Sensorial Activity-Sensory Board

Nirvaan has started understanding a lot more than I expect him to, he is currently 17 months old and surprises every now and then by understanding difficult instructions.It just makes me feel proud and I assume every parent feel the same.He tries to name the feelings.I recently got hold of a sensorial peek a boo puzzle and we had so much fun this week while it was there in our montessori tray.

So I thought let me share it with all of you, usually sensorial activities are something we do out of the play area as they are messy or requires lot of cleaning.But this week the sensorial tray was very much in the play area.This is how the board looks like I tried searching online if it available in India but couldn’t find one.


But I guess it can be DIYed ,will try one pretty soon and update on my blog.

It has different textures like velvet, felt cloth , a rough patch and it can be covered and with the wooden knobs as shown in the pic below


How we play with it

  • First day it was all free play I left it on his shelf for him to discover and play.All he did was to put the knob back as he thought its a puzzle.
  • Second day I sat with him and made him touch different textures and named them rough, velvety and so on.
  • Third day it was pretty much the same and Baby N didn’t show much of interest in it. I didn’t force him to either.
  • The fourth day I played the peek a boo game with him which was a big hit.I would just lift the knob and say velvety and then keep it back for him to lift it feel it chuckle and keep the knob back.
  • It was on our Montessori Tray for just four days on rotation basis as I was alternating it.
  • Nirvaan enjoyed the mirror and laughed a lot seeing his own nose,mouth in the mirror.FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpg
  • Velvety was his favourite texture and the rough one was called uuie his language for hot, rough or pain.

The last row has the matching Knobs as puzzle but N paid no attention or interest in doing it.


This is going to be repeated pretty often till the time little N starts naming and identifying the texture.It can be used for both language and sensorial activities in the Montessori shelf.

Farm Animals Printables-For Toddlers (12-18 Months)

This time for our language activity we are using these printable of farm animals.

There are many ways these printable can be used

  • Take a document folder and insert the sheet into the folder and use it as a book and point the animals by making their sounds.
  • Laminate the sheet and cut into four pieces each.Use it as a flash card or matching card.(I have not purchased the laminating machine as yet so I use the hack of laminating with cello tape.)

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

  • Match the animals in the printable with figurines.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg



  • Match the printable with the farm animal in books.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_399f.jpg

Print your copy from here –


Breakfast with PediaSure- A Journey worth sharing

It has been a while since we started our journey with PediaSure nutrition and I must admit; I now have fewer cranky fits on the high chair while I try to feed my child his meals. There is just one reason behind this; the peace of mind I have got is all thanks to our new morning routine that includes one glass of PediaSure for kids.

My child is a fussy eater and giving him the same food everyday never works for us. I didn’t want to take the same risk again with PediaSure so I found a way to get a little creative; here are a few interesting PediaSure recipes you could try too for your fussy eater.

 Recipe 1 – Banana Shake


Add a medium sized banana and 5 scoops of PediaSure powder to approximately 150-200 ml of water and blend it. It’s that simple.

This shake is good for breakfast or can be used as a filler for snack-time.

Recipe 2 – Strawberry Smoothie


There are different smoothies I have tried and tested for my child. One of the smoothies which my boy seems to love is the one with strawberries in it.

Take 4-5 strawberries and add it to curd, instead of water (about 150ml); it’s your choice really. Since curd is thicker, you can use fewer scoops of PediaSure powder. Blend the mixture together and serve. You can also garnish the drink with a few cut slices of strawberry, just to keep things interesting.

This too can be a good snack or breakfast food.

Recipe 3 – Fruit Delight


This is one of the easiest ways to make your child fall in love with fruits, in case they’re fussy about that.

Cut and slice a few fruits into cubes – I add avocados, berries, apple, grapes, and banana.

Blend the lot and keep it aside.

Mix a couple of scoops of PediaSure powder in full cream milk and add the fruit mix to that. Serve it with a spoon.

I make this once in a week to break the monotony of the shakes and smoothies.

