My Parenting Mantra-Let me wear his tiny Shoes

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Let me wear his tiny shoes

Before I start with my parenting mantra let me tell you something I never thought I would be the parent I am today.I had a complete different outlook towards parenting when I was not a parent.I never liked kids!! Yes you read it right.I never had the patience to deal with them their unending curosity was something I used to find as irritating.

“One tight slap” was something I thought was answer to all when it come to kids.I am the youngest and needless to say was/is the most pampered child of the family.I have troubled my parents in most innovative way possible.I have even asked my mother why did she take all that and why I was not slapped; as I would beat my baby blue black if he/she behaves like that.

Fast Forward-Today I am mother to a 20 months old boy and I am total opposite of what I thought I would be.I practice Gentle and mindful Parenting, again you read it right.He is my teacher he teaches me in every way possible; how I have to raise him.

He is his best guide.

Throwing my shoes off to wear his- A new me was born with him

Well my parenting started with a very painful experience of breastfeeding.I had sore nipples from the very next day I started feeding my baby.The pain was so unbearable at one point I though of giving up but the mother in me refused  to give up and asked me to be in my baby’s position and imagine how difficult it must be for him to feed when he is not able to latch properly and since that day I have been following the same principle of parenting in every situation whenever I think of giving up and be the parent I thought I would be before I became a mother.

Wearing his shoes no matter how tight it feels- To Understand his emotions 

Ever wondered what goes inside that little brain which is processing every thing at the speed of rocket and yet not able to express as they lack so many emotions and words which we as an adult have an access to.

Imagine there is a spark and you blow it thinking it will be put off by blowing totally unaware of the fact that blowing can result in fire.This is what happens when the babies have a melt down or they throw a tantrum.They are over stimulated.When there is a fire you can’t control the fire by pouring petrol you need to pour water to control that fire.As a parent our job is to control that over stimulated state and help them get control of their emotions and get back to normal.But  most of the time we fail to understand it and in turn act  by hitting  them ,shouting at them for mis behaving.

I stay calm and hug him and make him understand that it is perfectly all right to vent his frustration out. Attimes it becomes so difficult to handle my own temper as I run out of patience but then I remember I have to wear his shoes no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

Wearing his shoes literally -To have fun like a child

Every night before sleeping I think of what all we can play and the next morning I get up all excited to play new games, new activities together.I never try to teach him in fact we learn it together.

Even he wears my shoes- My acts will define his personality

As a parent I have a huge responsibility of raising a baby into a mindful adult.That can only happen when I am mindful of my acts.Kids idolise their parents as role model.As a parent what I do will always be right for him.And hence I need to be a mindful adult to raise my child as one.

We both love taking rides on daddy’s shoes-Without his support nothing would have been possible

I can’t talk about my parenting mantra without him.He has been the biggest strength and most importantly dealt with  temper tantrums, mood swings, bad behaviour of both of us  mindfully with a smile without an iota of anger.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Parenting Mantra don’t forget to leave your comments below as I would love to read your views and Mantra too.

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49 thoughts on “My Parenting Mantra-Let me wear his tiny Shoes

  1. MommyingBabyT says:

    Priya by far the best post i have read on parenting so far. Love this so so much. I hope you do know that you are an inspiration to me and i am sure to many of your readers. This post deserves a crown.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) says:

    This article looks like it has been written straight from the heart! Loved reading it πŸ™‚


  3. alpanadeo says:

    Beautiful. Loved the lines, wearing his shoes no matter how tight it feels. You explained how to handle many tough and challenging situation in such simple words. Well done. .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Neha Gupta says:

    Wow. Loved what you have written dear. And I so identify with it. I wake up every day thinking what games to play today. I could not have put my thoughts any better as you have done in this article.. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. momsmethods says:

    Such a beautiful thought.. I remember, before I had my own kids, even my outlook towards parenting was really something totally different… No one else could bring such a drastic change in me πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  6. momtasticworld says:

    I love your parenting mantra. Such adorable pics and beautifully written post. Thank you for sharing this with us.


  7. Minakshi bajpai says:

    I really like your post it is ever best post on parenting. All clicks are fabulous. He is looking to cute and his shoes are so pretty..thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts on parenting.


  8. Gleefulblogger says:

    That’s a lovely post… love the pictures of different sizes of shoes πŸ˜‰
    Absolutely true, once we begin thinking from their perspective things get little better and save us from stree too.


  9. MerogAndMom says:

    For me this post is like reading my own mindπŸ™ˆ Even I never liked kids in my life before becoming a mom and then the real journey begun of real parenting- positive and mindful parenting


  10. Anchal says:

    So much to learn from your mantra. My son throws tantrums already and I lose my temper. And the very second moment I start crying out of guilt. I am learning to control my temper and try to be in his shoes. Lovely Post πŸ™‚


  11. rakhiparsai11984 says:

    This is such a beautifully adorned posts with amazing pictures. Loved the last one with a piece of your heart sitting in the heart made on sand. Well, even I wonder what goes on in the tiny brain of my daughter and what does she think of me when I behave in certain situations. Its imperative to see life from their eyes too.


  12. TheMomSagas says:

    Loved the way you have drawn the connection between parenting and shoes. Especially when you say stepping in the father’s shoes. A very beautiful and meaningful read.


  13. Smita says:

    Such a beautiful thought Priya; be in his shoes. It is so straight from the heart. How well have you put it, if you cant handle just imagine what must be going on in that small baby’s head. Put yourself in his place and be like him. You are truly an amazing mom and baby N is so lucky to have such an undertsanding mom


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