Sensorial Activity -Edible Slime (Free Play)

This time for our weekend activity we chose a messy  play as summer leaves us with no option but to stay indoors and what better than a messy indoor play.

A sensorial activity with toddler means lot of exploration and hence the stuff might just end up in their mouth.I am still not comfortable with the slime available in the market and decided to make a non toxic edible slime, so that even if the slime ends up in the mouth I won’t go berserk.

Slime Recipe

Corn starch-1 cup

Water-1/2 cup

Food colour (optional )

Mix cornstarch with water till you get the gooey consistency.Adding food colour is optional but to make it more attractive it is advisable.

Cornstarch has the property to bind when mixed with water into solid but the moment it is dropped down it drips as liquid and again solidifies.

It can be a fun solid-liquid science experiment for older kids.

Nirvaan initially was not  able to pick it up and play as it was solidifying hence added little more water to make it more gooey for him to play easily.

He used everything to lift it tong, spoon,fork.

Applied on his body as cream.

Had fun pouring solid as liquid.

Mixed it and messed around for almost an hour or may be more.

He was not ready to leave it and I had to finally lift him so that he could take a shower and I am pretty sure he would have enjoyed for another hour if left.

Watch him enjoy

Slimey messy fun 🤗 . Slime made from just three ingredients .✅cornstarch .✅water .✅Food colour . The happiness and hours of fun was worth the mess . It was a stress free messy fun for mama too . ✅Used a high chair ✅Before bath time ✅A seperate tray was used ✅No clothes . When making slime is so easy then why not have some fun .. Try it and join the slime fever don't forget to tag me will love to see your messy slimey fun pics . #slime #slimerecipe #slimefortoddlers #nontoxicslime #messyplay #messyfun #toddlers #toddlerfun #toddlerlife #keepingtoddlersbusy #summerdays #summerfun #indoorfun #momlife #mommy #mom #expatmom #expatlife #muscatmums #muscatbloggers #parents #parentingblogger #indianmomblogger #indianmontessorimum #sensorial #blog #rattlebabblebattle

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To make it easy for me to clean the mess

1.I have used the high chair for him to play as that would limit his area.

2.Used a separate tray instead of using the high chair tray.

3.The activity was timed right before the shower time.

4.The high chair was placed right outside the bathroom.its really hot here so balcony or open space was not an option for us.

5.No clothes were on not even an apron to save me from the washing and removing food colour stains from clothes if any.

Hope this activity and my tips for a less messier activity would help you try this out.And if it does don’t forget to share it with us.



Rainbow Rice-Sensorial Activity

The last week was all about colours in our Montessori Trays , so to end the week I planned a rainbow themed activity for Nirvaan.I had Rainbow rice in my mind since long but somehow wanted to introduce this to the sensorial activity when he would be able to differentiate colours.This was the right time as he can do sorting colour wise now.

Making Rainbow rice is very easy and it took hardly 15 mins for me to make primary coloured rainbow rice.

Ingredients required:

1.Rice (4 cups for four colours)


3.Food colour (I took the primary colours-Red,Green,Yellow,Blue)

4.Mixing bowl and some newspaper to dry the coloured rice.


To one cup of rice add one table spoon of vinegar and few drops of food colour.

Mix it well and let it dry.

How we enjoyed with the Rainbow Rice

Since it was weekend and he spends time with his father the most I wanted both of them to enjoy their day and hence they both did this activity together.I wanted Nirvaan to have fun and make the coloured rice rainbow on his own and believe me toddlers are great at mixing stuff without instructions and help.

I gave one colour at a time with few blocks of same colour for a free play and soon he wanted all and mixed them.

I think almost for half and hour he was busy pouring the rice in different container.

Then came pouring with funnel and his juicer was of the right size with handle.He scooped poured in the funnel used almost all kinds of spoons available in his kitchen.


He even took the rice to cook in his kitchen,I never knew he notices so much and knows that rice is meant for cooking.


His activity table was finally used for some more pouring and throwing of the rainbow rice.


He did some practical activity by using brush and pan to pick the spilled rice. I tried clicking pictures but my phone memory ran out and I went to transfer the pictures and videos to the laptop and He was busy for good 1 and half hour just repeating pouring spilling the rice on the mat picking it with pan and brush.