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day

Breakfast is the most underestimated meal of the day and we don’t realize the effects it has on one’s health when it’s skipped. This meal is essential, especially if your child is a fussy eater, but it’s also a difficult task getting them to actually eat it, let alone enjoy it. Introducing a drink that your child can have without much of a fuss is a sure relief for us parents, especially when fruits can be added to the mix. My son is more cheerful when he has his glass of PediaSure nutrition in the morning. It keeps him full and hence, less irritated and more active through the day.

Why PediaSure as Breakfast

The recipes that I have listed above have helped me form a new routine for my child, one that I have been trying to inculcate for some time. Even if my child refuses to eat or has just a few spoons before throwing a tantrum, I’m quite content that his nutritional requirements are being met with his morning drink of PediaSure. I have tried many recipes before, but nothing worked like PediaSure. The reason is simple, he doesn’t have to sit down and eat. I let him have PediaSure in his sipper and he simply loves that.

PediaSure on the go

PediaSure has become our travel buddy as well. My child’s hunger pangs, that arise while traveling, are answered by a sipper full of PediaSure. It is so convenient to carry around and the fact that it can be made instantly, simply by adding water, makes it a valuable companion on our trips. Long trips with my child have now become so much more comfortable.

Since the day we started our journey with PediaSure usage, it has made our lives so much easier. As a mother, I am really happy with the outcome; in just a month I can see a difference in my child.  He is more active and less irritated throughout the day.

I am sure that in the days to come, there will be more of a development in my child with regards to his health, immunity and weight. Keep watching this space for more on my child’s development with PediaSure usage on our #90DaysWithPediaSure and #MyPediaSureJourney.

Have you started your journey yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below if you have.  If you wish to start your journey with PediaSure nutrition, you can buy it from the company website or from any local store or druggist near your area.

Disclaimer: Although Abbot approached me to try PediaSure nutrition for my child, the views, opinions and experiences shared in my post are my own.

Book Review-Usborne Touchy-feely books

The best way to introduce a toddler to books is through the touch and feel books.You might have introduced books earlier like when they were infant during the tummy time but the real test is when they are one plus and you try making them sit and enjoy the book.Today I will be reviewing the Usborne Touchy feely book’s that’s not my series.

FullSizeRender 3

Written by Fiona Watt

Illustrated by Rachel Wells

  • The book 16*16*2 Cm and is pretty handy for the toddlers.This is supposedly the ideal book size for the young toddlers as they can hold and flip through the pages comfortably.This is a board book with 5 pages and 10 illustrations.
  • The book has patches with different texture the first reaction of my baby was to touch the patch and in every page before he asked me to read it.
  • The illustrations are big and colourful and easily attract the attention of the toddlers.Even the fickle minded would sit down for a while and check because the illustration is bright and the patch is big to explore.
  • Every page has a big illustration with 8-10 words
  • The book starts with thats not my pirate/monster/reindeer etc as its hat is too soft/its neck is too fuzzy/its eyebrows are too bushy ,and the patch is the texture mentioned.FullSizeRender 2.jpg
  • Its great for the language development of the young toddlers as they learn new words and the context of the usage of those words.
  • Great sensorial activity and toddlers experience different texture and the name of the texture they feel.
  • The book ends with thats my pirate/reindeer/monster etc
  • Its a great book for the starter if you have a one plus toddler and you have not started with books yet this series is highly recommended.
  • The only negative with the series is their pricing I checked quite a few online portals and was shocked to check the pricing but finally got the cheapest at flipKart,priced at Rs 550 (Approx).

Is the series worth going for ? Yes it is; buy one or two in the beginning and if your baby develops a liking go for more.

Overall a delightful read for the young toddlers with catchy illustrations and a must for first timers.

My Rating -4/5 one mark less for pricing.

Holi Inspired Activites- For Toddlers

So finally its time to say good bye to winters and welcome the spring with this beautiful festival of colours HOLI.Well honestly if you ask me I am not a very big fan of this festival when it comes to celebrating it in full spirit but I like the essence of the festival.And the very basic element of the festival ‘colours’.Holi is celebrated in India in the early spring and it marks the harvest of wheat.I remember as a child I used to be so excited about it and I used to be always dissatisfied with the amount of colours my mother would buy thinking it would not last till the time my friends would arrive.And every year the colours would last till Diwali Rangoli as we ended up playing with plain water more than colours.Another fond memory I have about holi is the gujia my mother  used to make and the dahi vada aunties would send home.

