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We love long drives and can go on long drives anytime but after N we were really worried about his safety on the road and also about his comfort.

It was when we decided to buy a car seat for for his safety and comfort.While doing the research for the perfect car seat I came across these very important safety features to be kept in mind while selecting a car seat for your baby.I am going to share the points here.

Weight and age 

while Buying the Car seat the first thing to keep in mind is the weight and age of baby.Upto 2 years of age a baby should sit in rear facing car seat.Or else if the baby exceeds the weight as recommended by car seat seller then front facing car seat can be used.

Five Point harness

Another important feature as the safety of car seat depends on this.The car seat should have five harness points, that ensures that the bay is harnessed properly and safely.

Buy First Hand

I am a big supporter of pre loved stuff when it comes to baby items but for car seat its a big no no,Never go for a second hand car seat.Thats the biggest compromise on safety.

After Buying The Car Seat

So once you have decided on the car seat and made a purchase.Always read the instruction manual carefully before installing.

And install as per the manual.

Keeping the baby busy on car seat

After selecting the car seat another major issue was keeping the baby busy, N is super active and sit still only to do activities.So long drives for him is about doing activities, playing with his busy bags etc.

Here is a post you can go through to keep the baby busy

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Just like other things making him sit on the car seat was a tough journey too … We had our ups and downs Cranky fits and what not . . but now since that phase is over and we enjoy our trips let me share few tips on how to make your baby enjoy the trip in car seat 1.take short trips first 2. Tie few toys which the baby can enjoy pulling 3.take a small basket of toys along 4.take books if your baby enjoys them 5.Do lots of talking and singing make them feel home 6.stop if they cry and refuse to be in seated ..Take a break let them have some fresh air before you start again 7.never take a crying baby out of the car seat as they will get to know that crying is the escape route . 8. Screen time in a night journey has helped us a lot. 9.keep rotating the toys you take along 10.if your baby is 14 months and above then showing the vehicles around keeps the any busy for long And lastly keep calm this is for baby's safety and needs patience What are the tricks you play with the baby to make them stick to the car seat happily ??? #carseat #busybaby #happyincarseat #tipstokeepbabybusy #instagram #toddlersofinstagram #instapic #instapost #momlife #mommylife #momblogger #blogger #rattlebabblebattle

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