This topic is very close to my heart and I have been planning to write about it since a long time and finally today was able to pen down at length.
The importance of toys in the life of children is something which can never be replaced by anything.The first friend or the favourite object they have for the first time is always a toy.
So let’s discuss the importance of toys in early learning , how today’s market has been diluted with non environment friendly options and in the end I would be discussing about the solution.


Importance of toys 

Toys play a vital role in early years of mental and physical development of a child,not only do they provide the vent to drain the energy but also helps in honing few basic skills which play a major role in future or in the later stage ,for example concentration.listed below are few of the major benefits toys offer

Cognitive development and creativity


Children are in constant quest of learning since birth and hence the toys provide the opportunity for them to think explore and relate it with real life.when an infant start playing or reacting to a rattler or starts getting attracted towards contrasting colours that is when they start their journey of curiosity . A toddler playing with a wooden horse and recognising a real one in the field is nothing but the imagination which comes to action while playing and relating things in real life.creativity is another one such benefit of playing with toys and helps in cognitive development.

Physical development and motor skills 


Physical development at an early age is at the fastest rate and hence the early stage of infancy and toddlerhood is when physical and motor skill can be developed.motor coordination helps in problem solving and also helps brain and hand coordination as well as eyes and hand coordination.Both gross and fine motor skills are important and needs to be developed at an early stage.Toys are the best way to hone these skills.

Social and emotional skills 


Another important aspect of growing up years is social and emotional development.when a child involves in pretend play they learn how to become social even if they play alone.sharing and multiple player toys helps them in developing social skills.Babies and toddlers goes through a lot of emotional ups and down where they are unable to express their feelings. Toys are the best medium to make them express what they feel and also through play they learn how to express themselves and their unexpressed emotions.

Language development 


Toys help in developing language skills, they add so much to the building vocabulary of the babies and toddlers.A child’s language skills are developed when they come across new objects and toys provide the avenue where they learn about new things and develop their language skills.

Sensorial development 


I have already talked about the importance of sensorial activities in past , when a child touches the toys they develop the sense of touch and feel soft , rough etc.

Importance of toys in today’s context and problem with today’s market 


When now we have already discussed the importance of toys let me throw some light on importance of toys in today’s context. Now when the families are small and spending capacity has increased we often face the problem of keeping our little ones busy and find refugee in gadgets or battery operated toys.while there is no harm in screen time in moderation beyond 18 months of age and few battery operated toys in your child’s collection but totally relying on these for play is not advisable.over exposure to battery operated toys also hamper the creativity of a child.

Today the market is flooded with cheap plastic and battery operated toys everywhere, I would not deny the fact that those plastic toys and at that price are not tempting enough.But these toys attract a very low span of attention for babies.So eventually we end up buying more and more and slowly kids lose interest in toys altogether.Another disadvantage of these plastic toys is they are extremely bright and colourful and over stimulating whereas toys should be soothing and welcoming.

So what is the solution ?

Needless to mention the effect these battery and plastic toys have on our environment. When as a parent all we want to do is leave a better place for our next the least we can do is by consciously making an effort to abstain from buying plastic toys altogether or to limit our plastic purchases and replace plastic with wood.

Yes wooden toys are more attractive ,educational, welcoming, soothing and on the top environment friendly.They are much sturdier than plastic toys and lasts for generations and hence can be passed on generations altogether.And if your plans are not that futuristic as mine then those can be used as decorative pieces in kids room once they outgrow as wooden toys are so beautiful and finished .

A wooden toy brand which promises a solution 

As you all know I follow Montessori and I constantly search for the best brands for wooden toys who manufacture finished toys using the best quality of of such brand that I have come across is Skola toys.

toys is a brand which manufactures high quality wooden toys for children between the age of 1-8 yrs and makes learning fun by covering the various aspects of education like language,cognitive,sensorial development.The best part about this brand is they have a wide range of toys and mostly open ended toys helps children use their imagination and prompts them to be more creative. 

Why I think skola toys can be your child’s best friend and best teacher 

One look at the toys and you can tell that these are made by the finest artisan and craftsmen.the research team behind definitely puts in a lot of effort and research before designing a toy. They have a collection of Montessori toys which you would not find easily in India.

To read more about this wonderful connection of toys with kids click the link below and check what Udita (famously known as zuzu’s mom) has to say 

Early Learning toys and kids :The whole cosmic connection



  1. Neha @growingwithnemit says:

    My son has his own collection of toys ranging from battery operated plastic toys to wooden Montessori inspired educational toys and there’s no doubt that wodden toys are much much better than any other toy. We have not explored skola’s collection but will do so soon. Thanks for writing this elaborated article.


  2. aya says:

    I think I bought more toys than my own clothes in this lifetime. XD
    I really encourage kids to play with toys rather than too much screen time.
    Skola toys look great! I hope they’re available here in the Philippines 🙂


  3. Nayantara says:

    I truly detest China cheapie noisy toys. Sorry tp call them that but none of those have anywhere contributed to my child’s development. I actually bought Skola toys for babyTs 1st birthday. I am big fan of wooden toys. I have personally seen how fast he has picked up a skill through them.


  4. Motheropedia says:

    I’m all for this post specially the point made about ‘battery operated toys.’ I’ve got hoards of toys in the house. But other than a remote controlled racing car and a small ice-cream cart that my daughter hauls around, I don’t have electronic toys. This post makes a lot of sense for the current gen parents who really are buyin their kids so much.


  5. Shubhreet Kaur says:

    I firmly believe in the importance of toys for kids too… Just like you said, toys aid all kinds of development beginning from baby stage. And I hate to admit this, but we do have a lot of plastic and battery operated toys. Karma has a lot of wooden toys as well but I haven’t tried out skola yet. Will check them out now after reading your post! 🙂


  6. momtasticworld says:

    That’s a really interesting topic, I agree picking up a toy for a kiddo should be paid attention. I hate the loud sound and light toys but from now on I will think about the points mentioned above before buying a toy for my little one. Skola looks like a good option will check it out soon.


  7. Veens says:

    Toys are so important as they help in their development as much as we do, and yes we need to choose carefully and yes I have the same problem with today’s market!
    i absolutely love Skola for all the reasons, you have mentioned !!


  8. Priya says:

    That’s an interesting topic and you have covered it exhaustively. I have always believed in buying toys for my child mindfully. It is best to have fewer toys which can keep the baby/ toddler engaged and also grow with him/her. I have always loved wooden toys for my daughter be it blocks, puzzled or even a kitchen set. Skola looks like a great option.


  9. Melani Rayen says:

    This is such a useful post..Totally agree with your point that a toy should be both useful,interesting and it should make the child to explore it….A perfect post for every mother on how to choose the correct toy for their little ones 🙂


  10. Motheropedia says:

    I’m a fan of any toys that don’t sing and dance! I’ve looked at Skola’s website and the toys are quite amazing. I really like the way you’ve listed the benefits of playing with toys.


  11. babyandbeyondin says:

    I agree here, there is such a huge opportunity for kids to learn through play. As parents it is our responsibility to choose toys such that they aid in the learning process.


  12. alpanadeo says:

    Toys play an integral role child’s development and as you mentioned now a days,parents tend to buy battery operated toys thinking that these toys can help in teaching the child rhymes, alphabets but we overlook the color part. Wooden toys are an ideal option. I am reading a lot about Skola toys. I wish they start International shipping soon.


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