Kidney Beans salad with Mint Dressing

I am back with another salad recipe, I just experimented and loved it so much that I thought it will be great if I share this will all of you to try.This time the dressing is little different and with an Indian twist.We love chutneys and pickles and it can be used as dressing and sauce,here I will be using mint chutney as dressing which will make the salad yum.Lets get started ……


Kidney beans(soaked over night and boiled)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper




For the dressing 

Mint Leaves

Corriander/Cilantro Leaves





Sugar and salt as per taste

Olive Oil

To prepare the dressing Take a small amount of mint leaves, a handful  and the same amount of coriander leaves along with 2-3 cloves of garlic,2 chillies roughly chopped , add lemon juice of one lemon,two table spoon of yogurt with some salt and sugar in a blender and make a paste. Add water while blending if required.


Boil the beans and cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato,  into small cubes and mix with the boiled beans.

Mix the dressing with the salad add some olive oil and salt if required.

Your salad is ready enjoy!!


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