MOTHERHOOD: A love Story 

Once upon a time there lived a girl who never dreamt of becoming a mother , her dreams were more of achieving her career goals.she was extremely judgemental of the women who sacrificed their careers for becoming mother.

She lived in a world filled with dreams of travelling with love of her life and making a beautiful place called home with him.

They often discussed how their life would be in few years and discussion was always more on which position they both will be holding as they both worked in the same industry and organisation.The life was too busy they had no time simply no time either their jobs kept them posted away or when they were together the work kept them busy.The idea of a third person in their life was something which never striked or came across their minds.

The life was going on smooth with both of them being at the peak of their careers.It was almost three years they were married and they were soon going to be in their 30’s in couple of years.It was her birthday and she knew what she wanted to be the coming year “A Mother ”

“What ???Are you out of your mind or this biological clock ticking is playing the game for you stop watching those stupid series you watch ” the husband said 

” No I am serious nothing has inspired me it is something I wish to be ” the girl said 

It was her birthday and he knew she was serious and determined it was not the vodka which made her say all that.( on a lighter note that was the last vodka she had )

She was pregnant the very next month of her birthday and while she was taking the home test for pregnancy that morning she only wished to see those two purple lines a single would have broken her that day.And voila!! Faintest of two purple lines appeared and anyone who has taken.a Pregnancy test would say it was negative but she knew she knew it was positive and that “it ” was coming. A visit to the doctor and the most uncomfortable ultra sound possible confirmed that she was right.

The first trimester made her regret her decision every day , every single day she would regret and tell her husband she was mad when she said that and at least he should have given a piece of mind instead of just being a partner in crime.

Then came the happy phase The second trimester where she loved each and everything about being pregnant and she completely forgot about her figure while she hogged, it was impossible for people around to believe she is the same girl who never accepted that she fits into size s but would insist that she is xs which she was.she would happily shop for clothes which where XL and XXL.

After the happy phase was over there came the third trimester where everything was simply impossible taking a shower being one and again she started regretting her decision.But more than anything now she wanted to get over this and wanted the “it ” thing to pop out.

It popped out one day much after it’s due date on the day they decided to force it out it popped out on his own.And it was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen in her entire life. He was the one who made her pain disappear and the only thing she could feel was happiness. She wanted to hug him while he was taken away to be cleaned and examined.

When she held him for the first time she didn’t  cry for she was going to be the strongest lady this little man would see and admire, for she was going to be his pillar ,how can she cry but she smiled and counted his fingers and toes and looked at the miracle she has just created. She watched in awe and when he fed for the first time it felt like she was born to be just his mom. Everything every relationship was in existence just so that they could have met and this love story could have begun.

That’s my story which you just read  motherhood has changed me into a completely different person from one tight slap masi/ bua to gentle parenting mom, from bottle to breast is best and from what’s early learning to Montessori mom.

I am a mom on sabbatical and I know when I join my work back I am not going to be the same person. I am not going to stay back because my work needs me but I might just stay back home because my baby needs me. 

If I have to explain how motherhood has changed me in one line then it would be 

Of all the promotions and designations I have held being promoted and designated as Nirvaan’s mom has been the best.

This blog is part of the blog train by a lovely blogger Pooja Kawatra of Mums and Babies who has brought together 40 moms from all around the world.

I would like to thank the most amazing mom I have come across who is a combination beauty brains and braveness and blogs at A week in life about her single parenting for introducing me. And also

 Don’t forget to read our next blogger Rashmi who blogs at Ajisthsmomstyle. Rashmi is a wife of Airman ( Corporal ) and a Mom of 1.6 year old baby boy Ajisth. She completed Masters with Mathematics and by profession she is a Maths teacher. She also values her Passion with profession. She loves to share her daily life experiences and Parenting style by writing . Along with this she knows various form of dance and a good dancer too . Her blog is about lifestyle , Parenting style and Product review. 

35 thoughts on “MOTHERHOOD: A love Story 

  1. Richa Tiwari says:

    “I am not going to stay back because my work needs me but I might just stay back home because my baby needs me.” Love that line! So well put! Motherhood really changes us in irreversible ways.


  2. Sejal Khanna says:

    What a beautiful transition Priya. I felt like you were narrating to me bits of my own story. We too had the same aspirations, same wants ance desires pre-baby. We used to skip meals, hop over to pubs and jump at every chance to travel. And now even a trip to the local market is made keeping my son in perspective. Now it’s a “skip, hop and jump” of a different kind. 🙂


  3. Aesha says:

    Though you didn’t cry after giving birth, I had tears while reading your post, Priya.Your words moved me as a mother. Motherhood changes one and how! Beautiful journey! All the best for your future and I am sure you are going to be successful once you join work after the sabbatical.


  4. Melani Rayen says:

    Wow…That’s such a beautiful and emotional journey of motherhood..The way you had expressed every emotions thoughts of your journey is so lovely and i am almost in tears..Definitely motherhood brings a lot of change in us


  5. Ophira says:

    This is very beautifully written. I too was like this in my early career, now everything seems to have changed. I wonder if I will go back to my competitive nature as motherhood has been more calming on me. I have learnt so much in the process of motherhood. therefore, I could relate so much to everything you have written.


  6. The Average Mom says:

    Loved the way you have written Priya. The story is so beautiful and your words come alive, I could see you through your whole journey. As said, we share a lot of our experinces and feelings, me and you. And motherhood has changed us so much. Loved the line, of all the designations…
    Lovely write up and a beautiful love story


  7. Anupriya Gupta says:

    A beautiful story. But your story will find resonance with so many girls who set out to achieve their career goals and suddenly find themselves wanting to be a mother all of sudden. Loved reading it.


  8. alpanadeo says:

    First of all I loved the title. You have narrated the whole story so beautifully that I wanted to keep it reading it.
    .”I am not going to stay back because my work needs me but I might just stay back home because my baby needs me”.. my favorite lines..


  9. Neha gupta says:

    I loved your post and also because it reminds me so much of my story 🙂 .. After becoming a mom I have realized that there is so much I was missing while I was working. I am still working nowadays but part time and any time I have a confusion on priorities all I say is my boss will easily find another person to replace me, but my kid has only one mother 🙂 So in love with what you did and what you said here


  10. allaboutmommying says:

    Awww that’s the cutest love story ever! It just made me smile and cry 😊 beautiful is the word. I adore your parenting journey and I am following your footsteps


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