The most wonderful feeling on this earth is to touch your baby for the first time.Its heavenly that soft skin just out from the protection of your womb where you took at most care of your diet during your pregnancy so that your baby’s  skin will be healthy and glowing.The same way once the baby is out the search begins for the skincare of the new born.Wondering why I am writing about new born when my baby is almost two while reviewing a baby skin care product.Well! Aveeno Baby has been with us since the day one and nothing makes me more happy to review this product which has been launched in India.Now I don’t have to ask my relatives to bring it while they visit India.

Babies have really sensitive skin and the product used should be the best. It’s not about the sensitivity but just that whatever we use should not be harsh on baby’s skin .So while choosing a lotion which is actually going to stay for quite a long time unlike the bodywash and shampoos which gets washed off you need to be cautious about the ingredients used.

One of the reasons why I have been using Aveeno Baby since day one is the fact of it being fragrance free.When we buy baby products with fragrance and kind of associate it with baby smell is nothing but adding layers of chemical to your baby’s skin.Aveeno Baby apart from being fragrance free is paraben free and phthalate free as well.Paraben is the most commonly used preservative used in skin care products and has been associated with cancer causing chemicals although it is in the research stage but it is always advisable to buy products for baby which are paraben free.Phthalate on the other hand is added in products to enhance fragrance and absorption and again in research stage and hence advisable to avoid baby products with phthalate.Aveeno Baby is free of these commonly used dangerous chemicals.

The product is mild ,light ,non greasy and blends well, it’s stays on for a longest of time if applied immidietly after bath.Aveeno Baby moistures the skin for the longest of time even in winters.As new born’s skin drys out quite frequently and needs reapplication but with Aveeno we never faced the problem of drying out.

It has the goodness of oats which  makes it one of the best product for baby skin. As oats relieve the dry skin and prevents itchy dry skin

The lotion is non sticky as I mentioned and doesn’t make the baby skin oily as other baby products available over the counter do. Infact it makes the baby skin supple and soft without making it looking greasy.

I highly recommend Aveeno Baby and this has been in our essentials since day one.Till date that is two yrs almost I could not find a single drawback of this product. And now when this product is in India all I can do is recommend it to you all.

Here is a pic of a Happy Aveeno Baby

Wondering from where to order the Aveeno baby products click on the link below and also you can use this special code to get Rs 100.00 off on your first purchase 


Aveeno Baby India Products

Disclaimer : I have received the product from Aveeno for review but all the views expressed are my own. I have been using this product way before the company approached me for a review and hence my views are  based on the experience of a new mother using and selecting baby products for her new born.

Product Review- Mama Earth Insect Repellent Spray

It may sound weird but I saved this for my visit to India in summers, the reason is pretty simple come summers and Delhi becomes the epicentre of dengue,malaria etc.I saved this spray for this very reason.So while I am on visit to India I am putting this repellent spray to test and use almost daily.

My baby is a magnet to bugs and mosquitoes, I really don’t know how but he is kissed by them often.So you can understand my concern and my need for a product which would repel insects.

I have been using Mama Earth Products from quite a while now and is loving their product. Read my review on the body wash here

Key ingredients 

Purified water , cold pressed soybean oil , cold pressed castor oil, citronella essential oil ,cedar essential oil ,lemon eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil and peppermint essential 

The ingredients are all natural and I never gave a second thought before using it regularly all thanks to the fact of the product being 100% natural and toxin free.

How am I using it

1.Spraying and rubbing on the exposed part of the body like hands, legs.

2.Spraying it on clothes as it has citronella oil which is an excellent repellent.

It has been almost 15 days we are using it and the result is as below

  • No signs of insect bites including mosquito bites
  • No swarm of mosquito on my baby’s head even if he wears dark coloured clothes at evening time.
  • even I am excused by the mosquito as I carry my baby.

I am really impressed with the effectiveness of the product.For a place like Delhi I would recommend this product for daily usage before you send your kids outdoor and also while sleeping.Not just Delhi I dont think any place is spared of mosquito menace as my last visit to kolkata was no good.

So you can keep this as a companion for your visit to the park 

While you do some gardening with your little one 

And use it while they are off to sleep so that they don’t wake up all kissed 

Regarding the product

It has a strong fragrance of ecaluptus which is the main reaon for its effectiveness.

I love the packaging and the fact that its a spray makes it way more conveient to spray it on clothes.

I would give this product a big thumbs up and a scoring of 5/5




Product Review-Mama Earth Deeply Nourishing body wash

So finally I am reviewing a baby skin care product, Mama Earth caught my attention from the day one I heard about it, being a blogger you get to know about the new launches.A product that claims to be toxin free was something I have not come across.Even the giants who add natural and herbal to their product names are afraid of claiming their product as toxin free.So what is so special about this product and all thanks to Indian Mom Connects I got a chance to review the products of Mama Earth


Before the patch test on my baby’s skin I do a patch test on myself, either on my hands or face.Although few of you might find it silly but then being silly is all a part and parcel of being a mother.And another benefit of testing it on me is that we end up using the same products.Like a baby wash as face wash is a great treat for your own skin.

