Why Messy Play is the Best Play

Whenever I post about sensorial activities the most common question that is asked by moms is How do you clean the mess ? Well honestly I have my tricks and tips for minimising my work of cleaning but I never minimise on the mess my baby can create and play with.

Childhood is all about experience and there is no better way to experience than touch.Touch and mess create a sense of happiness.Let me take the example of La Tomatina Festival in Spain and Holi in India.Both the festivals are messy and fun.Messy play excites the brain and the feeling is of enjoyment,fun and happiness.

Apart from happiness there are various other benefits of messy play



There are no guidelines for messy play and hence you can see your little one creating their own version of mess.



Messy play is the best way to explore as its open ended and unstructured.


Children learn to be more expressive while they involve in messy activities apart from learning the various terms related to play like gooey, sticky,etc.

Physical Development 

They learn to have more control over their body while they explore.It is the best way to hone gross and fine motor skills.

Social Skills 

When playing in a group they learn how to play which involves so much of touch but without hurting or pushing.Messy plays helps them be more social and enjoy the company.

Still wondering how to start with messy play check this out Sensorial Activity -Edible Slime (Free Play)

Still feel like you can’t deal with the mess try these tips

  • Let your baby play with water just plain water.
  • Make the bath time messy play time.
  • Let them explore the messy stuff on their high chair
  • Make some edible messy play with banana,avacado,papaya. Just mash these fruits and give it to them to explore.
  • Boil some extra noodles while you make it and let your baby have some messy fun with those extra noodles.
  • While kneading the dough give some flour and water to your toddler as well.
  • Let them jump on muddy puddles.
  • While visiting park let them run bare feet on the grass and the mud.

And while you involve in these messy activities do not forget to click pictures and make those childhood memories the messier the merrier.



21 thoughts on “Why Messy Play is the Best Play

  1. udita Saklani says:

    Agree to this Messy play is important .If they don’t embrace dirt, they will never learn cleanliness.It has also been proved that putting kids in a too protective environment weakens their immune system


  2. Mummasaurus says:

    this is such a lovely write up – i lovveeedd all the quotes, and the hair of little one in the first picture – quite einstein-ish 😀


  3. momtasticworld says:

    Awww such adorable clicks….I agree little explorers would learn once they get involved….and there is no fun activity without mess for toddlers hehehehe ….


  4. Zainab says:

    Involve me and I learn! This is really true !
    But I really salute you dear, because as a mom it takes a lot of courage to deal with aftermath of the mess!
    Super proud of you!


  5. Mamma Bear | Nikita says:

    Totally agree!! Every day I ensure that my Laddoo spends a few extra minutes splashing around in the tub. Sometimes I add a little extra bathwash and make bubbles and she loves trying to catch them. And since we follow Baby Led Weaning, meal times are ALWAYS messy. So yay for that!! 😀


  6. Minakshi bajpai says:

    Even i too love to play messy games with my kidos. This way they can learn many things also. Your tips are wonderful on this part. Like other games , Mess games are also important for learning many things. Like sometimes i allow my kids to play with mud also.


  7. Gleefulblogger says:

    Messy play is really important for child’s development, earlier we used to refrain kids from bring dirty and messy but now even pre-primary schools have messy days once in month. It’s fun way to learn and let them be their age.


  8. rakhiparsai11984 says:

    Completely agree with you. Letting kids play on their own and as per their comfort level is the best thing. Messy play is the mosts important part of it as it lets your child learn so much on his own and in turn has amazing fun too. Haven’t we all done this in our childhood days.


  9. Shubhreet Kaur says:

    I totally agree with you! Messy play is best play – its creative, stimulating and lets the child be free. We do a lot of it in our house with paint, sand and sometimes, much to my dismay, food! 😉 I just wish it wasn’t so messy though… haha! Karma’s fav is sand. She literally bathes in it! LOL!


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