Watch the video to checkout how the activity went 

And some more fun and free play 

The quantity of rice may seem less here because I have just made four colours and will be doing many activities and introducing new colours to our rainbow rice.After the play was over I stored the rice for future Play.


Many mom ask me rather tell me that cleaning is a task hence they avoid such activities so here are my tips for easier cleaning after messy play

1.Retrict the play area

2.Use a mat so that cleaning would mean only cleaning the mat

3.Make your baby wear clothes that  you won’t regret getting spoiled.

4.Make cleaning a part of play ,initially with younger toddlers it might seem like it doubles your task but eventually they learn and start doing it and enjoy cleaning as well.

Hope these tips and play idea will make your activities with kids more interesting and hassle free.

Toy Review- Hape Lacing Vehicles

I was searching for lacing beads online when I came across this beautiful product.I am in love with wooden toys and that is my small effort towards a greener earth.One look at the product and I knew what I wanted to do with these beautiful wooden cars.


My son is not a car freak but he loves cars and when the package arrived he was more than happy to see the beautiful  colourful wooden cars.

These lacing vehicles are from Hape and I was so happy to find it in amazon.Priced at Rs599.00,its a set of 12 lacing vehicles which includes cars, ship, trees, cloud and stop sign.It came with a lacing red thread.


Review- Priced at Rs 599.00 I expected the cars to be little bigger in size but then as lacing beads the size is good.The lace is not good quality wise whereas the quality of wooden lacing vehicles is very good.

Its non toxic and a nice product for colour recognition,lacing,couting etc.I find it a very innovative lacing idea.


As you know when I review a toy I also mention the various ideas the toys can be used so that the kids doesn’t lose interest easily and quickly.So this time also we didn’t keep ourself limited to lacing but we had more fun activities with these lacing vehicles.

1.Lacing– Fine motor skill can be fun and at the same time challenging for the toddlers.This can keep them busy for a long time but with lots of motivation as inability to perform a particular task can make them anxious.

My son tried many times to lace the vehicles but the lacing thread has small hard ending to lace and and it doesn’t pass through the vehicles completely.For an 18 months old the lacing thread is not suitable but the product is ideally for 3 yrs and above.for older kids it is good and lacing can be done with little concentration.

2.Stacking– The most common and fun activity for a toddler is stacking and knocking the stack down.


Check the video at the end of the post to see how Nirvaan enjoyed stacking and knocking it down.

3.Counting– The cars can be used for counting in a fun way.While lacing the child can count till 12 and then you can remove two and ask how many are left and similarly addition.

4.Colour Sorting– This time to make the colour sorting fun I made a parking lot with different coloured parking slot.  Nirvaan was not able to sort the cars by its colour but with prompt he was able to put few cars to the right slot.But he had fun parking and taking the cars out of the parking lot.



5.Free Play– I staged this free play for him.I cooked a story about a farm near the river with cow and horse in it and he had a fun time driving his car through the farm.



Check how Nirvaan enjoyed Playing in this short video

You can buy these Lacing vehicles online by clicking the pic below

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored review.The product has been purchased by me and review is based on my experience with the product.

Toy Review- Fisher Price Baby’s First blocks and Snap-Lock Beads

As you all know we have adopted montessori and I set the Montessori shelf for Nirvaan it becomes very difficult at times to keep it rotating as he gets bored with the same toys.So usually I prefer toys which are more open ended and can be re used for different activities.Today I will be reviewing two of the toys which we keep in our tray and I will suggest few activities that can be done with these toys.

Fisher Price Baby’s First Block

A sturdy Cylinder shaped sorter with three 3D shapes.

Price-Rs 299.00

It has 12 blocks ,4 each of cube,cyliner and triangular pyramid. As the blocks are 3D i have mentioned the 3D names.

All the blocks are of different colours with 4 Green,4 Blue and Four red blocks respectively.

