Capsicum Kadi- A recipe from the left over in the fridge

Last weekend we went to the turtle reserve and stayed there for a day,Since we planned this in advance I didn’t do any grocery shopping in the end of the week as our plan was to be out and about for atleast 4 days.But then due to some reasons we had to cut it short.

When we came back we were not in a mood to have our food ordered and wanted to have something cooked at home.When I opened the fridge all I could see was some capsicum and bell peppers almost cut into halves as  it was used for the noodles I prepared recently, some curd on the verge of expiry and some mint leaves apart from full stock of tomatoes and chillies.I thought of being experimental and tried this dish.

Capsicum Curry : Side dish for two

Prep time -15 mins


Curd (1 cup )

Besan (Gram flour)(2 Table spoon)

Capsicum and bell pepper cut into small pieces

Chillies (2)

Onion (half )

Garlic (2 cloves )


Mix the besan with curd and add some turmeric and salt to it.Keep aside.

Heat the pan and add some oil

Add some mustard and when it sputters add the onion

When the onion is slightly brown add the garlic finely chopped.

Add some curry leaves and chillies,

Add the capsicum and bell pepper.cover and cook for 5-6 mins.

Slowly start adding the curd mix kept aside in high flame ,stir continuously.

Once the whole mix comes to a boil, put it in sim for another 6-7 mins till the time you get the desired thickness of curry.

I tried this with chapatis and hence made it little thick.The more you boil more thicker it gets.If you wish to have this with rice you can add some water to curd.Boiling is important for the taste.

I am a big fan of Kadi and love curd dishes. And any dish with curd in it can never fail.

Do you experiment ? Or use the left overs to make some new dish ?


Breakfast with PediaSure- A Journey worth sharing

It has been a while since we started our journey with PediaSure nutrition and I must admit; I now have fewer cranky fits on the high chair while I try to feed my child his meals. There is just one reason behind this; the peace of mind I have got is all thanks to our new morning routine that includes one glass of PediaSure for kids.

My child is a fussy eater and giving him the same food everyday never works for us. I didn’t want to take the same risk again with PediaSure so I found a way to get a little creative; here are a few interesting PediaSure recipes you could try too for your fussy eater.

 Recipe 1 – Banana Shake


Add a medium sized banana and 5 scoops of PediaSure powder to approximately 150-200 ml of water and blend it. It’s that simple.

This shake is good for breakfast or can be used as a filler for snack-time.

Recipe 2 – Strawberry Smoothie


There are different smoothies I have tried and tested for my child. One of the smoothies which my boy seems to love is the one with strawberries in it.

Take 4-5 strawberries and add it to curd, instead of water (about 150ml); it’s your choice really. Since curd is thicker, you can use fewer scoops of PediaSure powder. Blend the mixture together and serve. You can also garnish the drink with a few cut slices of strawberry, just to keep things interesting.

This too can be a good snack or breakfast food.

Recipe 3 – Fruit Delight


This is one of the easiest ways to make your child fall in love with fruits, in case they’re fussy about that.

Cut and slice a few fruits into cubes – I add avocados, berries, apple, grapes, and banana.

Blend the lot and keep it aside.

Mix a couple of scoops of PediaSure powder in full cream milk and add the fruit mix to that. Serve it with a spoon.

I make this once in a week to break the monotony of the shakes and smoothies.

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day

Breakfast is the most underestimated meal of the day and we don’t realize the effects it has on one’s health when it’s skipped. This meal is essential, especially if your child is a fussy eater, but it’s also a difficult task getting them to actually eat it, let alone enjoy it. Introducing a drink that your child can have without much of a fuss is a sure relief for us parents, especially when fruits can be added to the mix. My son is more cheerful when he has his glass of PediaSure nutrition in the morning. It keeps him full and hence, less irritated and more active through the day.

Why PediaSure as Breakfast

The recipes that I have listed above have helped me form a new routine for my child, one that I have been trying to inculcate for some time. Even if my child refuses to eat or has just a few spoons before throwing a tantrum, I’m quite content that his nutritional requirements are being met with his morning drink of PediaSure. I have tried many recipes before, but nothing worked like PediaSure. The reason is simple, he doesn’t have to sit down and eat. I let him have PediaSure in his sipper and he simply loves that.

