly recommend a Nip Shield if the pain is unbearable and you are thinking of quitting and switching to formula.Give Nip Shield a try.With my personal experience I can recommend this, It will help your nipples recover and will help the baby learn to latch without hurting you.

There are creams available in the market for sore nipples like nip cure or nip care, take advise from your doctor and use it.Make sure you wipe the cream off with a wet cloth before offering your baby feed.I use to apply in one and offer the baby other and the next time would offer the other and apply on the other one. It was difficult for me to apply on both as my baby would get up every half an hour or one hour for feed.

Apply your breast milk to the nipples after every feed. The hind milk is rich in anti bacteria  and helps in healing.

Try to feed as frequently as possible, I know it is difficult and pain makes it almost impossible but believe me the more you feed in fact the more frequently you feed more the baby learns to latch properly and also will be less hungry. Less hunger means making the baby learn latching by removing breast and re-attaching will be easier.

Try and try until you succeed just remember that it is new for both of you and the best way is to give each other some time and learn it together.

Hope my tips would help you get rid of the pain and will make your breast feeding journey a little easier.



My Story-Breastfeeding and the sore nipples

Sore nipples are some thing every female experiences at some point of her life.But if the sore nipples are due to breast feeding believe me there is nothing more painfull,emotionally and physically.I had a normal delivery and I thought the pain at least the physical  is over but to my shock there was much in the store for me.

I can’t forget the first time I fed my little baby it was a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety.Joy of being a mother and anxious if I was producing any milk for him.While he was trying hard himself to learn the tricks of trade, I was busy counting his toes, fingers totally unaware of the battle that was ahead of both of us.

The second day we were home and I could feel the pain in my nipples already,I thought since it is new and there are lot of hormonal changes I am feeling the pain and it will go away eventually.During my pregnancy I read a lot about breastfeeding and was aware about the basic facts like latching and since my baby was feeding properly I never thought that latching would be an issue.It was the second day, every time my baby latched I felt the pain and slowly my nipples were sore.As it was only the second day and my baby was feeding on colostrum every one said that it will be better once the milk starts coming and it will start in a day or two.

It was the third day my nipples were sore and bleeding and I could see the blood on my baby’s lips while he would feed and was cursing myself for not being able to feed him properly.That night I cried while my husband was consoling me and asking me to be patient as it is a new beginning and was motivating me to fight with the teething issues at the same time saying sorry as  I had to go through all this alone.Honestly I did not cry that night because of the pain I was going through I cried of the guilt that every time my baby woke up I dreaded feeding him ,I felt guilty for being selfish ,he was completely dependent on me and all I thought was about the pain and not about him.But honestly today I don’t feel guilty at all and would suggest the same to all mothers out there fighting the same issue, Don’t feel guilty its ok if you are unable to do a certain thing your baby will just do fine, feeling guilty will make it worse. Believe me feeling guilty is the worst thing you can do to  you as well as to your child.In guilt you might just jump into conclusions and give up trying, thinking yourself as a failure.I wanted to give up too but it was the family and my husband who made me believe and stick to it.It is important to have  support system , don’t shy away from sharing your plight everyone goes through it ,sharing helps.

It was the fifth day when the milk started coming and it made my situation worse as I experienced hardness and pain increased.I would cry and feed the baby and just remember my mother saying ‘it will be alright’.I had options I was aware and they were readily available but honestly I wanted to breastfeed my baby.Now when I look back I wonder what came into me and why I didn’t give up.When you are a mother you are a different person,thats not you in my case I can say the mother part of me is not me but  some selfless creation of nature which forgets me when it comes to my baby.

So while we were struggling I was introduced to nip shield by my Doctor.By 7th day I started using it.There are many pros and cons of nip shield .But I remember just one thing while using it ” Feeding through Nip shield is better than no Breastfeeding”.It took us 7 more days by the time my baby was 15 days old he mastered the skill of latching and slowly  my nipples started recovering.We used the nip shield for a month almost and unlike the popular belief associated with nipple rejection my baby just did well with and without it.He never rejected be it with or without nip shield.

I can never forget the emotional and physical pain I went through but I am happy I sticked to it and is still breastfeeding happily till now.


YOUTUBE Kids-Need of the hour or just a way to glamourise the addiction

Google recently launched one of the app for kids- Youtube Kids for kids between 2-10 years.This app majorily provides solution to the parents who are fighting the battle of parental control over their kids internet addictions.Not that it will help in getting rid of the addiction but at least the content the kids watch can be controlled.

