Capsicum Kadi- A recipe from the left over in the fridge

Last weekend we went to the turtle reserve and stayed there for a day,Since we planned this in advance I didn’t do any grocery shopping in the end of the week as our plan was to be out and about for atleast 4 days.But then due to some reasons we had to cut it short.

When we came back we were not in a mood to have our food ordered and wanted to have something cooked at home.When I opened the fridge all I could see was some capsicum and bell peppers almost cut into halves as  it was used for the noodles I prepared recently, some curd on the verge of expiry and some mint leaves apart from full stock of tomatoes and chillies.I thought of being experimental and tried this dish.

Capsicum Curry : Side dish for two

Prep time -15 mins


Curd (1 cup )

Besan (Gram flour)(2 Table spoon)

Capsicum and bell pepper cut into small pieces

Chillies (2)

Onion (half )

Garlic (2 cloves )


Mix the besan with curd and add some turmeric and salt to it.Keep aside.

Heat the pan and add some oil

Add some mustard and when it sputters add the onion

When the onion is slightly brown add the garlic finely chopped.

Add some curry leaves and chillies,

Add the capsicum and bell pepper.cover and cook for 5-6 mins.

Slowly start adding the curd mix kept aside in high flame ,stir continuously.

Once the whole mix comes to a boil, put it in sim for another 6-7 mins till the time you get the desired thickness of curry.

I tried this with chapatis and hence made it little thick.The more you boil more thicker it gets.If you wish to have this with rice you can add some water to curd.Boiling is important for the taste.

I am a big fan of Kadi and love curd dishes. And any dish with curd in it can never fail.

Do you experiment ? Or use the left overs to make some new dish ?



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