Colour Themed Montessori Activities

Nirvaan can recognise the four primary colours and has started calling few as well like buuuuu, geeeen and I am yet to catch the words he uses for red and yellow some weird rhyming words.As he can differentiate and recognise the colours the activities we did last week was more of sorting.If you are wondering how to introduce colours to your toddlers you should give this a read before going forward


Now that the introduction phase is over and Nirvaan very well recognises all the four primary colours, sorting came pretty easy for him but attention span for sorting activity remained very low initially and I realised it has to be more fun and different then just one activity.Here are few of the different activities we tried and he enjoyed doing.It helped me in his toy rotation as well as same toy was used for different colour activities.

Colour Tray 

This one is a DIY ,I buy these yogurt cups for Nirvaan and it comes in a tray.These trays we have used for many activities.This time I have simply pasted the foam sheets with double sided tape for colour sorting.

Blocks Train

Got these blocks train from a local toy shop and this so far has been the favourite activity none of the other sorting game has kept Nirvaan busy for this long.He does colour sorting by making the train by stacking the same coloured blocks together  and then loves to play with the blocks or simply plays with the train.Hence some Independent unassisted play makes this my top favourite sorting  activity as well.

Matching Utensils Activity

Matching the toy kitchen utensils with the same coloured lid.It was something I thought he would not be interested in doing but he did it in just few seconds and did it again as well.An easy activity with already existing toys.

Stacking Activity

I have combined two of his existing toys for this activity,I have taken the stacking stand from his wooden circus stack and those rings are the blocks.

Simple activity for colour sorting and stacking both.

Mega Sorting 

I have mixed all his primary coloured blocks in a box and have used the felt sheets for sorting as shown in the picture.This activity was fun for him as he loved so many blocks in a single box and played with the blocks before sorting.Even after sorting he was busy with those blocks in the box.

Hope you guys liked these activities . These are few of the activities that we have done in our learning colour series will be posting more on this soon .

Would love to know if you have some new ideas for colour activities please drop your ideas in the comment below and stay tuned for more of this series.





35 thoughts on “Colour Themed Montessori Activities

  1. Minakshi bajpai says:

    Really a useful tecniques you show in your blog. These activities will really helpful for playway going toddlers to know and learn the new concepts. My son is also in this age of learning new things. So your post can be helpful for me


  2. anubhutisethmehn says:

    Your activities always take me back by an year, when I used to follow such activities. One more I would like to share on the same line. I used to stick different coloured ribbons on the table using cello tape at the ends and my champ was supposed to place the blocks matching the ribbon. You can try this too 🙂


  3. TheMomSagas says:

    Wonderful post. We are learning colours these days too and have been doing some similar activities. Hopefully will share soon.


  4. MerogAndMom says:

    Amazing tips! My personal experience says, sorting helps a lot when it comes to learning colors. Also, pointing out or labelling each and everything with it’s color while discussing the objects helps too.


  5. Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) says:

    Really, those are some really really cool activities in there!! I loved the stacking activity. I also thank you for those neat and clear pictures and simple descriptions. Makes it easy to understand for me. thanks a ton!


  6. Veens says:

    Such fun activities, I remember doing all these activities with Aarya and anjali ❤ Now we are doing shades, so it is so fun because i don't even know all the names. so learning as we go ❤


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