First Winter for Infants-Prep and Tips


My baby was born in october and gave me enough time to prepare for the winter.We were all prepared and geared up and nature threw a surprise, it was by far the warmest winter I experienced in Delhi.Winter of 2015 was warmest ,the bone chilling cold of Delhi was lost somewhere.I missed wearing boots and over coats but anyways this time when I am not there and still miss the cold weather of Delhi let me tell you how to prepare for the winters if this is your baby’s first winter.

Follow the thumb rule One layer extra than yours,Young babies aren’t able to regulate their temperature well and can lose heat quickly.

This thumb rule is going to save you from the cranky out breaks almost all the time.It helped me a lot as we planned to go out for dinners and shopping the layering rule helped.So while leaving home we will be layered extra but the moment we reach a place which is stuffy,I use to remove the extra layer and sometimes more.Reason is simple outside it will be cold but in places like restaurants  and all it will be stuffy and hot.

While layering the baby , make sure the layer you opt for is not all warm for example if you are wearing a sweater and you plan to make your baby wear two sweaters;that ways it will be too hot for the baby. Start layering with a onesie, a full T-shirt ,a half sweater, then lastly a warm jacket.

Onesies are the most important piece of clothing, specially in winters when you lift the baby and the baby’s midriff is exposed.


Opt for Rompers,rompers are convenient covers the baby properly ,diaper change becomes easier, socks are not required.I can’t thank much the person who designed this amazing piece of clothing for the little ones.


Start with a onesie and end with a romper.Cover your baby’s head, feet and hands.Keep mitten,socks and cap handy, baby’s hand should always be warm if it is cold then he/she is not wearing enough warm clothes.

Check for signs of over heating like crankiness or red cheeks.

In case of a new-born ensure to carry a wrap or receiving blanket all the time. You can use it while at home as well ‘all the time’.

At Bath Time


Make sure the bathing time is not long keep it short.If you don’t wish to give your baby a bath daily then you can try sponge bath in between.Ensure that the room is warm if you give a massage before bath.While massaging the baby, massage  chest in the last and remove the clothes from chest in the end. After bath cover the baby with towel.Don’t expose the baby’s wet body for long.

At sleep Time


Ensure that the baby is not over dressed, but also ensure the baby is wearing warm clothes as babies won’t keep the blanket and also the blanket should be avoided.In case you use the blanket ensure the blanket is kept below the hands and not above chest.I used to make my baby wear rompers/jumpsuit in the night.

If you swaddle the baby in the night ensure the swaddle is not above the shoulder or is not lose.Best way is to keep the hands out.

In case you co-sleep make sure that your blanket is tucked to you and doesn’t get over the baby.

If  you plan to use a room heater than go for a humidifier by fail.

Lastly Just go by your instinct and have a happy and cosy winters.



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