The patch test on both the baby and Mama fetched positive outcomes.After the patch test I have been using the product on my baby since last 15 days.I picked up the body wash first as it is doesn’t stay in the baby skin and is washed.

About the company

This company is started by a concerned parent just like you and me who wanted to offer all things good to the little ones.Click the link to know about their beautiful journey MAMA EARTH-STORY

About The Product 

Texture-Its a gel like transparent wash

Smell- Soothing fragrance of orange

I did a small research on the key ingredients just to cross check and here is what I have found


Purified Water

Decyl glucoside-It is derived from Coconut and corn starch and hence all natural and biodegradable.

Sodium coccyl isothionate- helps to form lathered and is derived from coconut

Disodium Cocoampho-Again derived from coconut and help in cleansing the dirt.

Vitamin E- Can’t get any better

Allantoin-Allantoin is a naturally ocurring nitrogenous compound used as a skin conditioning agent.

Aloe vera Extract-One of he best for the skin and all natural

Vegetable Glycerine-Clear odourless liquid which is derived from plant and is non-toxic.

xanthin gum-This is derived from bacteria and is used to hold the ingredients from separating.

Sodium Benzoate-A preservative which is safe to be used and is used in food as well.

Potassium Sorbate-It is a mild preservative and the safest one.

Orange essential oil-This is the reason the product has a mild orange fragrance.

Our experience after using the product for 15 days

The product is gel like as I mentioned and produces good lather and cleanses the skin well.It is mild enough to be used every day.Baby’s have a very sensitive skin and using body wash every day is not recommended.But I have used this product for a consecutive 15 days and found it mild enough to be used everyday.

One of the myth that people follow is baby product should have a fragrance,little did they know that adding fragrance is the major reason for adding chemicals which are not good for baby skin.Before using when I sniffed from the bottle of Mama Earth Body wash I was happy that it has a mild fragrance and then when I looked at the ingredients and found out it is the essential oil which has been used I could not have been much happier.

Lastly this product stands true for what it claims, I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a toxin free product for your baby and also this brand is toxin free made safe certified brand.

You can buy the product from here

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post although I received the products for free but all the views and review expressed in the post are mine.

Product Review-PALMER’S Baby Oil

Trying a baby oil for my baby was just out of question since the last his skin reacted badly to Jhonson’s baby oil.Since then I have been using Virgin Coconut oil.But then at times you just feel like giving a change, blame it to my habit of browsing the baby product section in the hyper market. Every time I visit a Hyper market I make it a point to check the products out of curiosity.While I was answering to one of my curious window shopping urge I accidentally laid my hands on Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula baby Oil.I was not much interested in trying a baby oil for the above mentioned reason.But this had something which caught my attention ,unlike the belief it is mineral oil free.Most of the baby oil available over the counter are mineral oil.

Once it caught my attention I wanted to be sure before Investing my money into a baby oil which was not that urgent at that moment. I didn’t want to go for a compulsive purchase.

Few other things I noticed and made me buy this product to try

It is Paraben and Phthalate free.These are the most common chemical used to increase the longitivtiy of the product.These preservatives has been researched to have adverse health effect.Although the effect of these chemicals are under research stage ,but I want to avoid paraben products at least for my baby.

About the brand

E.T. Browne Drug Company is one of the longest standing proprietors of skin and hair care products in the United States. The company has been family owned since the middle of the nineteenth century and has been under the current ownership since 1971. E.T. Browne Drug Company has been headquartered in New Jersey for over 50 years.Under the current ownership, the revolutionary brand Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula was created and introduced to the world.

(Data taken from the company’s website


The packaging is actually very commendable, they have used a pump bottle for the oil which is very user friendly.Pouring the oil from a normal oil bottle always lead to extra usage.A big thumbs up to the packaging.



It has a mild cocoa fragrance which is very soothing.

About the product

It contains canola oil which is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and also rich in vitamin E.

Feedback after usage

It has almost been a month I have been using this oil for my baby’s massage.Its a light weight oil hence is non sticky.It moisturises the baby’s skin and makes it soft.There has been no allergic reaction.


The only drawback that I find in this product is the use of perfume.If the product would have been Parfum free It would have been amazing.The frangrance is mild though.

Overall the product was a good purchase.I have been using this oil mixing it with my night cream as I have an extremely dry skin.It is actually making my skin soft and supple.The effect on my skin so far has been the best.It has definetly secured a place in my regular toiletries along with the baby’s.



Diaper rash is one of the most common rash and happens to almost all the babies even if you are using cloth diaper ,still your baby is prone to diaper rash.Keeping your babies bum area dry in the night time is not always possible specially in winters and hence it becomes common in babies to have diaper rash in an around their anal area.

I have used many other diaper rash cream available in the market before settling on Sebamed’s.

About the Brand

Sebamed is a brand of Sebapharma which is a German based company.Sebamed makes skin care products with pH of 5.5 to maintain the skin’s natural barrier.

About The Sebamed Diaper rash cream

It claims to

Promote the development of the skin’s protective acid mantle.

