Ocean Themed Sensorial Activity

Sensorial activities are one of the favourite activities of toddlers as they love to mess around.One of the lead I got from N’S liking is that he loves water a lot.A play date to the sea makes him so happy, he loves to play in the sand with his shovel for hours.He loves to splash with the water and runs while the waves chase him.

I have been planning to do a ocean themed activity for so long but somehow couldn’t manage something or the other.I wanted  things to be collected naturally from our visits to the beach.

Here is a list of the things we kept on our ocean themed sensorial tray







6.Blue food colour


The Ocean themed activity can be done in many ways

1.Let your child touch and feel all the content on the tray while you name it to them.This way they learn new things and how to name them while they see it next time.When they feel the sand, shells and pebbles they can relate it with feeling like rough, smooth etc.

2.Take a box/a big tray/tub and mix all the dry items in it and let your little one discover things on his own.ask him/her to find shells and count the ones he could find.

3.Ask your little one to separate all the items from the box give a wide mesh  strainer to separate the sand from pebbles.

4.Let them do some pouring activity by pouring the water to different container or just let them enjoy by pouring water and mixing everything and making this activity a messy one.

This is how we did it and had loads of fun.This was our weekend activity and papa joined it to make it messier and merrier.

This is how our tray looked like in the beginning


Started off with activity/ free play 

Papa joined in and here they are doing some sorting and mixing

Here they are upto some dry pouting activity
And lastly this is how he enjoyed the activity practising some pouring skills .watch the video 👇



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