Yes it was a drama as far as I remember my baby was due on 17th oct 2015 as per the scan but as per LMP it was due on 10th Oct.But I was mentally prepared to welcome the baby once my 37th week was over.Every day it was like may be tomorrow, the wait was endless and I was desperate.After 10th the doctor decided to induce on 14th night and the baby was supposed to come on 15th.Man proposes God disposes my pain started early in the morning on 14th itself.When the pain started I thought I am just being nervous but slowly the intensity increased.The pain initially would come for 5 mins and then reoccur after an hour.I knew labor pain starts like that but for some reason,I thought  may be I am just being nervous.Then when the pain started reoccurring in every half an hour we decided to call the doctor and went to the hospital.I was straight away admitted to the labor room.

Honestly the pain was not that severe it was just like cramps, when I was admitted , the doctor checked me they told me that the cervical opening was almost 6cm and pain should have been much severe to their surprise I was smiling and talking.I spoke to the young doctors as they wrote my background we had a little chat like what I do and how was my pregnancy what am I expecting a girl or boy?? It was 9 Am when I reached the hospital my obstetrician was supposed to be there by 10 am.For 1 hour I was talking to the young Interns while they did my check up went through my reports.I was overhearing their conversations and enjoying.My obstreician arrived checked that everything was fine and expected the baby to be out by 2PM.By 12 the intensity of the pain was severe and interval was shortened that is when I started shouting and the young intern had a hard time explaining me how shouting is going to drain my energy which would be required to push the baby.It was around 1 am when the doctor checked and decided to go for a cesarean as my baby head was not in place and also his heart rate was dropping. My husband was called and asked to sign few papers and was told that an emergency C-sec was to be done.I was in acute pain and begging my doctor to go for c-sec and cursed myself for braving a normal delivery.I wanted to curse my husband for agreeing with my idea of having a baby.The only thought which went through my mind was why did I do this to me, I was happily living my life why on this earth I wanted to go for this roller coaster.

So finally I was taken to the operation theatre, I can’t thank the mid-wives enough, from labor room to operation theatre all they wanted was to have is a normal delivery and motivated me to push the moment the pain arrises.The doctors decided to give a last push before going for the operation.The last push was when my baby decided to come out.It was like something slipped out of my body.I was so relived it was only after few seconds when I heard my baby cry and I realised I have become a mother.

Meanwhile outside the operation theatre my husband, mother and brother were waiting desperately for the news.When the doctor was stitching my stitches and my baby was being washed one of midwives went out and told them its a baby boy.

Falling in love at the first sight if you don’t believe in it become a mother.I saw his eyes and fell for him.I wanted to cry and tell the world its mine.My world changed that day ;that day at 1:30 PM I realised how loving someone above all felt like.The pain I went through was nothing infront of that 3.7 kgs of bundle of joy.

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One of the major task apart from waiting for the baby is preparing  the hospital bag.I packed mine way in advance and that helped me from much of trouble later; here are few of the tips and essentials that helped me post-partum at the hospital.

Prepare your bag well in advance at least 3-4 weeks before the due date.This gives you the time to think over and  if anything has been missed out can be included.Making it at the last moment will add to the anxiety level and chances of missing out on essentials will be high.Prepare your bag yourself but, let the person who will accompany you to the hospital have a look and get accustomed of the things.This will help you in letting them know what you require and they can give it to you without much of hassle and turning the bag upside down just to find a lip balm.

Essentials to be kept in the bag

1.Sanitary pads

I know not having to use  them for a long time; you might not have kept them handy.Hence the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in your hospital bag is the sanitary pad.Keep the ones that you use for heavy flow days; as initially you will require extra absorbent ones, at least for 5-7 days.

2.Adult diaper

It might sound weird but it does come handy when after delivery the bleeding is so profuse that you might just have to change the pad in like half an hour, adult diaper will save you from constant changing and leakage.Use it as a disposable panty and use the sanitary pad over it like you use normally.


If you have a normal delivery than opting for nightie/gown/maxi is advisable.Buy the ones which have buttons, this will make feeding easier.The doctors will check on the stitches till you are discharged from the hospital.Wearing a pyjama will be cumbersome.The hospital provides their own gown but I still suggest wearing your own once you shift to the room.


Keep few baby wrap/ receiving blankets for the baby.

5.Baby clothes

In my house we have a custom of making the baby wear old clothes till 6th day.On the 6th day we make the baby wear new clothes and do a small puja.My baby has many elder brothers ;so the old clothes were not an issue.If you have the same custom then buy few clothes wash them twice or thrice and then use it. Remember to keep baby socks.

6.Cloth nappies

Keep at least 2 dozen of cloth nappies ready with you. You would require a lot of but that can be bought later for the hospital keep at least 20-24.If you plan to use diaper then buy that in advance as well.


Keep an extra charger well in advance in the bag.Don’t expect the people accompanying you to carry a charger while taking you to the hospital as they are more nervous and anxious when you are in pain.The only thing that comes to their mind at that time is your safety and reaching the hospital on time.So better buy an extra charger and keep it in the bag ready.

8.Undergarments and nursing Bra

Shop for a nursing bra well in advance don’t keep it for later.After the baby arrives going for shopping will be next to impossible. relying on someone to bring the perfect fit for you is expecting too much.Shop for a nursing bra and ensure you but at least a cup size bigger.Don’t buy in plenty initially buy only two.Buy few undies as well.


Just like any trip keep your essentials toiletries in the bag in advance.

