Blocked Nose “Snuffles saga”-Nightmare for New Parents(Tips and remedies to prevent snuffles)

The day I saw my baby for the first time I was in awe,such a beautiful creation (babies look like alien when they are born nothing cute but then when you are a mom you just are impossibly proud about it ;)).One of the things I loved about my baby was his tiny nose,it was all pink.As a first time parents you are unaware about many facts like that pink nose can give you sleepless nights,that pink nose my dear friends made me do some very weird things that I would have considered yuk,down market.

Yes I didn’t sleep for many nights because of the blocked nose that my baby had all thanks to Delhi’s pollution.Yes I have been weird and every time my baby cried checked his nose with my phone’s flash light to check if he is crying because of blocked nose.

As a first time parents what are you supposed to do when you see your baby crying and refusing feed.There can be nothing more depressing than the fact that your baby is hungry but refusing to feed.My whole world turned upside down when my evidently healthy baby refused to feed one day.

“It’s normal he might just be full,if he is hungry he will feed no matter what” said some well wishers.

“He might be colic,try some remedies to release gas”-Said others

“Try saline drops he might have a blocked nose its common in babies”Said my sister who has been my guide throughout.

Wait what ‘saline drops’ whats that and he doesn’t have cold then how come his nose is blocked.

A new chapter opened a new search begun and then from the very cute pink nose comes out the villian,the reason of my misery -SNOT.

Then it all started, catching it with fingers once it was out was so common because I didn’t want my baby to breathe it in again and finding a wipe or wash cloth at the moment of time was next to impossible as if they understand your need and disappear and reappear the moment you hold the slimy thing in your fingers.

I fed the baby standing and keeping him in my arms once he had a bad cold and was not able to feed.Standing and keeping him upright kept his nose passage open and he could breathe while feeding.

There was no bigger relief than the baby sneezing the snot out by himself and if it was before bed time it was like blessing.

Snuffle is nothing but mucus collection in the baby’s nostrils.The new born babies in fact babies don’t know how to snort or sniff and hence cannot clear the nose on their own.Babies don’t know how to breathe through mouth and also they breathe and feed at the same time.This is the reason the baby refuses to feed in case he has a blocked nose and that’s the most frustrating part .

There are few remedies I tried and would like to share

1.Keep  saline nasal drops handy ,this will save you in the time when your baby is refusing to feed and has a blocked nose.Saline drops can be used multiple times in a day if required.

Make the baby lie on the bed facing upwards put one drop of saline nasal drop each in both the nostrils.Let it be for few seconds and then lift the baby keep his head on your shoulders and pat him the snot will come out.Remove it with a wipe or wash cloth.

Your baby will cry and resist but magically will be relieved the moment the snot comes out and will take the feed happily .

2.Keep a bowl of warm water in the room this will ensure that the room has enough humidity.

3.While bathing the baby keep a hot water tap running so that steam is generated and mucus can come out of its own from babies nose while bathing.Needless to say keep a safe distance between the hot water tap and baby.

4.Try using nasal aspirator if it is regular and baby is unable to feed.And also if the baby catches cold nasal aspirator are of great help to clear the nose.

5.Never try to poke your finger into the baby’s nose this will do more damage than relief.

6.Feed as frequently as possible on a regular and small interval.

I must admit one thing my life became easier after knowing about snuffle. At least I got to know the reason why my baby was refusing to feed, and also helped my baby get relief of the snuffles which obviously was a nightmare for my husband and me but also a great discomfort for the baby.

Hope my tips will help you if you are facing the same issue with the baby and also if you were unaware of the snuffle fact just like me, then this will help you find the reason the next time your baby cries and refuses to feed.

28 thoughts on “Blocked Nose “Snuffles saga”-Nightmare for New Parents(Tips and remedies to prevent snuffles)

  1. alpanadeo says:

    You always come up with very useful topics. With this post, one more to the list. Blocked nose is very uncomfortable situation for parents and for babies.elevated sleeping position is very helpful with any kind of upper respiratory problems. I am happy that you figured out a way to comfort your baby..

    As usual, a nice read!!

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