One of the major task apart from waiting for the baby is preparing  the hospital bag.I packed mine way in advance and that helped me from much of trouble later; here are few of the tips and essentials that helped me post-partum at the hospital.

Prepare your bag well in advance at least 3-4 weeks before the due date.This gives you the time to think over and  if anything has been missed out can be included.Making it at the last moment will add to the anxiety level and chances of missing out on essentials will be high.Prepare your bag yourself but, let the person who will accompany you to the hospital have a look and get accustomed of the things.This will help you in letting them know what you require and they can give it to you without much of hassle and turning the bag upside down just to find a lip balm.

Essentials to be kept in the bag

1.Sanitary pads

I know not having to use  them for a long time; you might not have kept them handy.Hence the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in your hospital bag is the sanitary pad.Keep the ones that you use for heavy flow days; as initially you will require extra absorbent ones, at least for 5-7 days.

2.Adult diaper

It might sound weird but it does come handy when after delivery the bleeding is so profuse that you might just have to change the pad in like half an hour, adult diaper will save you from constant changing and leakage.Use it as a disposable panty and use the sanitary pad over it like you use normally.


If you have a normal delivery than opting for nightie/gown/maxi is advisable.Buy the ones which have buttons, this will make feeding easier.The doctors will check on the stitches till you are discharged from the hospital.Wearing a pyjama will be cumbersome.The hospital provides their own gown but I still suggest wearing your own once you shift to the room.


Keep few baby wrap/ receiving blankets for the baby.

5.Baby clothes

In my house we have a custom of making the baby wear old clothes till 6th day.On the 6th day we make the baby wear new clothes and do a small puja.My baby has many elder brothers ;so the old clothes were not an issue.If you have the same custom then buy few clothes wash them twice or thrice and then use it. Remember to keep baby socks.

6.Cloth nappies

Keep at least 2 dozen of cloth nappies ready with you. You would require a lot of but that can be bought later for the hospital keep at least 20-24.If you plan to use diaper then buy that in advance as well.


Keep an extra charger well in advance in the bag.Don’t expect the people accompanying you to carry a charger while taking you to the hospital as they are more nervous and anxious when you are in pain.The only thing that comes to their mind at that time is your safety and reaching the hospital on time.So better buy an extra charger and keep it in the bag ready.

8.Undergarments and nursing Bra

Shop for a nursing bra well in advance don’t keep it for later.After the baby arrives going for shopping will be next to impossible. relying on someone to bring the perfect fit for you is expecting too much.Shop for a nursing bra and ensure you but at least a cup size bigger.Don’t buy in plenty initially buy only two.Buy few undies as well.


Just like any trip keep your essentials toiletries in the bag in advance.

10.Rubber band/Clutch

If you have long hair keep rubber band and clutches handy.it will be required during the labor also to tie the hair as it may annoy you.

The essentials can vary depending on your choice but listed above are the few essentials which I thought were must during my visit to the hospital for delivery.Remember not to over stuff as you will get other things you require from the chemist store in the hospital.

Pack your bag and all the best for the D Day.


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