Somewhere between loving this festival to locking myself to avoid getting dirty by spoiling my skin and hair with the artificial colours I grew up.And now when it is my son’s childhood I want him to enjoy this festival to the fullest.So to make this festival fun for him I will be doing few activities with him which will make him love the festival in years to come.Lets get started with the activities which will be fun at the same time all natural yet messy to keep the spirit of holi intact.

1.Edible colours 


My LO is just 16 months and still young to play with the dry colours so I thought of making the  colours which we usually make for his sensorial activities as apart of our holi celebration .

Corn Starch Colour

Take a muffin tray or egg tray

Add two table spoon of corn starch

Add some water and food colour.

this is will be a slimy colour for the messy holi fun

Flour Colour

Simply add all purpose flour to a tray and add water and food colour.

Tumeric colour

If you wish to play a dry holi with your little one try adding some besan to the turmeric and use it as a dry colour.



My memory with holi is so much of getting hit by water balloons launched straight from somebody’s terrace to my back.Pacchak. And you look at up but those narrow lanes with so many terrace one after another it was next to impossible to guess whose door I should knock to complain.

Anyways we are not going to throw water balloons but sure we are going to play with balloons filling them with water and our favourite animals.

One of the activities that can be done with kids is hitting the balloons filled with plain water to the wall just like a game of basket ball.And when the balloon burst the surprise is out.

3.Water Gun 


So when we are just honing the skills of our practical life pouring activity what better than a water gun pouring activity.Bring that pichkari and let your little one drench you.

4.Nature walk


A walk to the park to collect twigs and leaves to make our own mini version of holika dahan a day before holi.In Hindu tradition a bon fire is lit the night before holi to mark the victory of good over evil.



While you take a walk in the nature to collect the twigs and dry leaves don’t forget to enjoy the swings.What better way to welcome spring then a swing.tell your little ones the story of naughty Krishna playing Holi in Vrindavan and enjoying the swings.

6.Blessings from Elders


The importance of raising your child in a environment where they respect their elders is very important.In today’s time making your child realise the importance of every family members in your life is difficult as we stay apart in different geographical location and meeting in every festival or regularly becomes so difficult.But thanks to the advanced mode of communication we can still stay connected.Don’t forget to call or even better give a video call to all the dear ones and let your child have a holi filled with blessings and love.

Wish you a very happy Holi In advance.May this festival of colour add colours to your life and may the rainbow always shine on you.


Product Review-Mama Earth Deeply Nourishing body wash

So finally I am reviewing a baby skin care product, Mama Earth caught my attention from the day one I heard about it, being a blogger you get to know about the new launches.A product that claims to be toxin free was something I have not come across.Even the giants who add natural and herbal to their product names are afraid of claiming their product as toxin free.So what is so special about this product and all thanks to Indian Mom Connects I got a chance to review the products of Mama Earth


Before the patch test on my baby’s skin I do a patch test on myself, either on my hands or face.Although few of you might find it silly but then being silly is all a part and parcel of being a mother.And another benefit of testing it on me is that we end up using the same products.Like a baby wash as face wash is a great treat for your own skin.

The patch test on both the baby and Mama fetched positive outcomes.After the patch test I have been using the product on my baby since last 15 days.I picked up the body wash first as it is doesn’t stay in the baby skin and is washed.

About the company

This company is started by a concerned parent just like you and me who wanted to offer all things good to the little ones.Click the link to know about their beautiful journey MAMA EARTH-STORY

About The Product 

Texture-Its a gel like transparent wash

Smell- Soothing fragrance of orange

I did a small research on the key ingredients just to cross check and here is what I have found


Purified Water

Decyl glucoside-It is derived from Coconut and corn starch and hence all natural and biodegradable.

Sodium coccyl isothionate- helps to form lathered and is derived from coconut

Disodium Cocoampho-Again derived from coconut and help in cleansing the dirt.

