Busy Moms Hairstyling Hacks

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Do I even have to add busy infront of mom isn’t that obvious that we are not just busy but super busy and hairstyling is the last thing that comes to our mind right.But I believe hairstyle add a lot of fresh change to life but are we always satisfied with the hairstyle we opt for.For me when I go short I miss my long tresses and when they are long I feel like cutting them short.When I try something new I get bored after few days and wish to change my style again.

And adding to it I am scared of trying out new hairstyles every time I step out for a family function ,those chemicals and sprays do a lot of damage to my otherwise healthy hair.

So is there something which can be a solution to all our hairstyling woes? Yes there seems to be few hacks we can try and the best part is we don’t have to do anything with our hair.



Wigs ! yes Wigs seems to be the perfect solution for this, if you are wondering where to order your wigs from check this amazing website jumbo box braids which delivers to your door step and has a wide options to choose from.

Messy Buns


I will be very honest I loved messy buns since my college days and it goes so well with the boho look.Short hair or long hair doesn’t matter all you have to do is pull your hair up, tie it and let your hair decide how they want to settle down 🙂

Half bun

My current favourite is this hairstyle and its pretty much in trend and super easy to make and takes hardly a few minutes.Just take the hair from the top and make a bun and leave the rest of hair loose.I tried this in my last trip and people loved my hairstyle.




And when your hair are not messy enough for a messy bun just tie them into a high ponytail.



When you wish to let your hair loose and still want them to be under control and trendy just opt for a hairband .

Hope these hacks help you next time you step out and adds a fresh change to your hairstyling.




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We love long drives and can go on long drives anytime but after N we were really worried about his safety on the road and also about his comfort.

It was when we decided to buy a car seat for for his safety and comfort.While doing the research for the perfect car seat I came across these very important safety features to be kept in mind while selecting a car seat for your baby.I am going to share the points here.

Weight and age 

while Buying the Car seat the first thing to keep in mind is the weight and age of baby.Upto 2 years of age a baby should sit in rear facing car seat.Or else if the baby exceeds the weight as recommended by car seat seller then front facing car seat can be used.

Five Point harness

Another important feature as the safety of car seat depends on this.The car seat should have five harness points, that ensures that the bay is harnessed properly and safely.

Buy First Hand

I am a big supporter of pre loved stuff when it comes to baby items but for car seat its a big no no,Never go for a second hand car seat.Thats the biggest compromise on safety.

After Buying The Car Seat

So once you have decided on the car seat and made a purchase.Always read the instruction manual carefully before installing.

And install as per the manual.

Keeping the baby busy on car seat

After selecting the car seat another major issue was keeping the baby busy, N is super active and sit still only to do activities.So long drives for him is about doing activities, playing with his busy bags etc.

Here is a post you can go through to keep the baby busy

Also read

How to keep baby busy on car seat

Busy bag ideas

Wish you happy and safe drives always .


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As you all know we started our Pediasure journey few months back and I have also  updated on the different recipes that we have tried to make our morning routine of PediaSure more interesting.


If you have not checked the last two posts then you can click the below links

Picky Eaters and PediaSure

Breakfast with PediaSure- A Journey worth sharing

Picky Eater Morning Routine 

When we started our PediaSure journey I was struggling with a Picky eater who would throw tantrum everytime I would try to feed him something.Then we started with breakfast with Pediasure where every morning for last few months I have been giving him a glass of PediaSure.It was easier for me to make him drink something as usually with solid he would throw tantrum and refuse to open his mouth.

How I made my Picky eater Love food 

people-2560321_960_720.jpgHonestly when I started with PediaSure my expectations were limited to meeting my baby’s nutritional requirement which he was losing out on being a picky eater but the results have been just more than that.

The Results

Along with PediaSure I also started offering him food and freedom to eat on his own without me pestering him to eat again and again. Initially as he used to drink a glass of PediaSure in the morning he didn’t use to eat much during the whole day but gradually his appetite increased and he started eating on his own.

This increase in appetite has led to him experimenting with his tastes as well now he doesn’t reject the food offered out rightly the way he use to do earlier. I offer him a variety so that he has options to choose and now he eats his meals three times along with few snacks and a glass of PediaSure.

