Product Review- Mama Earth Insect Repellent Spray

It may sound weird but I saved this for my visit to India in summers, the reason is pretty simple come summers and Delhi becomes the epicentre of dengue,malaria etc.I saved this spray for this very reason.So while I am on visit to India I am putting this repellent spray to test and use almost daily.

My baby is a magnet to bugs and mosquitoes, I really don’t know how but he is kissed by them often.So you can understand my concern and my need for a product which would repel insects.

I have been using Mama Earth Products from quite a while now and is loving their product. Read my review on the body wash here

Key ingredients 

Purified water , cold pressed soybean oil , cold pressed castor oil, citronella essential oil ,cedar essential oil ,lemon eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil and peppermint essential 

The ingredients are all natural and I never gave a second thought before using it regularly all thanks to the fact of the product being 100% natural and toxin free.

How am I using it

1.Spraying and rubbing on the exposed part of the body like hands, legs.

2.Spraying it on clothes as it has citronella oil which is an excellent repellent.

It has been almost 15 days we are using it and the result is as below

  • No signs of insect bites including mosquito bites
  • No swarm of mosquito on my baby’s head even if he wears dark coloured clothes at evening time.
  • even I am excused by the mosquito as I carry my baby.

I am really impressed with the effectiveness of the product.For a place like Delhi I would recommend this product for daily usage before you send your kids outdoor and also while sleeping.Not just Delhi I dont think any place is spared of mosquito menace as my last visit to kolkata was no good.

So you can keep this as a companion for your visit to the park 

While you do some gardening with your little one 

And use it while they are off to sleep so that they don’t wake up all kissed 

Regarding the product

It has a strong fragrance of ecaluptus which is the main reaon for its effectiveness.

I love the packaging and the fact that its a spray makes it way more conveient to spray it on clothes.

I would give this product a big thumbs up and a scoring of 5/5




Toy Review- Fisher Price Baby’s First blocks and Snap-Lock Beads

As you all know we have adopted montessori and I set the Montessori shelf for Nirvaan it becomes very difficult at times to keep it rotating as he gets bored with the same toys.So usually I prefer toys which are more open ended and can be re used for different activities.Today I will be reviewing two of the toys which we keep in our tray and I will suggest few activities that can be done with these toys.

Fisher Price Baby’s First Block

A sturdy Cylinder shaped sorter with three 3D shapes.

Price-Rs 299.00

It has 12 blocks ,4 each of cube,cyliner and triangular pyramid. As the blocks are 3D i have mentioned the 3D names.

All the blocks are of different colours with 4 Green,4 Blue and Four red blocks respectively.

Age-6 months plus (But we started using at 9 Months)

How we use it for multiple activities

  1. Shape sorting box– The is what the toy is basically meant for, the child can sit and put the cubes in the respective shaped holes.​
  2. Colour Matching Activity-As I mentioned it comes in different colours and has three primary colours it can be used for colour matching or sorting activity.
  3. Learning 3 D shapes– The blocks are excellent and can be used to teach the 3D shapes.
  4. Building blocks– The blocks can be used for free play and let your LO fuel his/her imagination by making different structure from the blocks.

The quality of the product is excellent.Colour are bright and appealing.

Drawback- The only drawback of this toy is that the lid is too loss and can be removed even by 7-8 months old baby.This makes it really difficult to be used as shape sorter box.The lid should have been tight so that the little one would need adult to open it.My son opens it and instead of putting the blocks in respective shape he simply puts them into the container.

I use cello tape to seal it while playing.

Rating- 4/5

Fisher Price Snap Lock Beads

12 colourful beads to snap together.

Price-Rs 199.00

Age-6 Months plus (We started using at 11 Months)

These are bright coloured snap beads which are excellent for fine motor skills of the little ones.

How we use it for multiple activities

  1. Snap and Lock – This is what the toy is basically meant for initially when we started, Nirvaan was only able to snap it.It was only at around 13 months he stared locking them together.
  2. Colour Matching-Again the beads are so colourful and bright I use them always for colour sorting and matching activities.
  3. Play Dough Tower- Another activity that we love doing is making a tower of these beads over a play dough base.It makes for an excellent fine motor activity.And I love the way Nirvaan says oo oho when his tower falls down.
  4. Necklace Free play – This is just for some fun we make a necklace and balance it on our neck without breaking it while the little one without an invitation accepts the challenge of breaking it.

Drawback- Few beads are lose and open quickly rest it is an excellent product.

Rating -4/5

Hope these ideas will help you make the most of the money invested if you already have these or if you plan to buy.
Here is a glimpse of colour marching activity 




Ocean Themed Sensorial Activity

Sensorial activities are one of the favourite activities of toddlers as they love to mess around.One of the lead I got from N’S liking is that he loves water a lot.A play date to the sea makes him so happy, he loves to play in the sand with his shovel for hours.He loves to splash with the water and runs while the waves chase him.

I have been planning to do a ocean themed activity for so long but somehow couldn’t manage something or the other.I wanted  things to be collected naturally from our visits to the beach.

Here is a list of the things we kept on our ocean themed sensorial tray







6.Blue food colour


The Ocean themed activity can be done in many ways

1.Let your child touch and feel all the content on the tray while you name it to them.This way they learn new things and how to name them while they see it next time.When they feel the sand, shells and pebbles they can relate it with feeling like rough, smooth etc.

2.Take a box/a big tray/tub and mix all the dry items in it and let your little one discover things on his own.ask him/her to find shells and count the ones he could find.

3.Ask your little one to separate all the items from the box give a wide mesh  strainer to separate the sand from pebbles.

4.Let them do some pouring activity by pouring the water to different container or just let them enjoy by pouring water and mixing everything and making this activity a messy one.

This is how we did it and had loads of fun.This was our weekend activity and papa joined it to make it messier and merrier.

This is how our tray looked like in the beginning


Started off with activity/ free play 

Papa joined in and here they are doing some sorting and mixing

Here they are upto some dry pouting activity
And lastly this is how he enjoyed the activity practising some pouring skills .watch the video 👇



I Won’t Unschool My Son, I Will Raise A Regular School Boy Like This

Before I discuss why I want to unschool myself and open my story for debate/discussion, I wish to take you all to the time when I was in school.

I was a very mediocre student with very less aspirations, I wanted to take up a field that involved lesser study. Without being attentive in class I scored pretty well. Way higher than my counter parts, who were actually very intelligent. I used to look down upon them. I used to think, “What low level of intelligence these people have, they answer in class so well, they can carry an intelligent conversation but still can’t score more than I do. What is the use of all that intelligent conversations and knowing more than what was needed.”

My friends were the rebels, not me. I did what the system wanted me to do, mug right before the exam, puke it out on the paper and feel fresh again for a new session with no uneasy feeling of the past, just like a clean slate.

Read the full article here

I Won’t Unschool My Son, I Will Raise A Regular School Boy Like This