5 Ways to bond with the newborn

While I was pregnant I often wondered if I would be able to bond with the baby.This happens with all of us I guess especially with people like me.I was never really the kid loving types; in fact my husband used to be the charmer and kids are fond of him.I have always kept safe distance from kids.Things changed after I became a mother.

All the ways listed below are tried and tested.It will not only make your bond stronger with the baby but also help you understand your baby better.

Skin-to-Skin Contact 


If you are unable to do this while at the hospital try this the first thing at home.It is important for both the parents to have skin to skin contact with the baby to form a life time bond.The warmth of your skin will calm the baby and the touch of the baby’s skin is just heavenly.

Eye-to-Eye Contact 


The new born are short-sighted make sure you stay close while you talk to them and make an eye to eye contact with the new-born.



Breastfeeding is so far the best way to bond with the new born.It is best to breastfeed with skin to skin contact as much as possible.If you are unable to breastfeed and are feeding your baby formula then ensure that you feed the baby keeping him as close as possible to your breasts.



I know this is something which is to be avoided till baby’s first birthday, but try to buy a cot with adjustments.this will ensure that your baby sleeps by your side and also is at a safer distance to avoid SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

Baby Wearing

Mother holding newborn baby girl

Honestly this is something which will come naturally as babies are very demanding and they need you almost all the time.Baby wearing not only enables you to do the chores at home and otherwise ;but also forms a strong bond between the baby and the wearer.

Take rest 


It is very important to be in a good mood to bond with the baby.And if you are tired then chances of you getting irritated increases.This makes all the above mentioned ideas difficult to implement.A strong bond between baby and mother requires a happy mother.

Lastly a new-born can be very demanding and it may seem like a daunting task to keep up with the demand but remember  every successful love story has thorns before you enjoy the bed of roses.

Image credits-baby wearing

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