Age-6 months plus (But we started using at 9 Months)

How we use it for multiple activities

  1. Shape sorting box– The is what the toy is basically meant for, the child can sit and put the cubes in the respective shaped holes.​
  2. Colour Matching Activity-As I mentioned it comes in different colours and has three primary colours it can be used for colour matching or sorting activity.
  3. Learning 3 D shapes– The blocks are excellent and can be used to teach the 3D shapes.
  4. Building blocks– The blocks can be used for free play and let your LO fuel his/her imagination by making different structure from the blocks.

The quality of the product is excellent.Colour are bright and appealing.

Drawback- The only drawback of this toy is that the lid is too loss and can be removed even by 7-8 months old baby.This makes it really difficult to be used as shape sorter box.The lid should have been tight so that the little one would need adult to open it.My son opens it and instead of putting the blocks in respective shape he simply puts them into the container.

I use cello tape to seal it while playing.

Rating- 4/5

Fisher Price Snap Lock Beads

12 colourful beads to snap together.

Price-Rs 199.00

Age-6 Months plus (We started using at 11 Months)

These are bright coloured snap beads which are excellent for fine motor skills of the little ones.

How we use it for multiple activities

  1. Snap and Lock – This is what the toy is basically meant for initially when we started, Nirvaan was only able to snap it.It was only at around 13 months he stared locking them together.
  2. Colour Matching-Again the beads are so colourful and bright I use them always for colour sorting and matching activities.
  3. Play Dough Tower- Another activity that we love doing is making a tower of these beads over a play dough base.It makes for an excellent fine motor activity.And I love the way Nirvaan says oo oho when his tower falls down.
  4. Necklace Free play – This is just for some fun we make a necklace and balance it on our neck without breaking it while the little one without an invitation accepts the challenge of breaking it.

Drawback- Few beads are lose and open quickly rest it is an excellent product.

Rating -4/5

Hope these ideas will help you make the most of the money invested if you already have these or if you plan to buy.
Here is a glimpse of colour marching activity 




Ocean Themed Sensorial Activity

Sensorial activities are one of the favourite activities of toddlers as they love to mess around.One of the lead I got from N’S liking is that he loves water a lot.A play date to the sea makes him so happy, he loves to play in the sand with his shovel for hours.He loves to splash with the water and runs while the waves chase him.

I have been planning to do a ocean themed activity for so long but somehow couldn’t manage something or the other.I wanted  things to be collected naturally from our visits to the beach.

Here is a list of the things we kept on our ocean themed sensorial tray







6.Blue food colour


The Ocean themed activity can be done in many ways

1.Let your child touch and feel all the content on the tray while you name it to them.This way they learn new things and how to name them while they see it next time.When they feel the sand, shells and pebbles they can relate it with feeling like rough, smooth etc.

2.Take a box/a big tray/tub and mix all the dry items in it and let your little one discover things on his own.ask him/her to find shells and count the ones he could find.

3.Ask your little one to separate all the items from the box give a wide mesh  strainer to separate the sand from pebbles.

4.Let them do some pouring activity by pouring the water to different container or just let them enjoy by pouring water and mixing everything and making this activity a messy one.

This is how we did it and had loads of fun.This was our weekend activity and papa joined it to make it messier and merrier.

This is how our tray looked like in the beginning


Started off with activity/ free play 

Papa joined in and here they are doing some sorting and mixing

Here they are upto some dry pouting activity
And lastly this is how he enjoyed the activity practising some pouring skills .watch the video 👇



Sensorial Activity-Sensory Board

Nirvaan has started understanding a lot more than I expect him to, he is currently 17 months old and surprises every now and then by understanding difficult instructions.It just makes me feel proud and I assume every parent feel the same.He tries to name the feelings.I recently got hold of a sensorial peek a boo puzzle and we had so much fun this week while it was there in our montessori tray.

So I thought let me share it with all of you, usually sensorial activities are something we do out of the play area as they are messy or requires lot of cleaning.But this week the sensorial tray was very much in the play area.This is how the board looks like I tried searching online if it available in India but couldn’t find one.


But I guess it can be DIYed ,will try one pretty soon and update on my blog.

