How to keep the baby awake while breastfeeding

It is very important for the baby to have a full feed as this will ensure proper nutrition and at the same time setting a longer sleep routine becomes easier when the baby is full.This means less hungry cranky wake up sessions.But how to keep the master dreamers awake, when what lulls them to sleep is the breast.Here are few tips which will help you keep those tiny little eyes if not open but awake for a full feed.

1.Switch the breasts while feeding the moment you sense the baby is dozing off to sleep.

2.Burp the baby in between.

3.Tickle the baby’s feet, thighs, tummy ,cheeks by running your fingers gently.

4.Stroke the baby’s head gently, this is one of the reflex that the babies have,Stroking their head makes them suckle.

5.Try to change the position after sometime this will wake the baby up and will give you some relief from sitting in the same position for long.

Benefits of full feed and why it is important to keep the baby awake for a full feed

The breastmilk has two component Fore Milk and Hind Milk these are not different kind of milk produced but the same with the difference in fat content.The milk that comes first is the fore milk and the milk which comes last is the hind milk ;which is rich in fats as compared to fore milk which has a lesser percentage of fats.A full feed means empty breast which means the baby get the desired fat required for the weight gain.Secondly fat will keep the baby’s tummy full for a longer duration.

A well fed baby will not only sleep for longer duration but also be less cranky.This will help in setting the routine for the baby which includes sleeping longer duration during nights.

Lastly,If none of the above mentioned techniques works out for you try to wake your baby every half an hour for a feed initially .Make the baby sleep on the bed instead of your lap.This will wake the baby up.Later on once the baby starts taking little longer feeds you can try the above mentioned tips.

14 thoughts on “How to keep the baby awake while breastfeeding

  1. alpanadeo says:

    I remembered when my kiddos used to fall asleep during feeding sessions. Trickling thing and changing the position worked for me.

    Useful tips..

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  2. Mummasaurus says:

    This is so useful!! I have twins and while feeding them, they would doze off specifically at mid but and somewhere I’d feel thank god, now I can sleep only for them to wake up later. Man, I’d had crazy days.

    Liked by 1 person

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