Guide To Start  Knife with Toddlers ft Little Fingers at Work’s Toddler Knife

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When lil N was almost 18 months old we wanted to introduce him to knife and hone his knife skills.But unfortunately my search for toddler Knife fetched no results online.I tried few stores here is oman but never got what I was looking for.So I started with the plastic knife which comes with every cooker in our Indian household.

In case you are wondering what was the hurry and why on this earth do I want my toddler to learn knife skills at such a young age.Give this whole article a sound read, many will not agree many would be convinced but the idea of writing this particular article is to educate my reader on early life skills.

Why Knife at Such a young age ?

Knife skills is one of the practical life skills of montessori approach and is recommended after 18 months only when babies develop a better fine motor skills and a better control over the movement of their body parts.

A toddler is inquisitive and developing many life skills at this stage.Observe a toddler in a pretend play and you will get to know how their observation skill works.You will be surprised to see how they copy you and observe your movement and activities.

Preparing your own food is a basic life skill and to raise an Independent individual which is the primary aim of montessori, introducing a toddler to knife early helps rather than making them realise that they are incapable of doing it.

Just like introducing the glassware to toddlers makes them aware of the fact that it needs to be handled gently and with care  similarly introducing knife makes them aware of the fact that it needs caution.

How to start with Knife 

12-18 months– A butter knife or a plastic cake knife (which I was using and still use).

It will give them a better control and coordination to cut things.You can start with pretend play sets like the pic below as well.

If you choose a butter /plastic knife start with soft fruits like banana, ripe papaya, watermelon ensure that you peel and give it to them for cutting.

18 months plus – A toddler knife like the one shown in the pic below

As I have already mentioned I was searching for a knife but couldn’t find anything fortunately I came across a reviewer requirement by Little Fingers At Work while I was in India,wherein they wanted  moms to review their toddler knife and  send across honest feedback to them.

Its been almost a month we have been using this knife almost every other day to make fruit salad.N shows a lot of interest in kitchen and he eats his fruit salad with more delight and satisfaction.

How to use it 

Start with keeping the cutting board at one side to make them learn that chopping needs only one hand till the time they get a control over the knife.

Give soft fruits like banana, pears; food like paneer,eggs which they can comfortably chop with one hand.

The knife is blunt enough not to hurt those little fingers but you know toddlers they go a little bit extra with chopping and you would want them to hit the knife on the other hand hence a conscious effort of using one hand only.

Once they are used to the fact of chopping with one hand give them the chopping board while they are with you in the kitchen in front like you do cutting or on the high chair.

Once they are old enough to understand how to cut and not chop give them fruits like  banana to teach them how to hold and cut.Like give them a banana hold it at one end and start cutting from the other end.(we have not reached this stage and hence will be updating more once we start doing it )


The next progression could be a nylon knife or a wavy chopper with handle like the real knife we use.These knifes are little sharper and can cut harder fruits and vegetables also.And should be introduced once the toddler has learnt to hold and cut cautiously.(We are yet to reach this stage and hence more updates or a detailed blog post will be posted once we hone these skills and progress.)

About Little Fingers at work Toddler Knife


A blunt steel sheet with a wooden grip handle.

Blunt enough for young toddlers

wooden grip handle gives a better grip and control.

Good for chopping soft food items.

An excellent knife to start with knife skills.


The edges are pointed, which may require extra caution if the toddler doesn’t have a good control.This is the only drawback with this knife.And as the knife was sent across for feedback for improvement I conveyed the same to the team and it has been noted by them.

Cooking or helping in the kitchen not only helps the toddler to become independent but also gives them a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which they strive for.And introducing knife skills makes them more confident and cautious.

Some points to keep in mind while introducing knife to toddlers

Adult supervision is a must

Keep the knife out of reach of toddler

Test yourself first by cutting the fruit you offer child to cut.This will give  you an idea if child can cut it comfortably.


40 thoughts on “Guide To Start  Knife with Toddlers ft Little Fingers at Work’s Toddler Knife

  1. alpanadeo says:

    You are right, kids mimic our actions. I agree to all the points you mentioned. The last pointer, Test yourself first by cutting the fruit you offer child to cut.This will give you an idea if child can cut it comfortably., is very important.


  2. Geethica says:

    Actually, a child watches us and wants to try everything we do. My child used to see me in the kitchen and wanted to use the knife with me. And your post proves it all. But yes adult supervision is always required.


  3. rohinijames says:

    Truly a eye opening post for me. Kids are so curious about what is supposedly bad for them but this kind of teaching will enhance their motor skills but also do away with the novelty of using knifes.


  4. Aesha says:

    My daughter is 8 years old but I dread giving her knives. I don’t know why I didn’t try these knives and give her the pleasure of imitating me in kitchen. But I guess it’s better late than never. I can try now immediately.


  5. Neha Sharma says:

    I have been thinking of getting this toddler’s knife as my son is also showing a lot of interest in cutting chopping activities that I do. As of now, I keep my 22-month-old toddler busy with peeling and mashing but will introduce the knife soon. Thanks for sharing this informative post.


  6. roopikais607 says:

    This is very informative. I have introduced my 2 year old kids to pretend play kitchen set with knife , but I think I should follow the points you mentioned and get this knife too!


  7. thehappymumma says:

    A child learns so much by observing us. They would love immitating us. This is a perfect way to include them in our cooking time. I tottaly love that little fingers at work has a great collection of innovative toys for kids,


  8. Mamatha Dilip says:

    This is an amazing activity for hand and eye co ordination. My daughter loves this game and she can keep herself busy for good 20 minutes. The steel knife is such a good idea. Kids should definetly grow up to be independent and we as parents should provide all the help required.


  9. babyandbeyondin says:

    My boy has been playing with toy knife since he was a year old but never thought of giving him an actual knife. Will try now. Thanks


  10. Neha Jain says:

    Kids are attracted to things, which we find dangerous for their age. Same goes for my daughter; whenever she finds a knife lying near her, she runs to grab it. This post is quite helpful to satiate kids’ curiosity for knives.


  11. Shalu Sharma Rathod says:

    My daughters have this same chopping board & toddler knife & they love it. They love to help me when I am in kitchen & knowing that they are safe & won’t get hurt, gives me more confidence to let them learn these life skills.


  12. Anupriya Gupta says:

    My son is generally very curious about cooking. He loves to stand on his chair and observe me go about my job in the kitchen. The idea of this knife is great for such kids who are keen on becoming little chefs 🙂


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