It has different textures like velvet, felt cloth , a rough patch and it can be covered and with the wooden knobs as shown in the pic below


How we play with it

  • First day it was all free play I left it on his shelf for him to discover and play.All he did was to put the knob back as he thought its a puzzle.
  • Second day I sat with him and made him touch different textures and named them rough, velvety and so on.
  • Third day it was pretty much the same and Baby N didn’t show much of interest in it. I didn’t force him to either.
  • The fourth day I played the peek a boo game with him which was a big hit.I would just lift the knob and say velvety and then keep it back for him to lift it feel it chuckle and keep the knob back.
  • It was on our Montessori Tray for just four days on rotation basis as I was alternating it.
  • Nirvaan enjoyed the mirror and laughed a lot seeing his own nose,mouth in the mirror.FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpg
  • Velvety was his favourite texture and the rough one was called uuie his language for hot, rough or pain.

The last row has the matching Knobs as puzzle but N paid no attention or interest in doing it.


This is going to be repeated pretty often till the time little N starts naming and identifying the texture.It can be used for both language and sensorial activities in the Montessori shelf.

Farm Animals Printables-For Toddlers (12-18 Months)

This time for our language activity we are using these printable of farm animals.

There are many ways these printable can be used

  • Take a document folder and insert the sheet into the folder and use it as a book and point the animals by making their sounds.
  • Laminate the sheet and cut into four pieces each.Use it as a flash card or matching card.(I have not purchased the laminating machine as yet so I use the hack of laminating with cello tape.)

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

  • Match the animals in the printable with figurines.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg



  • Match the printable with the farm animal in books.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_399f.jpg

Print your copy from here –


Five DIY Fine Motor activities for toddlers(12-18 months)

Challenging yet interesting is the term I have given to the fine motor activities for toddlers.N enjoys doing the fine motor activities its his favourite after the practical life.The look on his face says it all he makes a pout or O while concentrating and claps for himself while he does the task successfully.

Here are few activities that we have tried and enjoyed doing , I try to do things on budget and share my ideas over my blog.I have tried the same activity with different difficulty level.

Slot boxes activities

These are the easiest to make and pretty interesting activities for the toddlers.

1.Coin Slot-Check how I have made it here

Montessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

2.Hungry Caterpillar- This is a language and fine motor activity.While putting the feeder on to the caterpillar’s mouth I tell him what he is feeding to his very hungry caterpillar.

3.Straws- Take the biggest box of Pringles and make few holes on the cap.let your baby try to put the straw in the box through the holes.

4.Popsicles sticks-Take the medium-sized Pringles box and make a cut to accommodate the popsicle.Take colourful popsicles to make the activity more interesting for the little ones.

5.Q-Tips- Take the smallest box of Pringles make few holes and let the baby put the q-tips through the hole.We had to drop this activity as N started taking the Q-tips into his mouth and even after repeated stern No’s he compulsively was putting those into his mouth.If your baby doesn’t put things into his/her mouth then this is a fun activity to try.

Hope these activities will help you make fine motors trays for few days.the struggle is real when you have to keep on changing the activity almost every other day.The interest span of little explorers fades away quickly.Hope this post help you and if it does don’t forget to share your views in the comment I would love to hear from you.

Practical Life-How we Do it

As you all know I have started on montessori when N turned One and practical life activities were something which drifted me towards Montessori.It was his interest towards practical life activities that led  us knowing and loving montessori. And we loved it so much that our day starts with it and continues till our bedtime.

Practical life activities are something I never have to think much or innovate.It simply comes naturally.

N is not a morning person and gets up late,I let him as it gives me some extra time to do stuff which I can’t do when he is awake.Once he wakes up it takes him a while to be cheerful and be his self.So I let him hang on me like  monkey for a while and then its time for our routine which we have included in our practical life activities.


I never knew making someone brush teeth is a task.When N was younger he would simply show his mouth and he loved the wash cloth time ,I never thought he will give me a hard time brushing his teeth.But now the story is different.I have a HARD time making him open his mouth.After trying several tricks finally we have bargained to me brushing his teeth like a stroke here and there and then he gets the brush while he sits on his high chair and I comb his hair.

  • To make him learn how to brush me and my husband brush in front of him in the night.


Dusting the house

Once the fight over combing and brushing is over we start our daily routine of cleaning the house.I take my dusting cloth and N takes his and after a while he thinks that mine is better and switches his with mine.He knowns how to clean the TV stand and sofa as it is in his reach.

