Practical Life-How we Do it

As you all know I have started on montessori when N turned One and practical life activities were something which drifted me towards Montessori.It was his interest towards practical life activities that led  us knowing and loving montessori. And we loved it so much that our day starts with it and continues till our bedtime.

Practical life activities are something I never have to think much or innovate.It simply comes naturally.

N is not a morning person and gets up late,I let him as it gives me some extra time to do stuff which I can’t do when he is awake.Once he wakes up it takes him a while to be cheerful and be his self.So I let him hang on me like  monkey for a while and then its time for our routine which we have included in our practical life activities.


I never knew making someone brush teeth is a task.When N was younger he would simply show his mouth and he loved the wash cloth time ,I never thought he will give me a hard time brushing his teeth.But now the story is different.I have a HARD time making him open his mouth.After trying several tricks finally we have bargained to me brushing his teeth like a stroke here and there and then he gets the brush while he sits on his high chair and I comb his hair.

  • To make him learn how to brush me and my husband brush in front of him in the night.


Dusting the house

Once the fight over combing and brushing is over we start our daily routine of cleaning the house.I take my dusting cloth and N takes his and after a while he thinks that mine is better and switches his with mine.He knowns how to clean the TV stand and sofa as it is in his reach.

  • I do this everyday so that he realises the importance of a clean environment and how to keep it clean by himself.



Sweeping and Mopping

After dusting we sweep and mop the floor and this is our favourite activity.N just loves to sweep in the opposite direction of mine.Montessori can test your patience at times.There have been time when I would be running late and thought of making him sit on his high chair while I do cleaning.Or leave the cleaning all together but the way he tries to sweep and mop melts my heart.And when we run late his father cooks for us after his office that is an added bonus of cleaning the house together.

  • We have a help who comes for cleaning but still I like to do it on my own once daily.If you plan to montessori then inculcating the habit of doing it by yourself is very important.

In the above pic N is trying to ape me as I dip the mop in the bucket. He is not allowed to dip in the bucket filled with water so he is doing it with dustbin. 


Washing the vegetables is something I involve N into daily.He doesn’t completly know how to wash but he loves playing with water.I make him sit near the sink in a basket and hand him over a bowl of water with some vegetables.He tries to copy me but ends up playing and throwing the vegetables.

  • Learning the importance of washing before consuming.

No need to mention that we change into dry clothes after this activity.

While I do the real cooking N either gets busy with his own kitchen or else he loves to bang the utensils in the kitchen and show his culinary skills in a role play.

All these activities almost take the half of our day before he takes bath and goes off to take his afternoon nap.

Through Montessori I just don’t want him to learn but be a better human. This world is going to teach him a lot and as a parent I want him to see the positive in everything . 




13 thoughts on “Practical Life-How we Do it

  1. vidhiduggal says:

    I normally don’t see mother of boys involving them in household chores and making them learn this way. You are indeed doing a great job and raising him in a very good way.
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TheMomSagas says:

    Practical life activities are so important to raise a balanced personality. Brushing is one task that we also struggle to do. Hopefully will follow the same trick that you did with your kid.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shipra Trivedi says:

    This is superb..Involving kids in daily chores can make them understand it’s importance. Plus it keep them away from screens (TV/Phones/Tabs) 🙂 I see this as the biggest advantage…


  4. Mahak @Babyandbeyondin says:

    Kids learn by watching us. My 1 year old also tries to do the dusting by picking up any piece of cloth he can find. He helps me load and unload the washing machine every day. He loves to pretend cook..not with his toy kitchen but with actual utensils.


  5. The Average Mom says:

    all his photos are super duper cute and you are so good with this. it is important to involve kids in daily activities and that is how they get involved and also learn in the way. Baby N is your cute happy helper.


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