Montessori Toy Series-The Basics and about the Series

Hope you guys are enjoying the Montessori toy series every friday.If you have not checked it yet then click the link below to check the series .

Montessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

Montessori Toys Series -DIY shape Sorting Stacks

Montessori Toy Series -DIY Colour Wheel

Today I will be discussing about the basic of Montessori and how we got started with it.Well we started pretty late when my baby was already one and I regret not starting it earlier when he was like almost 6 months, but there is always a beginning .Honestly I was not aware about the concept of montessori and how amazing it is.In my quest to keep him busy I stumbled upon this amazing philosophy By Dr Maria Montessori and how beautifully she has made learning easier for the little minds.This method includes learning through cognitive power through direct experience like-seeing,hearing,touching etc.

Benefits of Montessori –

  • It makes the child confident by valuing the child as an individual.
  • It develops the coordination and concentration.
  • Child learns to care for his surrounding.
  • Child learns to be independent from a very young age.

How it is helping Us?

It has made our  learning easier and fun.Now there is no stopping to everyday learning that we achieve through this method of parenting and learning.We don’t sick the usual market bought products but instead we try to Montessori by using things which are already available in the house.To make the method more effective I make things myself for the little one as I have mentioned in the previous posts in this series.Simple logic behind is to make my child learn to value things and he will learn to make things himself while he grows up and will take creativity to another level.

About The series

Every Friday I will be posting things related to Montessori like

  • DIY Montessori Toys
  • Toys we play to learn (Montessori toys either DIY or otherwise)
  • Different games
  • Product reviews

And much more ,stay tuned and watch this space for more.Do let me know if you wish to add something in this series in the comment section below and I will try to include it.

Treasure hunt for kids Under 5

So the christmas is over and we are gearing up for the New years party.Party’s are fun but if you are the host and you have at least 5 kids below 5 to be entertained, the fun factor becomes more of fear factor.Our concept of party is that all the guest should be entertained even if they are kids.So this year for our new years party we are planning a treasure hunt for the kids.Here are few ideas and tips for organising it

  • Define the area choose the area which is mostly free of breakable things like we choose the kids room for the treasure hunt or the guest room.Living area and kitchen are a big no for us because of accidents and off course I love my nick knacks on display and cutlery.

Once you have decided on the area plant the clues, make the clue fun by making a simple riddle or a rhyme like

I thought you were far: But you were coming in a car : things are bought from bazaar:guess whats hiding in the star::

Among the gifts I lie:you look away as you are shy:Pick the one which is different:let me see if you are intelligent::

Try to make it interesting but choosing rhyming words.Select the place you wish to hide your treasure clue and then search for rhyming words and let your imagination go on a ride to your own childhood.

  • Make the treasure box with things the kids would love to get like chocolate, colours,clips and hairbands, small cars,biblets etc.

Decorate the treasure box and cover it with layers of wrapping.It will be fun for the kids to unwrap at the end.Keep a note on sharing in the treasure box to make them learn the importance of sharing as the real treasure of life is sharing the happiness which we take ages to figure out with the clue god gives us.Let them learn the secret of happiness at young age.


With every new phase of life you learn something new, you gain the expertise through experience.But what happens when we have to share the experience, all of a sudden comparison comes into picture.I am talking about motherhood when you become mother there are many things you might have heard and one of the most common being “my baby never did that”.

Well I am not generalizing but people instead of making it easier for the new mother somewhere become the reason for her worries and instead of finding comfort the new mother ends up feeling there is something wrong with the baby or with her.

There are few things no one tells the new mother but I believe she should know

1.It is completely normal for a baby to cry, there is no concept of he/she cries a lot or little.Turn a deaf ears to people who tell you your baby cries a lot or why is your baby so silent we don’t get to hear his cries.

2.The newborn skin is sensitive and changes after few days , all the while in your tummy it was floating once they come out their skin takes time to normalise.There might be few spots here and there in their body which will fade away on its own.Till the time it fades away or even stays there as a beauty spot, just ignore people telling anecdotes about such marks.

4.Babies lose weight within 1 week after birth and that weight is regained by your love (breast milk or formula).

5.You are going to crib that your baby doesn’t sleep for longer duration and the moment he sleeps for a longer duration, you will check him almost every 15 mins if he is breathing, every mother does that.

6.It is completely normal to be over protective for your baby, that is a normal instinct that even animals have.

