Farm Animal Themed Montessori Activities

So the last week was all about farm animals for us.It was a moo moo, quack quack sort of a week and we enjoyed learning a lot about the farm animals.I dedicated one or two trays per day in our activity shelf to farm animals and did a weekend activity.


Farm animal puzzle-This is a wooden farm animal puzzle with almost all the farm animals. Nirvaan enjoys playing it and say baa baa like baba and quack quack like kaka.

Watch him doing this puzzle here


Flash Cards– We used the flash cards to match the animals.You can download the flash cards here Farm Animals Printables-For Toddlers (12-18 Months)

He loves this one I am yet to stick velcro but he loves matching it so much even without him do this matching activity and trying to be perfect in his own way .


Flash card matched with the animals figurines.another fun activity ,there can be little confusion once it comes to figurines but its all fun.

Watch him match


Lacing-We tried lacing rabbit, which we found was little difficult and hence didn’t force him much to do it.Here he is trying his hands on lacing.


Singing and dancing on the rhyme “old mac Donald had a farm”.Well this is something we do every day but this time with all the moves.As I was the one dancing and singing so no video for this one.

Weekend Activity

Made a farm and had some fun free play feeding the animals ,transporting them in tractor.

Weekend activities are for father son quality time,I only make video from the back while they both enjoy playing and spend some quality time together.
I have used his existing toys to create this farm.

The hut is from his Noak’s ark

Old Mac Donald and his wife are actually Noak and his wife.

Animal figures from the farm animal set

Duck from his bath set and hen one of his random toy

Tractor is from his construction set.

The carpet is the one we bought for balcony and now is used for his play .
Watch this video and excuse us for the rash driving we did with the tractor while transporting.

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