Yes it was a drama as far as I remember my baby was due on 17th oct 2015 as per the scan but as per LMP it was due on 10th Oct.But I was mentally prepared to welcome the baby once my 37th week was over.Every day it was like may be tomorrow, the wait was endless and I was desperate.After 10th the doctor decided to induce on 14th night and the baby was supposed to come on 15th.Man proposes God disposes my pain started early in the morning on 14th itself.When the pain started I thought I am just being nervous but slowly the intensity increased.The pain initially would come for 5 mins and then reoccur after an hour.I knew labor pain starts like that but for some reason,I thought  may be I am just being nervous.Then when the pain started reoccurring in every half an hour we decided to call the doctor and went to the hospital.I was straight away admitted to the labor room.

Honestly the pain was not that severe it was just like cramps, when I was admitted , the doctor checked me they told me that the cervical opening was almost 6cm and pain should have been much severe to their surprise I was smiling and talking.I spoke to the young doctors as they wrote my background we had a little chat like what I do and how was my pregnancy what am I expecting a girl or boy?? It was 9 Am when I reached the hospital my obstetrician was supposed to be there by 10 am.For 1 hour I was talking to the young Interns while they did my check up went through my reports.I was overhearing their conversations and enjoying.My obstreician arrived checked that everything was fine and expected the baby to be out by 2PM.By 12 the intensity of the pain was severe and interval was shortened that is when I started shouting and the young intern had a hard time explaining me how shouting is going to drain my energy which would be required to push the baby.It was around 1 am when the doctor checked and decided to go for a cesarean as my baby head was not in place and also his heart rate was dropping. My husband was called and asked to sign few papers and was told that an emergency C-sec was to be done.I was in acute pain and begging my doctor to go for c-sec and cursed myself for braving a normal delivery.I wanted to curse my husband for agreeing with my idea of having a baby.The only thought which went through my mind was why did I do this to me, I was happily living my life why on this earth I wanted to go for this roller coaster.

So finally I was taken to the operation theatre, I can’t thank the mid-wives enough, from labor room to operation theatre all they wanted was to have is a normal delivery and motivated me to push the moment the pain arrises.The doctors decided to give a last push before going for the operation.The last push was when my baby decided to come out.It was like something slipped out of my body.I was so relived it was only after few seconds when I heard my baby cry and I realised I have become a mother.

Meanwhile outside the operation theatre my husband, mother and brother were waiting desperately for the news.When the doctor was stitching my stitches and my baby was being washed one of midwives went out and told them its a baby boy.

Falling in love at the first sight if you don’t believe in it become a mother.I saw his eyes and fell for him.I wanted to cry and tell the world its mine.My world changed that day ;that day at 1:30 PM I realised how loving someone above all felt like.The pain I went through was nothing infront of that 3.7 kgs of bundle of joy.

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