7.You should do your best to soothe your baby even if he/she finds your lap to be most comfortable so let it be.My baby didn’t sleep on the bed for almost 20 days after birth ,it was only my lap.There were people who suggested that he will form this as habit and will trouble me for long. But honestly at that moment all I wanted was to comfort  my baby.After 20 days with tricks and duping he started sleeping on bed.

6.When your baby cries and you have no clue why is he crying .Don’t feel ashamed when people come and ask what happened why is he crying and you have to show a sorry face.Babies know only one emotion that is crying. And it is very motherly not to know what is that for.

8.Your bump will stay for a while after delivery, it takes time for the uterus to shrink back to its normal shape.

9.If you are unable to breastfeed ;that doesn’t make you less of a mother.

10.If you are breastfeeding don’t bother when people ask if you are producing enough milk.You will get to know, if that is the case because you stay with the baby 24*7 .

11.Babies should be exclusively breastfed till 6 months, if they are not breastfed then should be fed on formula, even water is not required as formula and breast milk has enough water content.

12.There is no concept of smaller breast produces less milk and bigger more.Milk production is completely hormonal and depends on the baby’s requirement.

13.Every Baby has a different speed of attaining milestones.It is perfectly alright for few to attain late and for others early.

14.After delivery there is heavy bleeding but No sanitary pads days are yet not over, once the bleeding stops you are again free from periods till the time your baby is breastfeeding.It depends on person to person but till the time your baby is exclusively breastfed there is very less chances of occurrence of menstrual cycle.This is the nature’s own way to maintain gap between kids and that is amazing.

15.Try to get back to shape for a healthier lifestyle not because everyone around you is losing and getting back to pre pregnancy shape.

Lastly there is always a first time and it is one of the most wonderful feeling on this earth.First time is special don’t ruin it because people around say something which they think is right for your kid.make your experience special with lots of memories with both lows and highs in it and please please once you pass through the phase don’t be like the people I have discussed above.Next time you see a mother in distress just assure her and let her know how wonderful she is.

Montessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

Coin slot box is one of the easiest to make toy and keep the toddlers busy for long.I have used an old plastic container with lid to make this montessori toy.

Take any plastic or cardboard box with lid.


Cut the lid in the shape as shown below to let the coins pass through easily.


Keep the caps of bottles (I have chosen the size which my baby’s mouth can’t accommodate) as coins.As real coins can be hazardous.


Try and keep the caps of different colours.

Your coin slot is ready.

This helps in honing the fine motor skills, hand and eyes coordination.

This is a tried and tested way to keep the toddler busy.My baby tries to put the caps of the bottles in use as well.So when we find a cap missing, we straight away check his coin slot box for it.

Post-Partum Care for Normal/Vaginal Delivery

Your baby might be your first and last priority after delivery but you need to ensure a quick recovery of your own self to take good care of your little bundle of joy.Here are few tips to help you recover.

  1. Taking rest might be something which would seem impossible for first few days but try to change your routine and sleep when the baby is sleeping.This will help your muscles ease the pain.
  2. Sitz Bath– One of the most relaxing and effective method to recover from the soreness of epistomy stitches .In a tub add some warm water and few drops of butadiene .Take a stool and sit in the tub for sometime.This is recommended every time after you have a bowel moment or at least two times a day.
  3. Keep your legs straight while feeding.This might be uncomfortable initially but try to support your back with pillows and cushion.
  4. Avoid Constipation by consuming food rich in fibre and stay hydrated.
  5. Pour warm water while urinating to your vulva.
  6. Ice Pack- keeping ice pack over the pad to your vagina provides relief from the soreness instantly, but it is little uncomfortable to keep it,As sitting and feeding the baby becomes very uncomfortable.But still for first few days try this at least once a day.
  7. Don’t bend while feeding the baby.Use a pillow or cushion while feeding.
  8. Apply coconut oil to your breast, this will ensure that the nipples are not dry and the chances of sore nipples will reduce.
  9. Avoid doing heavy activities and try to avoid long travels at least for the first month.
  10. It is normal to feel depressed and gloomy post- partum commonly known as Baby Blues.Try to keep yourself motivated.Share your feelings and ask for whatever help you need from closed ones and from your husband.

Your body took a whole long 9 months to produce your bundle of joy and will take time to recover as well.Don’t be in a haste of getting back in shape.Just enjoy the moment and make memories.

Disclaimer-The author is not an expert and has written the post based on her own experience.



