While enjoying and relaxing during my pregnancy it never crossed my mind that the arrival of baby will bring in so much of stress.I was under the impression that the moment my bundle of joy arrives my life will be eventful and filled with joy.It did become eventful and full of joy but with lot of stress.The stress which would have almost taken me over if I would have not taken care of the Baby Blues I was experiencing after the baby’s arrival.

There were few things I did to cope with the stress that helped me get over the depression I was experiencing

Take out Time for yourself


Yes you have to! Just take out time How ? when the baby sleeps or when he/she is being taken care by someone else.I use to take out time while he would be sleeping or when my husband or mother would take him.I would just go to another room or may be to the wash room watch something on the net or read something to divert my mind .Watching videos on Youtube helped me a lot.

Sleep while the baby sleep


One of the major reason of stress after delivery is not getting enough sleep or rest.The best way to catch up with sleep is to sleep when the baby sleeps.Initially I avoided sleeping in the day time as I used to get irritated if my sleep was disturbed.Eventually I realised that it is going to be like this and I adjusted with the routine of my baby.Catching up with my sleep made me more cheerful and I used to be less cranky in the night.You read it right.

Take help from others


Asking for help will not make us an unsuccessful mother or neither will it burden others.I usually shy away from asking help as I think it might just bother them.But believe me people around you are there to help, their state of mind is much better than yours as they aren’t dealing with a new born.The thing that might be stressful for you might be fun for them.For example taking care of the baby for few hours.

Believe in yourself


When we can bring such a beautiful thing to this earth then we certainly can take care of it.Being a mother for the first time, I wanted assurance in every thing that I did for the baby.Never realising that stressing over small things were doing more harm then help.I decided to have faith in my motherly instinct with little bit of advice from others.This way I learned how not to stress over petty things.

Talk it out


It helped me get out of the stress up to a large extent.Anything that was bothering me I would just talk about it.Sometimes crying helped too,I would just let the thing bothering me inside come out by crying in front of my loved ones.Although now those have become funny anecdotes and will be told to my son once he grows up.

Post partum is the phase when females are prone to depression.The best way to prevent it is my recognising the early signs.It is important to take care of yourself and be happy even if the stress is not letting you to.I hope my tips will help the new mothers out there get away from the stress and enjoy motherhood to the fullest.


  1. Snigdha says:

    Such a great post it is… Stress is very normal having a baby and me too had experienced same, but it is more important that how you are overcoming from that stress… You have mentioned some of the best points… Thank you..

    Liked by 1 person

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