YOUTUBE Kids-Need of the hour or just a way to glamourise the addiction

Google recently launched one of the app for kids- Youtube Kids for kids between 2-10 years.This app majorily provides solution to the parents who are fighting the battle of parental control over their kids internet addictions.Not that it will help in getting rid of the addiction but at least the content the kids watch can be controlled.

You tube kids comes with many feature which was the need of the hour with increased exposure of kids to technology from an early age.My one year old loves to babble with siri,we take it lightly and make fun but deep down I know it will be so difficult for me to keep him away from the phone or tab, not because he is showing interest but because I am addicted to my phone.He is going to take it from me.He thinks its quite normal to constantly gaze the phone as everyone around does that.I am going to have a hard time I know but for now lets discuss about this particular app.

You Tube Kids has a parental control where you can set limit ,You can set timer which will limit the kids viewing time after which the app stops working.This is a great feature this can be used for rewarding the kids by increasing the time in exchange with good behaviour or grades etc.Another feature of parental control is that the search button can be disabled; which can limit the exposure of the kids to wider space.This is an amazing feature specially for Kids of younger age group.To access setting passcode is required which the parents can set, this will add as a double security for older kids.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_2c9fThe you tube app has its own censorship where words like sex,nude,violence,murder will result in “try searching for something else”.But google warns parents still to keep a parental control as it is automated and search can be wider than the obvious search terms.


Lets throw some light to the advertisement part.The google said that the app could not be advertisement free as they are providing the app for free hence to incur the cost,they need revenue from the advertisement.The kids are the most vulnerable target for any marketer as they believe what they see, parents will have a hard time in this matter.

Coming back to my concern of over exposure of kids to gadgets and addiction.This app will help the parents fight their kids addiction upto a large extent.But lets talk about a real life scenario where you hand over a 3 year old your phone so that he stop throwing the tantrum and gets busy.Aren’t we making a generation dependent on gadgets which only knows how to play football over phone.The solution is with us, as a parent it is our duty to make our kids understand the beauty of each and everything they come across.A phone, tab,laptop should not take the maximum time of their day, they should appreciate other things around them like playing with friends in the evening to borrowing books from the library.Lets make a better generation not an over dependent one.

Leaving you with the image which rightly explains what I wanted to convey You tube kid did it beautifully “handling you the controls”