Post-Partum Care for Normal/Vaginal Delivery

Your baby might be your first and last priority after delivery but you need to ensure a quick recovery of your own self to take good care of your little bundle of joy.Here are few tips to help you recover.

  1. Taking rest might be something which would seem impossible for first few days but try to change your routine and sleep when the baby is sleeping.This will help your muscles ease the pain.
  2. Sitz Bath– One of the most relaxing and effective method to recover from the soreness of epistomy stitches .In a tub add some warm water and few drops of butadiene .Take a stool and sit in the tub for sometime.This is recommended every time after you have a bowel moment or at least two times a day.
  3. Keep your legs straight while feeding.This might be uncomfortable initially but try to support your back with pillows and cushion.
  4. Avoid Constipation by consuming food rich in fibre and stay hydrated.
  5. Pour warm water while urinating to your vulva.
  6. Ice Pack- keeping ice pack over the pad to your vagina provides relief from the soreness instantly, but it is little uncomfortable to keep it,As sitting and feeding the baby becomes very uncomfortable.But still for first few days try this at least once a day.
  7. Don’t bend while feeding the baby.Use a pillow or cushion while feeding.
  8. Apply coconut oil to your breast, this will ensure that the nipples are not dry and the chances of sore nipples will reduce.
  9. Avoid doing heavy activities and try to avoid long travels at least for the first month.
  10. It is normal to feel depressed and gloomy post- partum commonly known as Baby Blues.Try to keep yourself motivated.Share your feelings and ask for whatever help you need from closed ones and from your husband.

Your body took a whole long 9 months to produce your bundle of joy and will take time to recover as well.Don’t be in a haste of getting back in shape.Just enjoy the moment and make memories.

Disclaimer-The author is not an expert and has written the post based on her own experience.



41 thoughts on “Post-Partum Care for Normal/Vaginal Delivery

  1. Zainab says:

    Some great tips! I had a C section and though normal delivery sounds very scary to me the recovery to faster for sure! But, baby blues are felt by a lot of women( including me) and I had no clue about it! I feel if the new moms are prepared to expect this, they take it better!
    Good post!

    Liked by 1 person

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