How to keep the baby awake while breastfeeding

It is very important for the baby to have a full feed as this will ensure proper nutrition and at the same time setting a longer sleep routine becomes easier when the baby is full.This means less hungry cranky wake up sessions.But how to keep the master dreamers awake, when what lulls them to sleep is the breast.Here are few tips which will help you keep those tiny little eyes if not open but awake for a full feed.

1.Switch the breasts while feeding the moment you sense the baby is dozing off to sleep.

2.Burp the baby in between.

3.Tickle the baby’s feet, thighs, tummy ,cheeks by running your fingers gently.

4.Stroke the baby’s head gently, this is one of the reflex that the babies have,Stroking their head makes them suckle.

5.Try to change the position after sometime this will wake the baby up and will give you some relief from sitting in the same position for long.

Benefits of full feed and why it is important to keep the baby awake for a full feed

The breastmilk has two component Fore Milk and Hind Milk these are not different kind of milk produced but the same with the difference in fat content.The milk that comes first is the fore milk and the milk which comes last is the hind milk ;which is rich in fats as compared to fore milk which has a lesser percentage of fats.A full feed means empty breast which means the baby get the desired fat required for the weight gain.Secondly fat will keep the baby’s tummy full for a longer duration.

A well fed baby will not only sleep for longer duration but also be less cranky.This will help in setting the routine for the baby which includes sleeping longer duration during nights.

Lastly,If none of the above mentioned techniques works out for you try to wake your baby every half an hour for a feed initially .Make the baby sleep on the bed instead of your lap.This will wake the baby up.Later on once the baby starts taking little longer feeds you can try the above mentioned tips.

Montessori Toys Series -DIY shape Sorting Stacks

Stacking is one of a very important milestones that a baby/toddler can achieve easily if guided by a toy.Once your baby has learnt stacking next you can start with stacking the shapes ,today I will be posting a DIY montessori toy which will aid the baby to learn shapes .

Materials Required


Glue gun




White paper

How to

Cut the card board into any shape as you desire I have made a square cardboard.Cut two pieces and glue them together for a stronger base.

Cut the straw with the help of a knife into equal pieces ,I have kept the middle one bigger but you can keep it of same length as others.


Paste a white paper on the base so that the colours and shape will come out.The colour of card board is little dull


Glue the straw pieces on all the sides and the middle with the help of a hot glue gun.


Cut the foam in various shapes you desire.You can use different colour foams for different shapes as well.


Cut a circle of a size bigger than the straw opening so that the stacking and removing will be easier.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Put one size as sample in each straw, you can paste is as well, it will make the base more stronger.

How to introduce it to the toddler-

Don’t expect your baby to learn it in a day or two be patient.Introduce the child to stacking the shapes in the straw first .Once they can stack it in the straw give them the shapes one by one in order and prompt them to put it in right straw.Le them enjoy while you do it for them in the beginning and in no time they will learn to stack the different shapes in respective straws.

My baby is currently 14 months old and stacks the shape in no rhyme and order.He simply enjoys putting it in the straw.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY in the montessori toy series.

Picky Eaters and PediaSure​

An additional burden for the parents is inculcating the habit of healthy eating in their children. It didn’t take me long to realise that my son is going to be a picky eater and hence, half of my time goes into wondering what to feed him.

For the times that I am at home and he’s with me, which is almost all the time, we can still work out/negotiate and try to eat healthy. However, I worry about the time when he starts pre-school and I go back to work. That’s the time when keeping a tab on his eating schedule will become difficult for me. I am not very keen on introducing cow’s milk into his diet as that will not be enough to meet all of his nutritional requirements. However, I do want to introduce something that he can drink in the mornings. Another concern that I have is immunity; being a picky eater, immunity will be a major issue once he starts going to school.

One of the health drinks I came across while looking for a viable solution was PediaSure. While .reading about it, it didn’t take me long to realise that PediaSure is one of the most renowned and trusted brands on the market. But, I still wanted to do my own research into the benefits of the product.


PediaSure contains 37 nutrients which provide balanced nutrition. It is formulated with important vitamins, iron, iodine, choline, and taurine. It contains a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that helps support a healthy immune system.


PediaSure can be introduced as a morning drink during breakfast or as a healthy snack. One glass of PediaSure provides a good amount of energy, proteins and micronutrients. This isn’t complicated; there are no specific PediaSure recipes to choose from, although you’re free to experiment based on your kid’s preferences. PediaSure is available in 3 flavours- Vanilla Delight, Premium chocolate and Kesar Badam – which seem quite interesting.