When did he last catch cold I don’t even remember that honestly season change I don’t get to know through my Baby falling sick as his immunity is better.Now season change is just change in season  rather than a reason for my baby’s bad health.We have not visited hospital or called a doctor since a long time.(Touch wood or rather should I say Thanks to PediaSure).

Before starting with PediaSure my baby’s weight was almost constant although he is a healthy baby but off late he was not gaining weight.The reason could have been the eating habits as he was extremely picky.But since last few months I have since a constant gain in his weight. 

Toddlers are just filled with so much of energy they need to get tired and need to utilise that energy in the form of play. But do you know if the body’s nutritional requirement is not met Kids might just lose interest in playing and can be lethargic as well.I have seen an increase in my baby’s energy level after starting with PediaSure.The park outings are now longer and more fun.


And he returns home for a good uninterrupted sound sleep which is again required for the overall development in the growing age.

After using PediaSure for these months all I can say is our Journey with PediaSure has been Healthy and Happy.

Although trying PediaSure for all these months was a part of #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign but I am thankful that I did and the results are much more than what I expected.PediaSure is going to stay in our morning routine and also in our night time routine as we grow with PediaSure and continue #MyPediaSureJourney.

Have you started your journey yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below if you have. If you wish to start your journey with PediaSure nutrition, you can buy it from the company website or from any local store or druggist near your area.

Disclaimer: Although Abbot approached me to try PediaSure nutrition for my child, the views, opinions and experiences shared in my post are my own.

Top 10 things to bring fun home this children’s day

14th November brings back so many memorable moments that I have shared at school, preparing the speech on Chacha Nehru,remembering him more as Chacha Nehru than as first prime minister of India all thanks to children’s day celebration at school.I really don’t have any fond memory of this day at home, I wonder why? when this day is all about children then why is this day not celebrated at home with parents and siblings.

This year my husband and I decided to bring fun home and make it memorable for Nirvaan so that while growing up he will remember this day as a fun family day as well.I am listing the top ten things you could bring home to make this children’s day memorable for your children.

Bake a cake together 


Baking alone or a surprise cake can never bring the joy on those little faces than the cake they bake for themselves.Bake a cake together!Let them wear the baker’s cape and spread some magic icing of happiness over the cake.Let them peep Hundredth of time over that oven to check  the cake. Don’t forget to tell them the secret of perfect cake ‘ the toothpick trick’.

Watch their Favourite movie

Yes I know watching that movie all over again is something you would not want to do so why not press that mute button and enact the favourite movie and let them take the favourite character.Oh yes ! don’t forget to watch the movie for yourself the night before I am sure you would not like to forget the dialogues while enacting.

Plan a Messy Play 


How can a day be memorable if you can’t make it merrier with mess.Plan a messy play and have some fun with the mess.

Order in 

Order in their favourite food and let them open the door once its there,I am sure that smile will be worth a million bucks.

Have a fight 


Don’t say no to fight this children’s day ,have a pillow fight with the little ones.Let them jump and hit each other with the pillows. Don’t be your strict self and join them in the fight.

Plan a get together

Invite the cousins and friends over this children’s day at home and have a small get together.Nothing like seeing the little ones having fun together.Will remind you of your childhood get togethers with cousins.

Switch off that mobile 

I know its difficult but keeping it in silent is manageable, just give your full and undivided attention to your kids. We spend a lot of time on these gadgets when we are home and often miss out on the one to one communication. This children’s day keep that mobile away.

Plant a tree 


In our busy life we often forget the small happiness we get from being close to nature.Plant a tree with your kids so that they will remember the birthday of the tree and cherish it growing every year. If you don’t have space then consider planting some plants which purify air.

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi 


Children’s day is not just about the little ones its for us too, to relive the childhood we had which had made us the person we are today.Play those old forgotten games with your kids and take them down to our childhood where there were no gadgets and a piece of paper could keep us busy for hours together.

Kuch Mittha Ho jaye !

Relax if you can’t plan anything just remember to buy some cadbury Dairy Milk.Sit with your little ones and share the chocolate. Remember to fight over the last piece and when you win over the last piece just hand them over the bigger packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk you got for them.Don’t forget to capture that smile 🙂

Take a break from the busy adult life let the child in you take you over this children’s day. Let that carefree child in you be the parent for a day and do all the mischiefs with the little ones.Surprise yourself and the little ones and make it a memorable day.