PediaSure on the go

PediaSure has become our travel buddy as well. My child’s hunger pangs, that arise while traveling, are answered by a sipper full of PediaSure. It is so convenient to carry around and the fact that it can be made instantly, simply by adding water, makes it a valuable companion on our trips. Long trips with my child have now become so much more comfortable.

Since the day we started our journey with PediaSure usage, it has made our lives so much easier. As a mother, I am really happy with the outcome; in just a month I can see a difference in my child.  He is more active and less irritated throughout the day.

I am sure that in the days to come, there will be more of a development in my child with regards to his health, immunity and weight. Keep watching this space for more on my child’s development with PediaSure usage on our #90DaysWithPediaSure and #MyPediaSureJourney.

Have you started your journey yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below if you have.  If you wish to start your journey with PediaSure nutrition, you can buy it from the company website or from any local store or druggist near your area.

Disclaimer: Although Abbot approached me to try PediaSure nutrition for my child, the views, opinions and experiences shared in my post are my own.

5 Tasty soups to try out this winters for toddlers

As the temperature dips  nothing is more satisfying than a bowl of soup in the evening.With a toddler in the house it has become a routine for us to have soup as evening snack.The best part is its healthy, keeps the tummy full till dinner time and it keeps the fight with cold strong by boosting the immunity in this cough and cold prone weather.

Here are five recipes we alternate the whole week and is loved by my hyper fussy N.

Chicken Soup- Immunity Booster


Boneless chicken pieces

One medium onion chopped

2-3 garlic cloves chopped

Cheese/Fresh cream

Salt and pepper

In a pressure cooker add some butter saute the onion and garlic till slightly brown, add the chicken pieces.You can add vegetable stock or chicken stock instead of water but I prefer water while boiling.Keep it till three whistles in medium flame.

Once the cooker lid opens take the content in a blender and blender it to a fine puree.The consistency will depend on your child’s taste.My baby loves thick soup so I remove the excess water if any.

In a pan add the blended soup, add some fresh cream/cheese and salt and pepper.If your baby is less than one year old then avoid salt and pepper.

Serve it warm but make sure it is not hot for the baby.

Carrot Soup- Good for eyes and overall balanced diet for the day.


One carrot(medium size)

one tomato

One onion

2-3 garlic clove


Salt and pepper

Cut the onion, carrot, tomatoes and add it in the pressure cooker along with peeled garlic cloves.Add 2-3 cups of water and pressure cook till 2-3 whistles in medium flame.Once the cooker lid opens, blend the mixture in a blender

take a pan add some butter and add the blended soup.Add some cheese, salt and peeper.

Your yummy carrot tomatino soup is ready.

Pumpkin Soup- If he hates eating it let him drink it


Peel and cut pumpkin into cubes

one onion

Salt and pepper

Fresh Cream

Take a pan add some butter and add the onion and pumpkin cubes saute till the pumpkin cubes are tender.Add 2-3 cups of water and bring it to boil.Try to mash the pumpkin in the pan and once it is mixed with the water.Switch the gas off and blend the mixture.

Add fresh cream and blended mixture in a pan along with salt and pepper.

Lentil Soup- Easiest way to feed dal to toddlers


Boil moong dal in a pressure cooker with water.

Add some salt ,turmeric while boiling the dal.

Add few drops of lemon juice and serve with ghee/butter.

Potato Mixed veg soup-Greatness of potatoes with healthy veggies








salt and pepper

Cut all the vegetables into cube and pressure cook it adding water.Once the vegetables are boiled blend them in a blender.

Take a pan add some butter, add the mixture with some salt and pepper.

Your potato veggie soup is ready.

All these soups are loved by my baby ,although half way through he takes it without much of effort but after half the bowl is finished I have to make effort to make him have the whole soup.But till date he has finished it without much ado.

