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So last three months were crazy for me as I had to travel a lot and  that to with a toddler.Apart from packing lots of snacking options and diapers there were few other things that I packed and were essential for my travel as I travelled by train and cabs as well.I tried these three products by Redclifee Hygiene Pvt Ltd sent across to me for an honest review.

My travel plan was made keeping few family functions in mind and hence I had to travel across cities as well.The first thing that I used was Pee safe.

PEE SAFE-Toilet Seat Spray Sanitizer

The reason I mentioned family functions before I started the review must have made it clear, yes it rescued me! I have had bad experiences before of contracting urine infection .And I completely avoid using public toilet as much as possible no matter how clean and hygienic they look.But a family function means staying outdoors for long and hence pee safe was the best thing in my bag.

Before using the sanitiser I had my own way of using the public washroom, I never sat on it and used it in a seating position but without sitting.But when I had to poo this trick failed and hence Pee safe made it easier and comfortable for me.

Travelling with a toddler is not easy specially when they don’t stay stable for the diaper change.I don’t trust the airport changing tables as well when it comes to hygiene for my son.When he was a baby the sheet was enough to protect him but now with the mobility that sheet doesn’t stay and he ends up on the tray straight.Pee Safe came to my rescue there as well.

How to use it ?

Just spray on the area your skin will come in contact with specially on the seat area. wait for it to evaporate never wipe it with toilet roll wait for it to does quickly.

For babies spray on the diaper changing able and wait for it to evaporate if you wish to keep the sheets as well.


The packaging is handy and small and hence allowed in flight as well

Easy to spray and evaporates quickly

makes the journey and outing so much more pleasurable.


Honestly could not  find any.

Palm safe- Foam Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitiser and toddlers they go hand in hand,Personally I don’t like using sanitiser a lot and prefer washing my hands and same goes for my son.But while travelling this is not possible and sanitiser is the best option.The sanitiser available in the market and i have used till now were all alcohol based and hence not good for skin but had no option before I came across Palm safe.

Palm safe is an alcohol free foam based sanitiser which makes it a must buy for babies and toddlers.

How to use it ?

Pump twice and rub your hands for a good 5 secs.


In love with the packaging compact and small again can be carried in hand baggage in airport.

The pump makes it a zero wastage product.Usually it is not possible with the sanitiser bottles to get a pea sized drop but with this you get just the right amount pumped.

Alcohol free


Again couldn’t find any.

Moskito Safe- 100% Natural Mosquito repellent

My visit to India coincidentally was planned in such a way that I guess dengue epidemic and we landed at the same time.There could not have been a better timing to test this product as in Oman we use a repellent only when we visit the park at the evening time rest there is simply no need.But in India and that to in Delhi, we just couldn’t live without it.

How to use it ?

Spray on the exposed part and on the clothes.Reapply every 3 hrs so maximum effect.During the dengue season it is highly recommended that you apply this during day time as well as dengue mosquitoes bite during day time.A mosquito net during sleeping hours is also recommended.It is equally important for an adult to use mosquito repellent as for babies and kids.


100 % natural Repellent

Alchohol and DEET free

Has neem and citronella oil which are most effective natural mosquito repellent.

Spray bottles makes it easier to spray on clothes.


I just didn’t like the smell but honestly for a mosquito repellent to be effective it should have a strong smell.

PeeSafe, PalmSafe, and MoskitoSafe are currently selling online on SafetyKart, Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa and other top-selling e-tailing platforms as well as 2500+ retail stores with the kinds of Le Marche, 98.4 Pharmacy, Global Healthline, Fortis Healthworld, Medirent, Apollo Pharmacy, etc. in India.



  1. Dr Bushra says:

    These products are very useful and indeed helps in making our life more healthy and safe. Your experience with products sounds promising. I’ve been using peesafe and I’m loving it


  2. Melani Rayen says:

    Loved the review of all the three products 🙂 Would love to try the MOSKITO SAFE especially as i hate being bitten by mosquitoes…Liked the fact that it has neem and citronella oil which is totally natural !


  3. purpledreams says:

    Pee safe and mosquito safe are definitely on my list, since a few months. I think I shouldn’t wait more! Thanks for sharing the review.


  4. TheMomSagas says:

    I use all the 3 products and they are like the essentials that are always there in my bag. The pee safe is one discovery product that I always needed! It works amazingly well.


  5. momtasticworld says:

    I have used the pee safe and it is really worth the value of our money. I am yet to try the mosquito repellent. Will try it out soon. I believe every woman should carry a pee safe it is a necessity nowadays for every woman who steps out of their house.


  6. Tina Basu says:

    This is a much-needed product because public toilets in India even in restaurants and malls are always in pathetic unhygienic conditions.


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