You tube kids comes with many feature which was the need of the hour with increased exposure of kids to technology from an early age.My one year old loves to babble with siri,we take it lightly and make fun but deep down I know it will be so difficult for me to keep him away from the phone or tab, not because he is showing interest but because I am addicted to my phone.He is going to take it from me.He thinks its quite normal to constantly gaze the phone as everyone around does that.I am going to have a hard time I know but for now lets discuss about this particular app.

You Tube Kids has a parental control where you can set limit ,You can set timer which will limit the kids viewing time after which the app stops working.This is a great feature this can be used for rewarding the kids by increasing the time in exchange with good behaviour or grades etc.Another feature of parental control is that the search button can be disabled; which can limit the exposure of the kids to wider space.This is an amazing feature specially for Kids of younger age group.To access setting passcode is required which the parents can set, this will add as a double security for older kids.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_2c9fThe you tube app has its own censorship where words like sex,nude,violence,murder will result in “try searching for something else”.But google warns parents still to keep a parental control as it is automated and search can be wider than the obvious search terms.


Lets throw some light to the advertisement part.The google said that the app could not be advertisement free as they are providing the app for free hence to incur the cost,they need revenue from the advertisement.The kids are the most vulnerable target for any marketer as they believe what they see, parents will have a hard time in this matter.

Coming back to my concern of over exposure of kids to gadgets and addiction.This app will help the parents fight their kids addiction upto a large extent.But lets talk about a real life scenario where you hand over a 3 year old your phone so that he stop throwing the tantrum and gets busy.Aren’t we making a generation dependent on gadgets which only knows how to play football over phone.The solution is with us, as a parent it is our duty to make our kids understand the beauty of each and everything they come across.A phone, tab,laptop should not take the maximum time of their day, they should appreciate other things around them like playing with friends in the evening to borrowing books from the library.Lets make a better generation not an over dependent one.

Leaving you with the image which rightly explains what I wanted to convey You tube kid did it beautifully “handling you the controls”




Product Review-PALMER’S Baby Oil

Trying a baby oil for my baby was just out of question since the last his skin reacted badly to Jhonson’s baby oil.Since then I have been using Virgin Coconut oil.But then at times you just feel like giving a change, blame it to my habit of browsing the baby product section in the hyper market. Every time I visit a Hyper market I make it a point to check the products out of curiosity.While I was answering to one of my curious window shopping urge I accidentally laid my hands on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula baby Oil.I was not much interested in trying a baby oil for the above mentioned reason.But this had something which caught my attention ,unlike the belief it is mineral oil free.Most of the baby oil available over the counter are mineral oil.

Once it caught my attention I wanted to be sure before Investing my money into a baby oil which was not that urgent at that moment. I didn’t want to go for a compulsive purchase.

Few other things I noticed and made me buy this product to try

It is Paraben and Phthalate free.These are the most common chemical used to increase the longitivtiy of the product.These preservatives has been researched to have adverse health effect.Although the effect of these chemicals are under research stage ,but I want to avoid paraben products at least for my baby.

About the brand

E.T. Browne Drug Company is one of the longest standing proprietors of skin and hair care products in the United States. The company has been family owned since the middle of the nineteenth century and has been under the current ownership since 1971. E.T. Browne Drug Company has been headquartered in New Jersey for over 50 years.Under the current ownership, the revolutionary brand Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula was created and introduced to the world.

(Data taken from the company’s website


The packaging is actually very commendable, they have used a pump bottle for the oil which is very user friendly.Pouring the oil from a normal oil bottle always lead to extra usage.A big thumbs up to the packaging.



It has a mild cocoa fragrance which is very soothing.

About the product

It contains canola oil which is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and also rich in vitamin E.

Feedback after usage

It has almost been a month I have been using this oil for my baby’s massage.Its a light weight oil hence is non sticky.It moisturises the baby’s skin and makes it soft.There has been no allergic reaction.


The only drawback that I find in this product is the use of perfume.If the product would have been Parfum free It would have been amazing.The frangrance is mild though.

Overall the product was a good purchase.I have been using this oil mixing it with my night cream as I have an extremely dry skin.It is actually making my skin soft and supple.The effect on my skin so far has been the best.It has definetly secured a place in my regular toiletries along with the baby’s.



Arrival of baby brings lots of happiness along with lots of responsibilities.Handling a baby if you are a first time parent can actually be difficult.One of the task which I found was difficult initially for like 15-20 days was burping the baby.When you watch a video and see experts doing it, it seems like a normal task which can be done without much hassle; but when you are thrown into the actual situation and that to with your own baby, where  you don’t even know how to hold that delicate thing you just produced properly,thats when the real struggle begin.

