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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology which enhances or visualizes an object when seen through a gadget like mobile.The Image when viewed through the app in mobile or tablet comes to life (animated).And is in sync with the object in reality.For example if you have an image and you view it through the app to augment if you move the image in real the augmented view on device will move accordingly.

Why Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality is the next generation technology and is making a great impact already in many fields.Taking the education or play in consideration.It makes the screen time more interactive.Learning through touch and interaction is known to have deeper impact. augmented reality in play and education is providing that interactive way of learning.

Read this excerpt from National Geographic on Augmented Reality

Some scientists contend that screen time may rewire the developing brain, hinder cognitive abilities, and cause behavioral problems. But unlike other forms of digital media, “the primary activity in AR is interacting with the real world,” says Chris Dede, a professor in learning technologies at Harvard University.

How to use augmented reality for educational based play?

So now the question arises how to make the augmented reality work for us and impart knowledge and make the screen time effective.

There are many games available which are based on augmented reality,I will be talking about my personal experience with my two-year old son and augmented reality games from Play Shifu.

Being born in the age of gadgets no doubt these little ones have extra flair over the gadgets, and hence technology serves as the best nanny.But all said and done technology has its own loop holes and as a parent instead of using it as nanny we need to use it wisely.

Augmented reality games like Play Shifu are interactive and hence can act as a great source of learning when played in moderation.

  • Choose the age appropriate play for your kid.
  • Explain them how to play once
  • Let them explore the cards and choose the ones they want to play with
  • Click on the information mode where they can learn about the particular object or animal on the card.
  • Let them touch and move in the screen.
  • Let them move and adjust the card.
  • Switch to library mode and let them go through that.

It is always advisable that you administer your kid while they use gadgets like mobile or hand them over with limited access or app lock, So that they can’t access something which is not meant for them when left unattended.

Our experience with augmented reality and review 

Play Shifu Wildlife

Whats Inside the box?

  • Tablet/mobile stand
  • Activation code
  • 20 Animals cards.

Play Features

  • Animals in 3D
  • Natural habitat
  • Distinctive sounds
  • Feed me quiz
  • Fun spelling game

How to play Shifu Wildlife ?

  • Download the app
  • Use the activation code
  • Click on the game
  • Place the cards in the play area in the range of camera
  • enjoy watching the cards coming to life.

Our Experience

This was the first time Nirvaan was experiencing something like this so we were pretty excited to see his reaction on this particular game.Animals are his favourite and I was sure he would be happy to see the flashcards.

The app was launched and while it took sometime to launch probably 2 mins Nirvaan was impatient and constantly asked why is it not working (lesson learnt download and launch before presenting it to your kid).

And once it was launched his father showed him how to place the cards and see the animals come to life in the screen.There was no stopping after that.He is currently in his I can do it all phase, so we took a back seat and he was busy shouting the names of the animals he knew and asking for those he didn’t.

Then after few days we again played Shifu wild life but this time we played and learned about the natural habitat and sounds.

The other day he played the feed me quiz and he loved and found it really funny when the automated voice said No or that’s tasty.

He is too young for the fun spelling game hence gave it a skip for later.

The library mode is a nice way to browse through without using the cards.

The reason I introduced him the game step wise is simple 

  • For a two-year so much of information in one go can be over stimulating.
  • He will easily lose interest if I hand him over the app and let him play all.
  • Step wise learning is more enriching.
  • It will be less confusing and he will have a better understanding.
  • The app can heat up the device when used for longer duration.
  • And anyways exploring the whole app in one go needs time and I told you we use technology in moderation.

About the app 

  • Easy to download and available in Android OS 4.4 & above / iOS 7.0 & above
  • The activation code can be used in three devices max.
  • The whole process of download and play is very easy to understand.

Some added benefits

  • The flash cards are of great quality and hence can be used for offline learning as well.
  • The stand comes really handy for watching movies and YouTube videos for parents.


  1. alpanadeo says:

    I liked the lines technology serves as nanny but we have to act wisely. Lately, I have read a lot about Playshifu. It’s a good app that kids can learn a lot while playing.


  2. PrettyMummaSays says:

    This is interesting. Augmented reality makes learning so much fun. It’s also like having your own 3D experience in the comfort of your room. Sound effects and animation makes it more interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  3. allaboutmommying says:

    my daughter loved play shifu too. its such a fun and educative way to teach kids, theres no need to worry about screen time now as this will keep her occupied for pretty long time. As you said she is young for few features of the game but thats ok. purpose is served.


  4. Geethica says:

    Actually, in today’s era, you can’t keep your child away from gadgets especially when you as a parent also engaged in it, be it for work. So this augmented reality comes in as a saviour here. I wish I had known of it when my kids were smaller.


  5. nameeshn24 says:

    Looks like a very unique concept and a good game. The only thing I wonderful is, if it has enough to keep kids engaged for more than a week or say a month. Nways, looks very interesting 😊


  6. priya kathpal says:

    I chanced upon this product while I was looking for gift ideas for close friends son who was turning 2. I was quite impressed by the description and the makers story around it. I decided to buy it as a gift just going by my gut instinct and boy I was happy as my friend called me was very happy with it. After that it was also recommended to me by fellow bloggers and I am waiting for my son to turn 2 since then, you know why?? 😉


  7. MommyingBabyT says:

    This is a great review. I have been wanting to get one of these for babyT but was wary of using technology. But it seems to be a very enriching way of learning. And i think T is ready now.


  8. Shipra Trivedi says:

    THis is such a fun game. I love augmented reality even more because I have myself developed something using this technology. As a software person, I have my hands-on experience with it so I know how capable it is. Thanks for this review also.


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