Act of Kindness- A lesson learnt for life

I usually don’t write about off incidents or about my life in general but there are few incidents which makes you wonder how you are as a person and being brought up in a different country different culture makes you different from others.So it has been a while in Oman and I am loving this country especially its people.Its the people who make the country beautiful right? I won’t lie if I say I came with a pre conceived notion about this country, yes my feminist soul still doesn’t agrees to few things I hear and see but when I see a country where people smile at each other without even knowing each other.When my stern unfriendly look also doesn’t dissuade them to pass a smile to me, I wonder why do I walk with that expression that smiling seems like a heavy task to me why it doesn’t come  naturally to me.It has something to do with my Delhi upbringing  where smiling and being polite is taken as weakness or you end up being bullied or snubbed upon,but can’t blame any city or person either the fault is in me.

Coming back to the small  incident which has left a deep impact on me and shown me the path  how I want my son’s upbringing to be.

It was January and we headed to the much talked Muscat festival at Naseem Garden to see what it was all about. The festival provided a glimpse of Omani culture other than few fun stuff like rides and shows.It was going to be Little N’s first Fun ride day as well.Oh yes he is 16 months old and was 15 months when he took his first fun ride, as me and my husband both decided on staying away from malls fun zone till the time we can make him understand and can use that as a fun trip rather than a guilt trip because of tantrums or meltdowns.

There were few rides that we thought were safe enough for N to enjoy, he enjoyed his fun ride pretty daringly and we were surprised to see him enjoy without crying or fear.He waved towards us  and the smile was constant on his face. Well it did take us on a guilt trip to deprive him this fun every other day like kids of his age.but moderation is the key and we are going to stick to it.It was the last ride and N was too excited  and was already struggling to sit on the train which had few big bumpers to be crossed.The trains railings were low and the seat belt was also loose.N was sitting with his smile but we were worried as he might just stand during the ride and fall.There was this gentlemen whose two kids were sitting in the front seat of the four sitter coach of the train. Without a single request and without even the knowledge of N’s age he immediately asked his older son  to sit with N as he seems young and might fall.The kid seemed to be around four years old ,he without any resistance or argument came and sat with N and held his hand to the railing and asked him to hold tight with an assuring smile.The younger one didn’t complain either he waved to N.The best part is the man did not even expect a thank you from us as he was busy telling the man operating the train to be watch full as a baby  is there pointing towards N.When I went and said Sukhran (Thank you in arabic) he smiled and nodded his head.

Honestly first it would never cross my mind to see if other’s kids are harnessed properly and even if they aren’t I would warn the parents rather than making an effort to convince my child and even if I do what that person did I would expect the parents to be grateful and say thanks.I am not saying that expecting a thank you is bad but somehow that incidence gave me a feeling the doing without expectation of thank you is much better.That person has passed on the sense of responsibility to his children without much of an effort just by doing these simple acts of kindness .

Being a parent does change you in many ways I would have never thought about such incidents so deeply and would have never appreciated the act of kindness so much as I do.I really want to thank that person as he taught me how to teach my son the act of kindness.

7 thoughts on “Act of Kindness- A lesson learnt for life

  1. Aesha says:

    It feels so comforting to find loving people and support in a foreign country. We learn so much about parenting from people around us, we just need to see. Beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing.


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