Vitamin E- Can’t get any better

Allantoin-Allantoin is a naturally ocurring nitrogenous compound used as a skin conditioning agent.

Aloe vera Extract-One of he best for the skin and all natural

Vegetable Glycerine-Clear odourless liquid which is derived from plant and is non-toxic.

xanthin gum-This is derived from bacteria and is used to hold the ingredients from separating.

Sodium Benzoate-A preservative which is safe to be used and is used in food as well.

Potassium Sorbate-It is a mild preservative and the safest one.

Orange essential oil-This is the reason the product has a mild orange fragrance.

Our experience after using the product for 15 days

The product is gel like as I mentioned and produces good lather and cleanses the skin well.It is mild enough to be used every day.Baby’s have a very sensitive skin and using body wash every day is not recommended.But I have used this product for a consecutive 15 days and found it mild enough to be used everyday.

One of the myth that people follow is baby product should have a fragrance,little did they know that adding fragrance is the major reason for adding chemicals which are not good for baby skin.Before using when I sniffed from the bottle of Mama Earth Body wash I was happy that it has a mild fragrance and then when I looked at the ingredients and found out it is the essential oil which has been used I could not have been much happier.

Lastly this product stands true for what it claims, I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a toxin free product for your baby and also this brand is toxin free made safe certified brand.

You can buy the product from here

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post although I received the products for free but all the views and review expressed in the post are mine.

Five DIY Fine Motor activities for toddlers(12-18 months)

Challenging yet interesting is the term I have given to the fine motor activities for toddlers.N enjoys doing the fine motor activities its his favourite after the practical life.The look on his face says it all he makes a pout or O while concentrating and claps for himself while he does the task successfully.

Here are few activities that we have tried and enjoyed doing , I try to do things on budget and share my ideas over my blog.I have tried the same activity with different difficulty level.

Slot boxes activities

These are the easiest to make and pretty interesting activities for the toddlers.

1.Coin Slot-Check how I have made it here

Montessori Toy Series-Coin Slot Box

2.Hungry Caterpillar- This is a language and fine motor activity.While putting the feeder on to the caterpillar’s mouth I tell him what he is feeding to his very hungry caterpillar.

3.Straws- Take the biggest box of Pringles and make few holes on the cap.let your baby try to put the straw in the box through the holes.

4.Popsicles sticks-Take the medium-sized Pringles box and make a cut to accommodate the popsicle.Take colourful popsicles to make the activity more interesting for the little ones.

5.Q-Tips- Take the smallest box of Pringles make few holes and let the baby put the q-tips through the hole.We had to drop this activity as N started taking the Q-tips into his mouth and even after repeated stern No’s he compulsively was putting those into his mouth.If your baby doesn’t put things into his/her mouth then this is a fun activity to try.

Hope these activities will help you make fine motors trays for few days.the struggle is real when you have to keep on changing the activity almost every other day.The interest span of little explorers fades away quickly.Hope this post help you and if it does don’t forget to share your views in the comment I would love to hear from you.

Act of Kindness- A lesson learnt for life

I usually don’t write about off incidents or about my life in general but there are few incidents which makes you wonder how you are as a person and being brought up in a different country different culture makes you different from others.So it has been a while in Oman and I am loving this country especially its people.Its the people who make the country beautiful right? I won’t lie if I say I came with a pre conceived notion about this country, yes my feminist soul still doesn’t agrees to few things I hear and see but when I see a country where people smile at each other without even knowing each other.When my stern unfriendly look also doesn’t dissuade them to pass a smile to me, I wonder why do I walk with that expression that smiling seems like a heavy task to me why it doesn’t come  naturally to me.It has something to do with my Delhi upbringing  where smiling and being polite is taken as weakness or you end up being bullied or snubbed upon,but can’t blame any city or person either the fault is in me.

Coming back to the small  incident which has left a deep impact on me and shown me the path  how I want my son’s upbringing to be.

