How to Montessori on a Budget-5 toys for 12-18 Months

As a parent of a young toddler the urge to splurge on toys is at the peak currently for me and my husband .Going out and coming back without buying anything for the little one seems like adultery to both of us.I know this happens with all of us specially when its your first but somewhere I realised that he will never realise the importance of things been bought for him out of love.And we will end up nurturing a brat eventually, with his unending demands .

So I decided to change my style a little and introduce budget and things that can be recycled for his daily montessori activities.This way I can answer my urge to buy stuff for him by buying knick knacks which can be converted to montessori daily activities.And he will not get into a habit of getting a toys every time we go out .

So lets get started on




This is one of the favourite activities of toddlers and is excellent for hand and eye coordination.Although stacking cubes comes really cheap in the market too but change is always instead of going for different stacking cubes from market, I have reused the ice cream cups for stacking.


If you wish to see how to do it click hereMontessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

I have simply used the caps of the bottles we throw away as coin and a plastic pop corn container as the slot box.



Putting the balls in the muffin tray is another fun activity for toddlers.Here I have substituted the balls with potatoes, onion, lemon and whatever is available in the fridge.This way I keep my baby busy while cooking and make him learn vegetables.You can use a egg crate if you don’t have a muffin tray.



Talking through the paper towel roll is one of my sons favourite activities.He doesn’t talk but babbles through it.

Stick the rolls to the wall in a way that the things fall into the tray kept below it.I have used cars, small blocks. It doesn’t stay for long on the way usually it is pulled by my son in no time.You can use ping pong balls or pom pom for this drop activity.


Just like coin slot box I have DIYed this one using a cardboard box.Its really easy and keeps the baby busy for a while.Busy time is propotional to number of balls.

Choose a box of medium size and make holes for the balls to pass throw.Make holes on at least three sides.So that the baby can put balls from different sides.I have covered it with a wrapping paper to make it more attractive.

I have realised that doing montessori on a budget is far more interesting as you can be more creative and offer different stuff to your child for learning without a pinch to your pocket.

Stay tuned for more on budget Montessori.


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