Here is a small video to pep up the day for you

Disclaimer:A sponsored post to just let the sweetness take over this children’s day in association with Cadbury Dairy Milk


“As you set out for Ithaka hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery… Keep Ithaka always in your mind. Arriving there is what you’re destined for. But don’t hurry the journey at all. Better if it lasts for years, so you’re old by the time you reach the island, wealthy with all you’ve gained on the way”-

Excerpts from C. P. Cavafy’s poem – Ithaka
The poem written with Odysseus in mind is so true of life where we set out to reach a status in life, but what becomes more important are the things we have gained in our quest to get there. Similarly, when children set out to learn a certain “something” it’s not the final outcome of leaning but the process of getting that particular result that matters.  
For example How a little child goes about learning to add 2 numbers, for instance. Yes, of course 2+3=5, but how did the child get there.

1. Did we give them the answer helpfully and smilingly without asking him/her to find the answers by themselves?

2. Did they just hear the answer once, and immediately register it to memory?

3. Did they see it in a book and write it down 5 times, so it became a fact?
4. Did they learn to count first, practice it for a couple of months counting anything and everything they came across. Did they then count 2 and 3, put it together and arrive at the answers making many mistakes along the way and learning from them?

Each route created a different type of learner, and certainly the last group of learners would emerge wisest and most confident, just because their journey has been most meaningful and enriching, gaining something at each step of the way, while they made mistakes that is also when they learnt something new.mistakes are integral part of learning.

For young children, completing a task is never a priority infact they find happiness in doing an activity not completing it.Their focus is always on enjoying the process of activity rather than completion or the outcome.
Learning always happen when children take up a task or activity voluntarily.so as a facilitator our job is to provide them with the right tools and the result will be a enriching process of learning, which will be fun as they find answers at each stage with all excitement and enjoyment.
Just like each of us have a different journeys running simultaneously all teaching us something different, so also at any point in time, the child is not on one particular journey alone. The child maybe at a point where she/he is
• Learning to read 3 letter words

• Becoming familiar with the sequence of numbers

• Starting to use 2 hands for some activities
• Becoming aware of cause and effect

Every child is unique in the way they start and move through these journeys. Learning is never a single occurrence, learning even one single concept involves a series of steps.

   Every Skola journey takes children systematically through a series of experiences that are incrementally challenging enabling them to discover and learn something new at each stage. Every stage is facilitated by a toy playing with which will allow children to challenge themselves in an interesting way.
An example of a learning journey is:


 Visit www.skola.toys to understand children’s learning journeys and view toys that facilitate incremental learning.
Enable our future generations to play, explore and discover through “Learning Journeys designed as Play “

Breakfast with PediaSure- A Journey worth sharing

It has been a while since we started our journey with PediaSure nutrition and I must admit; I now have fewer cranky fits on the high chair while I try to feed my child his meals. There is just one reason behind this; the peace of mind I have got is all thanks to our new morning routine that includes one glass of PediaSure for kids.

My child is a fussy eater and giving him the same food everyday never works for us. I didn’t want to take the same risk again with PediaSure so I found a way to get a little creative; here are a few interesting PediaSure recipes you could try too for your fussy eater.

 Recipe 1 – Banana Shake


Add a medium sized banana and 5 scoops of PediaSure powder to approximately 150-200 ml of water and blend it. It’s that simple.

This shake is good for breakfast or can be used as a filler for snack-time.

Recipe 2 – Strawberry Smoothie


There are different smoothies I have tried and tested for my child. One of the smoothies which my boy seems to love is the one with strawberries in it.

Take 4-5 strawberries and add it to curd, instead of water (about 150ml); it’s your choice really. Since curd is thicker, you can use fewer scoops of PediaSure powder. Blend the mixture together and serve. You can also garnish the drink with a few cut slices of strawberry, just to keep things interesting.

This too can be a good snack or breakfast food.

Recipe 3 – Fruit Delight


This is one of the easiest ways to make your child fall in love with fruits, in case they’re fussy about that.

Cut and slice a few fruits into cubes – I add avocados, berries, apple, grapes, and banana.

Blend the lot and keep it aside.

Mix a couple of scoops of PediaSure powder in full cream milk and add the fruit mix to that. Serve it with a spoon.

I make this once in a week to break the monotony of the shakes and smoothies.

