Top 10 things to bring fun home this children’s day

14th November brings back so many memorable moments that I have shared at school, preparing the speech on Chacha Nehru,remembering him more as Chacha Nehru than as first prime minister of India all thanks to children’s day celebration at school.I really don’t have any fond memory of this day at home, I wonder why? when this day is all about children then why is this day not celebrated at home with parents and siblings.

This year my husband and I decided to bring fun home and make it memorable for Nirvaan so that while growing up he will remember this day as a fun family day as well.I am listing the top ten things you could bring home to make this children’s day memorable for your children.

Bake a cake together 


Baking alone or a surprise cake can never bring the joy on those little faces than the cake they bake for themselves.Bake a cake together!Let them wear the baker’s cape and spread some magic icing of happiness over the cake.Let them peep Hundredth of time over that oven to check  the cake. Don’t forget to tell them the secret of perfect cake ‘ the toothpick trick’.

Watch their Favourite movie

Yes I know watching that movie all over again is something you would not want to do so why not press that mute button and enact the favourite movie and let them take the favourite character.Oh yes ! don’t forget to watch the movie for yourself the night before I am sure you would not like to forget the dialogues while enacting.

Plan a Messy Play 


How can a day be memorable if you can’t make it merrier with mess.Plan a messy play and have some fun with the mess.

Order in 

Order in their favourite food and let them open the door once its there,I am sure that smile will be worth a million bucks.

Have a fight 


Don’t say no to fight this children’s day ,have a pillow fight with the little ones.Let them jump and hit each other with the pillows. Don’t be your strict self and join them in the fight.

Plan a get together

Invite the cousins and friends over this children’s day at home and have a small get together.Nothing like seeing the little ones having fun together.Will remind you of your childhood get togethers with cousins.

Switch off that mobile 

I know its difficult but keeping it in silent is manageable, just give your full and undivided attention to your kids. We spend a lot of time on these gadgets when we are home and often miss out on the one to one communication. This children’s day keep that mobile away.

Plant a tree 


In our busy life we often forget the small happiness we get from being close to nature.Plant a tree with your kids so that they will remember the birthday of the tree and cherish it growing every year. If you don’t have space then consider planting some plants which purify air.

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi 


Children’s day is not just about the little ones its for us too, to relive the childhood we had which had made us the person we are today.Play those old forgotten games with your kids and take them down to our childhood where there were no gadgets and a piece of paper could keep us busy for hours together.

Kuch Mittha Ho jaye !

Relax if you can’t plan anything just remember to buy some cadbury Dairy Milk.Sit with your little ones and share the chocolate. Remember to fight over the last piece and when you win over the last piece just hand them over the bigger packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk you got for them.Don’t forget to capture that smile 🙂

Take a break from the busy adult life let the child in you take you over this children’s day. Let that carefree child in you be the parent for a day and do all the mischiefs with the little ones.Surprise yourself and the little ones and make it a memorable day.

Here is a small video to pep up the day for you

Disclaimer:A sponsored post to just let the sweetness take over this children’s day in association with Cadbury Dairy Milk


32 thoughts on “Top 10 things to bring fun home this children’s day

  1. alpanadeo says:

    I liked how you thought out of the box for the gift ideas. I would say in every point I could add one memory from my childhood. Thanks for bringing back my memories..:-)
    Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye..sure..happy children’s day!!


  2. Neha Sharma says:

    Loved this list of things to do on Children’s day. I kept the devices out of sight and spent the whole day by my son’s side, dedicated the whole day to him. And we did enjoy our Cadbury chocolates.


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