Why is burping so important in case of babies?

While feeding the baby tends to take lot of air along with the feed which can result in a reflux or colic pain.

Reflux is when the feed backs from stomach causing baby to spit up.

Colic pain is the stomach pain due to gas.

If the baby is burped properly than both reflux and colic pain can be avoided up to a large extent. A baby should be burped after every feeding sessions or inbetween if required.

How to burp the baby?

There are few methods/style for burping the baby

1.Over the shoulder

Hold the baby against your shoulder ;the baby’s head should be over the shoulder put one hand to support baby’s head and other to rub and pat gently the baby’s back.Try rubbing in circles and patting in between.

2.On your lap

Hold the baby facing down with one hand supporting the baby’s neck from down and other hand to pat the baby on the back.The baby’s body should be over your lap.

3.The last method is by keeping the baby in sitting position with one hand supporting the head and chest and with the other hand pat the back of the baby.This position also should be on the lap.

Keep a cloth over your shoulder because the baby can spit up the excess while burping and burping can actually turn messy if the baby has overfed.The baby might not just burp every time but making them burp is relaxing and makes them comfortable.

Lastly one tip ,make your husband learn “how to burp a baby” .This has many benefits firstly breastfeeding itself is tiring and then after a tiring breastfeeding session when you have the responsibility of burping the baby, you might just feel exhausted.But if your husband does the burping job , you might just sit back and relax or just get ready for another feeding session as new borns are quite demanding.








One of the major task apart from waiting for the baby is preparing  the hospital bag.I packed mine way in advance and that helped me from much of trouble later; here are few of the tips and essentials that helped me post-partum at the hospital.

Prepare your bag well in advance at least 3-4 weeks before the due date.This gives you the time to think over and  if anything has been missed out can be included.Making it at the last moment will add to the anxiety level and chances of missing out on essentials will be high.Prepare your bag yourself but, let the person who will accompany you to the hospital have a look and get accustomed of the things.This will help you in letting them know what you require and they can give it to you without much of hassle and turning the bag upside down just to find a lip balm.

Essentials to be kept in the bag

1.Sanitary pads

I know not having to use  them for a long time; you might not have kept them handy.Hence the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in your hospital bag is the sanitary pad.Keep the ones that you use for heavy flow days; as initially you will require extra absorbent ones, at least for 5-7 days.

2.Adult diaper

It might sound weird but it does come handy when after delivery the bleeding is so profuse that you might just have to change the pad in like half an hour, adult diaper will save you from constant changing and leakage.Use it as a disposable panty and use the sanitary pad over it like you use normally.


If you have a normal delivery than opting for nightie/gown/maxi is advisable.Buy the ones which have buttons, this will make feeding easier.The doctors will check on the stitches till you are discharged from the hospital.Wearing a pyjama will be cumbersome.The hospital provides their own gown but I still suggest wearing your own once you shift to the room.


Keep few baby wrap/ receiving blankets for the baby.

5.Baby clothes

In my house we have a custom of making the baby wear old clothes till 6th day.On the 6th day we make the baby wear new clothes and do a small puja.My baby has many elder brothers ;so the old clothes were not an issue.If you have the same custom then buy few clothes wash them twice or thrice and then use it. Remember to keep baby socks.

6.Cloth nappies

Keep at least 2 dozen of cloth nappies ready with you. You would require a lot of but that can be bought later for the hospital keep at least 20-24.If you plan to use diaper then buy that in advance as well.


Keep an extra charger well in advance in the bag.Don’t expect the people accompanying you to carry a charger while taking you to the hospital as they are more nervous and anxious when you are in pain.The only thing that comes to their mind at that time is your safety and reaching the hospital on time.So better buy an extra charger and keep it in the bag ready.

8.Undergarments and nursing Bra

Shop for a nursing bra well in advance don’t keep it for later.After the baby arrives going for shopping will be next to impossible. relying on someone to bring the perfect fit for you is expecting too much.Shop for a nursing bra and ensure you but at least a cup size bigger.Don’t buy in plenty initially buy only two.Buy few undies as well.


Just like any trip keep your essentials toiletries in the bag in advance.

10.Rubber band/Clutch

If you have long hair keep rubber band and clutches will be required during the labor also to tie the hair as it may annoy you.

The essentials can vary depending on your choice but listed above are the few essentials which I thought were must during my visit to the hospital for delivery.Remember not to over stuff as you will get other things you require from the chemist store in the hospital.

Pack your bag and all the best for the D Day.