Busy Moms Hairstyling Hacks

                         **** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine****


Do I even have to add busy infront of mom isn’t that obvious that we are not just busy but super busy and hairstyling is the last thing that comes to our mind right.But I believe hairstyle add a lot of fresh change to life but are we always satisfied with the hairstyle we opt for.For me when I go short I miss my long tresses and when they are long I feel like cutting them short.When I try something new I get bored after few days and wish to change my style again.

And adding to it I am scared of trying out new hairstyles every time I step out for a family function ,those chemicals and sprays do a lot of damage to my otherwise healthy hair.

So is there something which can be a solution to all our hairstyling woes? Yes there seems to be few hacks we can try and the best part is we don’t have to do anything with our hair.



Wigs ! yes Wigs seems to be the perfect solution for this, if you are wondering where to order your wigs from check this amazing website jumbo box braids which delivers to your door step and has a wide options to choose from.

Messy Buns


I will be very honest I loved messy buns since my college days and it goes so well with the boho look.Short hair or long hair doesn’t matter all you have to do is pull your hair up, tie it and let your hair decide how they want to settle down 🙂

Half bun

My current favourite is this hairstyle and its pretty much in trend and super easy to make and takes hardly a few minutes.Just take the hair from the top and make a bun and leave the rest of hair loose.I tried this in my last trip and people loved my hairstyle.




And when your hair are not messy enough for a messy bun just tie them into a high ponytail.



When you wish to let your hair loose and still want them to be under control and trendy just opt for a hairband .

Hope these hacks help you next time you step out and adds a fresh change to your hairstyling.