  • I do this everyday so that he realises the importance of a clean environment and how to keep it clean by himself.



Sweeping and Mopping

After dusting we sweep and mop the floor and this is our favourite activity.N just loves to sweep in the opposite direction of mine.Montessori can test your patience at times.There have been time when I would be running late and thought of making him sit on his high chair while I do cleaning.Or leave the cleaning all together but the way he tries to sweep and mop melts my heart.And when we run late his father cooks for us after his office that is an added bonus of cleaning the house together.

  • We have a help who comes for cleaning but still I like to do it on my own once daily.If you plan to montessori then inculcating the habit of doing it by yourself is very important.

In the above pic N is trying to ape me as I dip the mop in the bucket. He is not allowed to dip in the bucket filled with water so he is doing it with dustbin. 


Washing the vegetables is something I involve N into daily.He doesn’t completly know how to wash but he loves playing with water.I make him sit near the sink in a basket and hand him over a bowl of water with some vegetables.He tries to copy me but ends up playing and throwing the vegetables.

  • Learning the importance of washing before consuming.

No need to mention that we change into dry clothes after this activity.

While I do the real cooking N either gets busy with his own kitchen or else he loves to bang the utensils in the kitchen and show his culinary skills in a role play.

All these activities almost take the half of our day before he takes bath and goes off to take his afternoon nap.

Through Montessori I just don’t want him to learn but be a better human. This world is going to teach him a lot and as a parent I want him to see the positive in everything . 




This week we are going to talk about colours.Baby N is 15 months now and I thought it is the right time to make him learn colours.He has been good at sensorial, practical, fine motor skills but language is his weak area.It will take us a while and I guess patience is all I need along with all the beautiful colours in life.


To make him learn the colours I have started with the primary colours




Initially from this week onwards it will be colour of the week and slowly once he starts recognising the primary colours we will move on to the secondary colours, with two colours a week.I will be discussing the secondary colours in another blog post once I start working on it.As of now we are concentrating on the primary colours.

Colours can be very confusing for toddlers, first they should be able to differentiate different colours and later on recognising the colour can be taught.For example keep two different things of same colour and tell your baby that

‘This car is red’ 

‘The apple is red’

Try to use car is read instead of red car, it will make them differentiate and not confuse the colour with a specific object.

Lets discuss the three phases of learning


Introducing colours one at a time is the best way to make a toddler  learn colours without much of confusion.You can start introduction, the way I am doing it by introducing a tray or else just tell the colour one at a time.For example when the baby is playing point towards all the red toys he has.


It will take a while for young toddlers to actually sort objects on the basis of colours.But eventually with daily exposure they would be able to differentiate one colour from another when they see an object with different colours.Sorting is the second stage of learning colours.There are tons of activities  that can be done with toddlers once they have started differentiating  one colour from another.

Take the available toys like blocks, balls,cars and take out the primary coloured ones.Keep three basket and label them by marking or covering them with the three different colours with one colour each basket.Keep the objects like cars, blocks,balls in front of the baby and start sorting by yourself and prompt the baby to follow.Once the baby learns or understand the game let them do it on their own.Initially there will be a lot of mixing but try correcting them by using positive comments like “I Think it will go in this basket” “this matches with this basket” instead of using “No” or ‘that’s wrong’.

Identifying the colours

Once the baby is able to do the sorting on their own the third stage of colour learning can be introduced.Identifying the colour on prompt.

Lay the primary colours and ask the baby to point out the colour you have asked.For example keep red, blue and yellow cars and ask him to give you or point the yellow car.

Secondary colours apart from the primary colours can be introduced depending on the speed of learning of the toddler.

How are we doing it?


We have a colour tray introduced in our daily montessori tray activity, and every week depending on the colour of the week, I will be keeping different objects of same colours in the tray.Once the baby will pick up the stuff I will tell that “The Rattler/car/blocks is red”.

Once the colour of the week is selected we will look around for the objects in our surrounding of the same colour for a whole week.For example “the sofa/curtain/t-shirt is red.

So what’s your colour of the week? ours is red have a look at our tray of the week