Wild Animals Printables -For Toddlers (12-18 Months)

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This time in our language skills we are getting acquainted with the wild animal.Its pretty much the same way we used with the farm animals have a look.

Farm Animals Printables-For Toddlers (12-18 Months)








Farm Animals Printables-For Toddlers (12-18 Months)

This time for our language activity we are using these printable of farm animals.

There are many ways these printable can be used

  • Take a document folder and insert the sheet into the folder and use it as a book and point the animals by making their sounds.
  • Laminate the sheet and cut into four pieces each.Use it as a flash card or matching card.(I have not purchased the laminating machine as yet so I use the hack of laminating with cello tape.)

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  • Match the animals in the printable with figurines.

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  • Match the printable with the farm animal in books.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_399f.jpg

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A simple DIY puzzle board for toddlers, I use this to keep my baby busy while travelling he loves the velcro and the sound.Here’s how I have made it

Take Two print of the puzzle below

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I don’t have a colour printer so I have taken ¬†black and white print , but if you have a colour printer then it would be easier.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Take a cardboard and paste it on the both sides and keep the second copy aside.

Take the second print and draw using the second print as stencil over foam to make the shapes of different animal and figures in the print.If you have a colour print out then simply cut the print in shape and paste it on a cardboard.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Take velcro and paste one strip on the board and one on the figure that has been cut out.And the puzzle is ready.