10.Rubber band/Clutch

If you have long hair keep rubber band and clutches will be required during the labor also to tie the hair as it may annoy you.

The essentials can vary depending on your choice but listed above are the few essentials which I thought were must during my visit to the hospital for delivery.Remember not to over stuff as you will get other things you require from the chemist store in the hospital.

Pack your bag and all the best for the D Day.


Morning sickness should be named sickness just sickness there is no connection between morning and sickness you feel during the first trimester of your pregnancy. it can happen anytime just anytime.when I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy i didn’t feel anything in the beginning and I thought I am one of those lucky few. But eventually it all started in the evening when I was all tired and exhausted from the days work.I started to abhor anything or everything related to food. even the slightest smell of cooking would make me feel sick anywhere.I skipped cooking and that was completely taken over by maid.all I could do was sleep smelling the lemon while my maid would cook keeping all the windows open and chimney running at full speed.Eating seemed like a torture I completely lost interest and started asking people when would the phase of craving come, as i don’t think this phase is going to ever end.

This phase is something which happens with almost everyone in a different way. there is no escape the only thing you can do is eat and puke.dont think of skipping meal eat whatever you feel like don’t think about the foetus weight and stuff at this stage eat whatever you feel like. The more you eat the less you puke, you might feel like but you wont puke. yes that’s true the less you eat the more you puke.

The worst part was I was not allowed to tell anyone I was pregnant at my office and I was sick all the time. people made wild guesses tried asking the other way round but never asked on my face.When after my sickness phase was finally over and I had to declare there were so many exclamatory voices “I told you she is pregnant”.

Here are few of the tips  to survive the morning sickness

1.Do not skip meal Skipping meal means an empty stomach, an empty stomach means the urge to puke.

Morning sickness is actually our way of the body to adjust to the changes happening inside where our body makes space for the new one.

2.Don’t concentrate on eating healthy as of now but avoid too much of junk that again leads to nausea.

3.Eat at regular interval don’t give your stomach time to prepare for nausea just keep it busy with food.

4.Drink water and lots of water.

5.Take rest

It’s just a phase and shall pass so just keep your mind busy watch some good movies if you feel like being at home all the time, else just keep yourself busy by meeting close ones and breaking the news to them.


MATERNITY STYLE CHECK-Must Haves for the last Trimester

Maternity is the time when you least think of style and more of comfort.But can you afford to look shabby anytime of your life its a big no for me when comfort can come with style then why compromise. So here is a list of must haves for the style and comfort during the last trimester when wearing your normal clothes is just out of question and splurging on new ones seems like a wastage of money as you would think of reducing as soon as possible.But there is a good news what ever you invest in the last trimester will hold good till 6 months post partum as well. Isn’t that great… no that does’t mean you will remain the same or look pregnant even after 6 months all I mean is you can use them in a comfortably stylish way 😉

So lets get started with the shopping list

1.Maternity Pants

Ditching your jeans is painful but what if you get an equally stylish substitute . Buy some jeggings.Why some because you can buy couple of jeggings with the same money you bought a pair of jeans.

2. Palazzo

What better than a palazzo to hide you baby bump better when high waist (will require a lot of adjusting in between though ).


Yes you would need leggings as well even if you have couple of jeggings nothing can beat leggings when it comes to maternity wear.

4.Boy friend Shirt

Buy couple of boy friend shirts to pair either with leggings or simply wear them as dress. They look cool with canvas.

5.Maxi dress

Your maternity is incomplete if you don’t have maxi dresses in your wardrobe.Buy few for the dressy outings.Pair them with jewellery and stylish flats.Btw they make the bump more pretty.

6.Canvas shoes/ sneakers

Nothing can beat the comfort of sneakers during pregnancy when high heels seems like a distant dream just slip on canvas and renovate the style by simply pairing them with any attire but leave the palazzo please;)


Some chunky jewellery when you know you can’t afford to make it more stylish a simple kurti and legging will do wonders if you can add the magic of jewellery to it.


By shrug i don’t mean the usual short ones but the one which will be like an over coat but with slits.


Just buy anything be it tees or dress and stripes will make it amazing. Stock few stripes for the casual outing.


last but not the least don’t forget to wear your smile. You look amazing any which ways but smile just adds to the awesomeness.

Keep smiling and stylish.


Welcome to the generation of google, by google I just don’t mean a curious generation but a whole lot of self-declared smart asses which I am one-off course, else i cant write about this genre so well. yes I am that lot of irritating over googled mother who thinks she can just steal the words out of doctors mouth and hats off to the doctors for being so patient and understanding the over googled crowd so well.

I remember my mother saying little knowledge is dangerous when I was young and l would shrug off thinking that’s not for me I do a good research. My pregnancy started with a good research as well. Thats good right to be aware of whats happening inside you and telling people  “Do you know the heart beat comes in this week? and now the finger must have formed ,my baby is exactly the size of brinjal right now. Oh great thats like a hell lot of knowledge!! i don’t know how many people dropped the idea of having a baby just because of me.

But anyways it is good to know but over doing definitely is not welcome but the problem is where to stop no one knows. If you think I am going to tell you where to stop then I am sorry I still over do it.the only thing that I started to help myself from getting carried away with the google effect was to read about actual people….yes thats where you get to know, leave your computer or phone for a while grab a good book may be. I didn’t read much though, all I did was socializing talking to people the information I got was much more practical and made me feel more comfortable.

I didn’t leave my research but a mix was good and healthy.This makes me realise that we are in much better position than our mothers but still there are many questions which google can’t answer the only way to get an answer  is”Maa can we talk “.