Why I make soups at home ?

I was not someone who would try out soup recipes and wanted to introduce the ones available in the market.But knowing the stabilisers and preservatives being added I dropped the idea.I tried the chicken soup first and N simply loved it.Then on I have been confident and started experimenting with his tastes.So far I have been successful .Soups till date are helping us have a balanced diet as I add the veggies which he doesn’t like in his Khichdi.

Experimenting with taste is the key

Experiment with fresh cream, cheese, butter and then stick to what your baby likes the most with a change once a week or two.

I will be updating new recipes after we try it and is loved by us.If you have any recipe which is loved by your baby do share in the comment box below.

Happy Winters!!!







Kidney Beans salad with Mint Dressing

I am back with another salad recipe, I just experimented and loved it so much that I thought it will be great if I share this will all of you to try.This time the dressing is little different and with an Indian twist.We love chutneys and pickles and it can be used as dressing and sauce,here I will be using mint chutney as dressing which will make the salad yum.Lets get started ……


Kidney beans(soaked over night and boiled)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper




For the dressing 

Mint Leaves

Corriander/Cilantro Leaves





Sugar and salt as per taste

Olive Oil

To prepare the dressing Take a small amount of mint leaves, a handful  and the same amount of coriander leaves along with 2-3 cloves of garlic,2 chillies roughly chopped , add lemon juice of one lemon,two table spoon of yogurt with some salt and sugar in a blender and make a paste. Add water while blending if required.


Boil the beans and cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato,  into small cubes and mix with the boiled beans.

Mix the dressing with the salad add some olive oil and salt if required.

Your salad is ready enjoy!!


Here is another quick easy and yummy salad recipe from my kitchen



For the salad

chickpeas (soaked over night and boiled)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper




For the dressing


Olive oil


Cumin Powder




Boil The chickpeas if you are not using the canned ones For like 15mins, If you are using a pressure cooker 4 whistles.

just like my thumb rule for making salad for two If you are taking a bowl of chickpeas then make sure all the other ingredients mentioned should collectively be one bowl.

Cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato,  into small cubes and mix with the chickpeas. Keep it aside.


In a blender take one half of avocado , one table-spoon olive oil ,salt as per taste ,some cumin powder ,pepper , squeeze half of a lemon and blend it.

mix the dressing well with salad.

You can keep this salad in fridge for good 3-4 days.The best way to keep the salad is by keeping the dressing and salad separately and mixing just before eating, if you wish to store it for more than 3 days. else a well mixed salad tastes great after 24 hrs in fridge.

p.s- you can add canned jalapeños and olives as well.I couldn’t as it was not available in my kitchen while  I was making this salad.


Hunger pangs are the worst specially those which make you munch on those unhealthy snacks, which is a big NO! NO! when you are trying to get back to your pre pregnancy size.

But breast-feeding can be very exhausting and can leave you hungry all the time the best way to beat those hunger pangs are salads.Salads are filling and healthy. I am not an advocate of cutting on your diet as long as you are breastfeeding or otherwise. Salads can fill as snacks, breakfast or help you eat a chapati less for dinner.

Here is one of my recipe which is easy to make




For the salad

Sweet Corn (I use the frozen ones)-1 Bowl


Bell Pepper





For the dressing


Olive oil


Cumin Powder




Boil The Sweet Corn For like 5-8 mins, If you are using a pressure cooker one whistle or else you can switch off just before the whistle blows.

If you are taking a bowl of corn then make sure all the other ingredients mentioned should collectively be one bowl.

Cut capsicum, bells, cucumber,onion, tomato, apple into small cubes and mix with the corn. Keep it aside.


In a bowl take 2 table-spoon fresh yogurt, one table-spoon olive oil ,salt as per taste ,some cumin powder ,pepper , squeeze half of a lemon if you wish to make it tangy you can use a whole.mix it well.

Once the dressing is mixed well and is of even consistency pour it over the corn salad which you have kept aside. mix it well.

Your healthy corn salad is ready.

Hope it helps you keep the extra calories you gain from snacks at bay.