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day

Breakfast is the most underestimated meal of the day and we don’t realize the effects it has on one’s health when it’s skipped. This meal is essential, especially if your child is a fussy eater, but it’s also a difficult task getting them to actually eat it, let alone enjoy it. Introducing a drink that your child can have without much of a fuss is a sure relief for us parents, especially when fruits can be added to the mix. My son is more cheerful when he has his glass of PediaSure nutrition in the morning. It keeps him full and hence, less irritated and more active through the day.

Why PediaSure as Breakfast

The recipes that I have listed above have helped me form a new routine for my child, one that I have been trying to inculcate for some time. Even if my child refuses to eat or has just a few spoons before throwing a tantrum, I’m quite content that his nutritional requirements are being met with his morning drink of PediaSure. I have tried many recipes before, but nothing worked like PediaSure. The reason is simple, he doesn’t have to sit down and eat. I let him have PediaSure in his sipper and he simply loves that.

PediaSure on the go

PediaSure has become our travel buddy as well. My child’s hunger pangs, that arise while traveling, are answered by a sipper full of PediaSure. It is so convenient to carry around and the fact that it can be made instantly, simply by adding water, makes it a valuable companion on our trips. Long trips with my child have now become so much more comfortable.

Since the day we started our journey with PediaSure usage, it has made our lives so much easier. As a mother, I am really happy with the outcome; in just a month I can see a difference in my child.  He is more active and less irritated throughout the day.

I am sure that in the days to come, there will be more of a development in my child with regards to his health, immunity and weight. Keep watching this space for more on my child’s development with PediaSure usage on our #90DaysWithPediaSure and #MyPediaSureJourney.

Have you started your journey yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below if you have.  If you wish to start your journey with PediaSure nutrition, you can buy it from the company website or from any local store or druggist near your area.

Disclaimer: Although Abbot approached me to try PediaSure nutrition for my child, the views, opinions and experiences shared in my post are my own.

Picky Eaters and PediaSure​

An additional burden for the parents is inculcating the habit of healthy eating in their children. It didn’t take me long to realise that my son is going to be a picky eater and hence, half of my time goes into wondering what to feed him.

For the times that I am at home and he’s with me, which is almost all the time, we can still work out/negotiate and try to eat healthy. However, I worry about the time when he starts pre-school and I go back to work. That’s the time when keeping a tab on his eating schedule will become difficult for me. I am not very keen on introducing cow’s milk into his diet as that will not be enough to meet all of his nutritional requirements. However, I do want to introduce something that he can drink in the mornings. Another concern that I have is immunity; being a picky eater, immunity will be a major issue once he starts going to school.

One of the health drinks I came across while looking for a viable solution was PediaSure. While .reading about it, it didn’t take me long to realise that PediaSure is one of the most renowned and trusted brands on the market. But, I still wanted to do my own research into the benefits of the product.


PediaSure contains 37 nutrients which provide balanced nutrition. It is formulated with important vitamins, iron, iodine, choline, and taurine. It contains a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that helps support a healthy immune system.


PediaSure can be introduced as a morning drink during breakfast or as a healthy snack. One glass of PediaSure provides a good amount of energy, proteins and micronutrients. This isn’t complicated; there are no specific PediaSure recipes to choose from, although you’re free to experiment based on your kid’s preferences. PediaSure is available in 3 flavours- Vanilla Delight, Premium chocolate and Kesar Badam – which seem quite interesting.

As a generic rule for parents, we need to try and cut down on our children’s sugar intake– chocolates, sweets, sweetened drinks etc. It’s difficult to keep your kid away from things like that and especially junk food, but the onus of healthy eating habits lies with us. This is also where PediaSure comes in; it contains the required fats and sugar necessary for a child’s growth and while it may not be a replacement for sweets and chocolates, it can help by providing a healthy alternative.

Although PediaSure approached me to review their product as part of their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, all views and opinions expressed in my writing are my own. So follow me on #MyPediaSureJourney as I show you just how the supplement has worked out for my child over the next few weeks.

PediaSure is making our job easier, but our job as a parent doesn’t just end with that. In fact it starts with a glass of PediaSure in the morning to healthy meals till night time.

PediaSure is available in most stores and chemists in all neighbourhoods, You may buy the product from your local store or you can order PediaSure from http://pediasure.in/