Montessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

Coin slot box is one of the easiest to make toy and keep the toddlers busy for long.I have used an old plastic container with lid to make this montessori toy.

Take any plastic or cardboard box with lid.


Cut the lid in the shape as shown below to let the coins pass through easily.


Keep the caps of bottles (I have chosen the size which my baby’s mouth can’t accommodate) as coins.As real coins can be hazardous.


Try and keep the caps of different colours.

Your coin slot is ready.

This helps in honing the fine motor skills, hand and eyes coordination.

This is a tried and tested way to keep the toddler busy.My baby tries to put the caps of the bottles in use as well.So when we find a cap missing, we straight away check his coin slot box for it.


Montessori Toy Series -DIY Colour Wheel

Now that my baby is already one and shows lot of curiosity to learn I decided to make some toys which he can enjoy at the same time learn new things.This one is Colour wheel and the easiest that I could have ever thought of.

Materials required





acrylic colours

A4Size white paper

How to 

I have identified some basic bright colours that catches babies attention and are easily identified by them as this is the first stage of colour recognition ,later on more colours can be added but to keep it simple I have used only four bright colours.

Cut The cardboard into a circle ,I have used two and pasted them to make it stronger.


Paste the A4 Size paper and cut it to cover the whole cardboard in a circle.Paste it on both the side as we will colour both the sides.

Divide sections to be coloured.

Start Colouring the sections and make sure you colour the same section with colour on the opposite side as well.


Take clothespins and colour them with the colour matching the one on the wheel.I have coloured only two clothespin each for the colours, you can make more.


How to introduce it to the toddler

First You need to play it by loudly telling the colours you have matched the clothespins with in the wheel.

Let your baby learn to clip the clothespins first matching can come later.

The more you do ,more the baby will learn how to match and can differentiate the colours and will gradually start identifying.

This is my DIY series of Montessori toys that I will be doing for my baby who is currently almost 14 months old.Watch the section for more Fun DIY Montessori toys.


So Diwali is round the corner and is the festival of DIY …Since childhood I have been excited about this festival. Diwali means rangoli, decorations, diyas,candles and fun.We celebrate a no cracker diwali and hence crackers are not a part of our celebrations.This will be again one of the diwalis I will be celebrating away from home but I don’t want to miss out on the fun with Nirvaan (N).This year has been special and all festival celebrated will have a mark on him and his upbringing.Anyways so while you all are busy with the diwali cleaning and shopping here is a DIY I did for Diwali hope you like it.

Materials used


The glass jars used here are the ones we usually throw like the jam,pickles,garlic paste jar.I cleaned them removed the label using hot water.

Corals and sand we got from maldives you can use salt if you don’t have sand and instead of corals you can use uncooked pasta ,rice,chick peas etc.

Start with painting the pebbles as they take the longest of time.I have given a coat of acrylic paint first to the pebbles and then painted them with nail paint (cheap ones from the local shop)to get the glossy look.


Use a container to paint the sand take some acrylic colours in your finger and mix it well with sand let it dry

thumb_img_7612_1024Its the easiest to paint the coral.Once the painting part is done and all the materials are dried up.Start putting them in the jar just remember while pouring the sand to revolve the jar keeping the spoon on the rim as it will give a even look.thumb_img_7631_1024

Keep them in any cosy corner of the house ,lit the candles to get the perfect look.

thumb_img_7627_1024I have used the left over wool to make pom pom balls as decorative flowers you can use real flowers and decorate like this

Here are some more pics after the candles were lit

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Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali ..May this festival of light bring happiness ,prosperity and most importantly enlightenment into our lives.


A brain which is pre occupied by the thoughts of how to keep a baby busy becomes creative.My babies never ending love for balloons made me make a super easy cheap chandelier for him.


How to

Simplest DIY ever

Inflate the balloons using the pump,tie the balloons hang them to the clothespins. viola !!! its done.

Hang it anywhere where it would attract your babies attention, my baby started walking with support so the wardrobe is the best for us.



And we love this one as well…




You are suffering from DIY fever That is how my husband makes fun of me but seriously its fun.DIY’s are stress busters , easy to do and results always make you think ‘did I have it in me, why didn’t I try this earlier’.

So let’s get started with the fever, today i am going to make a simple rope vase out of a juice bottle which i usually use to throw.


Materials required


  1. Plastic  bottle (I liked the shape and hence chose this one you can choose any bottle of any shape or size)
  2. Rope
  3. Glue

No you don’t need a baby hand ,ignore the little thief who is trying to steal stuff 😉

How to

Place the bottle upside down and apply the glue over the rope.

Stick the rope to the end of the bottle and press it for a while so that it sticks properly

Once the rope has stuck to the bottle you can start  wrapping the rope around the bottle.

Glue won’t be required in every round that you make as it will stick on its own to the bottle but if you want to you can use. I have used glue at the bottom and at the neck rest it stuck on its own.


I have not removed the cap and wrapped the cap with rope as well.I liked the shape the cap was giving to the bottle.

This is the final result you can make to decorate the shoe rack at the entrance like I did or else you can place it right below the lamp shade.

Its perfect if you shift  regularly like I do and don’t wish to spend much on decor yet want to make your house look beautiful.

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