As a generic rule for parents, we need to try and cut down on our children’s sugar intake– chocolates, sweets, sweetened drinks etc. It’s difficult to keep your kid away from things like that and especially junk food, but the onus of healthy eating habits lies with us. This is also where PediaSure comes in; it contains the required fats and sugar necessary for a child’s growth and while it may not be a replacement for sweets and chocolates, it can help by providing a healthy alternative.

Although PediaSure approached me to review their product as part of their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, all views and opinions expressed in my writing are my own. So follow me on #MyPediaSureJourney as I show you just how the supplement has worked out for my child over the next few weeks.

PediaSure is making our job easier, but our job as a parent doesn’t just end with that. In fact it starts with a glass of PediaSure in the morning to healthy meals till night time.

PediaSure is available in most stores and chemists in all neighbourhoods, You may buy the product from your local store or you can order PediaSure from

What to keep in the Diaper bag

Diaper bag is one of the thing I never leave my home without needless to say all my totes are now diaper bags you will hardly find any makeup stuff but you surely will find loads of diapers and wipes.And I am sure this is something which you will find in every mothers bag if she has a baby or toddler.Intially I use to carry a seperate diaper bag but over the time I realised that it is such a trouble to carry separate bags and I have made my bag as diaper bag.

What to keep in the diaper bag –

Few of the stuffs are usual stuff that is required by the baby every time but there are few stuff that I would like to mention and would suggest you to include if you haven’t included it.

The usual stuff –

  • Diapers
  • Wipes (They double as bum wipes for baby and face wipes for mommy)
  • Toys (Few toys like teether,soft toy)
  • Mat for diaper change – I use a soft rubbery mat which doesn’t take much of space and is easily washed after use.
  • Baby lotion
  • Feeding Bottles
  • Formula (Dry in an airtight container)
  • Water bottle (As I make the formula if required instantly, if required because my baby doesn’t like the formula and refuses it untill and unless he is really hungry and breastfeeding is not possible)
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Bibs and wash clothes
  • Snacks for toddlers

Things that I strongly recommend 

  • First Aid Kit– Include a first aid kit into your diaper bag and include thermometer and nasal drops in it.I also carry my babies basic medicines so that in case I am travelling and it is required I can just  call the pediatrician and give him the medicines.
  • Diaper rash Cream– Keep this cream as when you are travelling or you are outside, the baby will get no diaper free time and can get rashes.
  • Sanitizer– A must for the diaper bag.
  • Keep some bags to dispose the soiled diapers.

From my experience I have learnt ;the things you forget to keep are the ones which are needed the most.But over cluttering also irritates you when your baby is cranky and you can’t find the right stuff at right time ,make pouches like a feeding pouch, diaper pouch and keep the related stuff ,that ways handling the baby and the clutter will be easier.Hope this post  will help you sort out your diaper bag.


If you are an expecting mother do check this out as well WHAT TO PACK IN YOUR HOSPITAL BAG

Montessori Toy Series -DIY Colour Wheel

Now that my baby is already one and shows lot of curiosity to learn I decided to make some toys which he can enjoy at the same time learn new things.This one is Colour wheel and the easiest that I could have ever thought of.

Materials required





acrylic colours

A4Size white paper

How to 

I have identified some basic bright colours that catches babies attention and are easily identified by them as this is the first stage of colour recognition ,later on more colours can be added but to keep it simple I have used only four bright colours.

Cut The cardboard into a circle ,I have used two and pasted them to make it stronger.


Paste the A4 Size paper and cut it to cover the whole cardboard in a circle.Paste it on both the side as we will colour both the sides.

Divide sections to be coloured.

Start Colouring the sections and make sure you colour the same section with colour on the opposite side as well.


Take clothespins and colour them with the colour matching the one on the wheel.I have coloured only two clothespin each for the colours, you can make more.


How to introduce it to the toddler

First You need to play it by loudly telling the colours you have matched the clothespins with in the wheel.

Let your baby learn to clip the clothespins first matching can come later.

The more you do ,more the baby will learn how to match and can differentiate the colours and will gradually start identifying.

This is my DIY series of Montessori toys that I will be doing for my baby who is currently almost 14 months old.Watch the section for more Fun DIY Montessori toys.