Titanium dioxide protects skin against harmful contact with excrements.

Highly protective lipid formula with skin related lecithin and squalane.

Pantheon stimulated the healing process.

My review

Due to the pH 5.5 it doesn’t disturb the pH of the acid mantle of the skin.Acid mantle acts as barrier for our skin and protects against bacteria.Since the product has a pH of 5.5 which is one of the major reason for this product to work so well with the baby skin.

Diaper rash occurs due to contact of excrement with skin for a longer time.This cream acts a barrier and saves the skin.But still even if you have applied cream to baby’s bottom check the diaper and change as soon as possible after a poop.

I have been using this cream since a long time and my baby never had diaper rash.I don’t apply this cream to my baby on a daily basis but yes on days when he has to wear diaper for the whole day I apply  this cream to his bum area and also around the anal opening to prevent rash.

My baby has had slight rashes in the beginning ,other creams that I used took time in healing but this cream started showing results from the first application itself.

I have applied to other rashes that my baby had on his thigh area and it did wonders .The rash started disappearing from the first night of application.

It has become one of the permanent toiletries of my baby’s diaper bag.Although it is on the expensive side much more expensive than the other diaper rash cream available across the counters ,but the results are beyond comparison and as I mentioned in my earlier review as well baby’s skin need little extra care and hence shelling out a little extra makes sense if the product is really good.



Being an Indian a lot of stress is given on baby massage in our households.Since the day baby is born the old grannies start with their advises on massaging the baby for stronger bones.Well scientifically there is no difference in bones of babies massaged since birth and babies who has never been massaged.The only and the most significant benefit of massage is off course soothing the baby and a good sleep.My whole idea of massaging my baby was a good sleep and well moisturise the skin of my baby as baby skin tends to get dry frequently.

My baby has a very sensitive skin and baby oils reacted so bad that I had to consult doctor fearing a major allergy but to my respite it was just a skin rash caused due to baby oil.

The thumb rule for selecting any oil for massage for a baby is ‘The oil should be edible’.

Baby oil consists majorly of mineral oil which is the last and the cheapest component of distillation of petroleum.Hence it is not an edible oil.My baby is not blessed with a skin immune to the ill effects of oils and hence I had a hard time selecting oil for him.The baby oil was a total NO.

Even edible oil was not of much help as his skin reacted with mustard oil and effect were same as baby oil.

The miracle oil which we are using till now is Virgin coconut oil.It is the best so far and has replaced many of my moisturizer as well along with the baby’s.I just love the effect of this oil on my skin.My skin is extremely dry and hence oil acts like water for my parched skin in winters.

Benefits of massaging virgin coconut oil on baby’s skin

Dryness seems to fade away, if your baby has a dry skin you should give this oil a try all you need to do is massage this oil in upward motion in hands and legs and circular motion in the tummy area leave the face and massage with finger tips on head.

Inculcating a sleeping habit -Just massage as mentioned above before you plan to take the baby to sleep at bedtime.Massage increases the blood circulation and soothes the baby muscles which makes them feel sleepy.And also massage on regular basis will send a message to the brain that its sleep time over a period of time.

Massaging your baby with coconut oil helps in healing of the bruises faster.As the baby grows and becomes more mobile bruises and wounds also become common, applying coconut oil on daily or regular basis heals the bruises faster.Also this oil is considered anti microbial and acts as a good antiseptic.

Other than that virgin coconut oil when applied on hair and head of baby prevents cradle cap and also keeps hair healthy and shiny.If you don’t wish to keep it for a longer duration apply oil on baby hair few hours before washing the baby’s head but make sure you do it before every head wash.

It works as an amazing nappy rash cream as well because of its anti microbial and antiseptic properties.

Lastly virgin coconut oil is a great aid for the sore nipples.All you need to do is rub a little amount of this oil in and around nipple and areola.try to alternate breast while feeding so that it stays on for a longer durations and heals better.



Babies have really sensitive skin and the product used should be the best. It’s not about the sensitivity but just that  whatever we use should not be harsh on baby’s skin .So while choosing a lotion which is actually going to stay for quite a long time unlike the bodywash and shampoos which gets washed off you need to be cautious about the ingredients used.

I have been using Aveeno baby products which was recommended to me by my sister  and one of their products that we love is the lotion. The lotion I used till my baby was like almost 10 months was again from Aveeno Baby but was fragrance free as adding fragrance to baby products means adding the unnecessary chemicals which is simply not required neither is the fragrance required for babies. Anyways we are 10 months already and this time when we went out to shop for our favourite we didn’t get the Aveeno baby but instead got Aveeno Active Naturals Baby. So we thought let’s try it out.

thumb_IMG_5895_1024The product is light, non greasy and blends well, it stays on for quite a long time if applied right after bath.It keeps the skin hydrated for longest of time .My baby never faced the dry skin problems even in winters.It doesn’t give that sticky look which most of the baby products have that is one of the most important reason for me continuing with this product.I would highly recommend this product and will definetly keep it in our favorite list.

Apart from that it has a good rating in which gives the rating based on the ingredients used. You can check out the site for other products that you are using as well.