Five DIY Fine Motor activities for toddlers(12-18 months)

Challenging yet interesting is the term I have given to the fine motor activities for toddlers.N enjoys doing the fine motor activities its his favourite after the practical life.The look on his face says it all he makes a pout or O while concentrating and claps for himself while he does the task successfully.

Here are few activities that we have tried and enjoyed doing , I try to do things on budget and share my ideas over my blog.I have tried the same activity with different difficulty level.

Slot boxes activities

These are the easiest to make and pretty interesting activities for the toddlers.

1.Coin Slot-Check how I have made it here

Montessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

2.Hungry Caterpillar- This is a language and fine motor activity.While putting the feeder on to the caterpillar’s mouth I tell him what he is feeding to his very hungry caterpillar.

3.Straws- Take the biggest box of Pringles and make few holes on the cap.let your baby try to put the straw in the box through the holes.

4.Popsicles sticks-Take the medium-sized Pringles box and make a cut to accommodate the popsicle.Take colourful popsicles to make the activity more interesting for the little ones.

5.Q-Tips- Take the smallest box of Pringles make few holes and let the baby put the q-tips through the hole.We had to drop this activity as N started taking the Q-tips into his mouth and even after repeated stern No’s he compulsively was putting those into his mouth.If your baby doesn’t put things into his/her mouth then this is a fun activity to try.

Hope these activities will help you make fine motors trays for few days.the struggle is real when you have to keep on changing the activity almost every other day.The interest span of little explorers fades away quickly.Hope this post help you and if it does don’t forget to share your views in the comment I would love to hear from you.


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