Montessori Toys Series -DIY shape Sorting Stacks

Stacking is one of a very important milestones that a baby/toddler can achieve easily if guided by a toy.Once your baby has learnt stacking next you can start with stacking the shapes ,today I will be posting a DIY montessori toy which will aid the baby to learn shapes .

Materials Required


Glue gun




White paper

How to

Cut the card board into any shape as you desire I have made a square cardboard.Cut two pieces and glue them together for a stronger base.

Cut the straw with the help of a knife into equal pieces ,I have kept the middle one bigger but you can keep it of same length as others.


Paste a white paper on the base so that the colours and shape will come out.The colour of card board is little dull


Glue the straw pieces on all the sides and the middle with the help of a hot glue gun.


Cut the foam in various shapes you desire.You can use different colour foams for different shapes as well.


Cut a circle of a size bigger than the straw opening so that the stacking and removing will be easier.

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Put one size as sample in each straw, you can paste is as well, it will make the base more stronger.

How to introduce it to the toddler-

Don’t expect your baby to learn it in a day or two be patient.Introduce the child to stacking the shapes in the straw first .Once they can stack it in the straw give them the shapes one by one in order and prompt them to put it in right straw.Le them enjoy while you do it for them in the beginning and in no time they will learn to stack the different shapes in respective straws.

My baby is currently 14 months old and stacks the shape in no rhyme and order.He simply enjoys putting it in the straw.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY in the montessori toy series.

20 thoughts on “Montessori Toys Series -DIY shape Sorting Stacks

  1. momtasticworld says:

    Oh this is such a wonderful DIY….will try it soon…I am sure my toddler would love it too…Thank you for sharing this.


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