It was January and we headed to the much talked Muscat festival at Naseem Garden to see what it was all about. The festival provided a glimpse of Omani culture other than few fun stuff like rides and shows.It was going to be Little N’s first Fun ride day as well.Oh yes he is 16 months old and was 15 months when he took his first fun ride, as me and my husband both decided on staying away from malls fun zone till the time we can make him understand and can use that as a fun trip rather than a guilt trip because of tantrums or meltdowns.

There were few rides that we thought were safe enough for N to enjoy, he enjoyed his fun ride pretty daringly and we were surprised to see him enjoy without crying or fear.He waved towards us  and the smile was constant on his face. Well it did take us on a guilt trip to deprive him this fun every other day like kids of his age.but moderation is the key and we are going to stick to it.It was the last ride and N was too excited  and was already struggling to sit on the train which had few big bumpers to be crossed.The trains railings were low and the seat belt was also loose.N was sitting with his smile but we were worried as he might just stand during the ride and fall.There was this gentlemen whose two kids were sitting in the front seat of the four sitter coach of the train. Without a single request and without even the knowledge of N’s age he immediately asked his older son  to sit with N as he seems young and might fall.The kid seemed to be around four years old ,he without any resistance or argument came and sat with N and held his hand to the railing and asked him to hold tight with an assuring smile.The younger one didn’t complain either he waved to N.The best part is the man did not even expect a thank you from us as he was busy telling the man operating the train to be watch full as a baby  is there pointing towards N.When I went and said Sukhran (Thank you in arabic) he smiled and nodded his head.

Honestly first it would never cross my mind to see if other’s kids are harnessed properly and even if they aren’t I would warn the parents rather than making an effort to convince my child and even if I do what that person did I would expect the parents to be grateful and say thanks.I am not saying that expecting a thank you is bad but somehow that incidence gave me a feeling the doing without expectation of thank you is much better.That person has passed on the sense of responsibility to his children without much of an effort just by doing these simple acts of kindness .

Being a parent does change you in many ways I would have never thought about such incidents so deeply and would have never appreciated the act of kindness so much as I do.I really want to thank that person as he taught me how to teach my son the act of kindness.


A simple DIY puzzle board for toddlers, I use this to keep my baby busy while travelling he loves the velcro and the sound.Here’s how I have made it

Take Two print of the puzzle below

Click the link to print


I don’t have a colour printer so I have taken  black and white print , but if you have a colour printer then it would be easier.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Take a cardboard and paste it on the both sides and keep the second copy aside.

Take the second print and draw using the second print as stencil over foam to make the shapes of different animal and figures in the print.If you have a colour print out then simply cut the print in shape and paste it on a cardboard.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Take velcro and paste one strip on the board and one on the figure that has been cut out.And the puzzle is ready.


Stay at Home Versus Working Mother

Its been a while I have been wondering how life changes after the baby arrives.From being a competitive career women I have become a mother who wakes up thinking what to feed the baby and what to put in his montessori trays.I have worn both the shoes of a working mother and a stay at home mother and know both the sides.I would not lie if I say I used to look down upon stay at home mothers before becoming a mother and tagged them lazy for many things may be.That is something you feel when you are not in the same boat and you think how you could have done things better.And the feeling is mutual for a stay at home mother who thinks how a working mother gets her things done by care takers and just have to spend few hours with the child.

I have been on both the sides as I mentioned and both the sides are equally difficult.A child behaves completely different in both the cases.And needless to mention the challenges remain slightly different yet equally difficult.

Life as working mother

While I went to office and my child was taken care ,No matter how much I consoled myself the feeling of leaving him and spending the time meant for him at office always haunted me.I thought I will get over it eventually but something or the other would happen which would make me feel the same over and over again.For instance when I  almost adjusted and he was adjusted with staying with my mother while I was away ,My mother had to go back home for some work and he took time adjusting with my sister, when he adjusted with my sister he caught viral.Instances were many but I kept myself strong. At that time he started with solids and never gave the respective care taker hard time.He would eat what was offered in a good portion.My home coming in the evening used to be a grand affair with him waiting for me.It was so surprising for me that even at 8 months he exactly knew my timing and would grow impatient if I was late.But once I was home he would refuse to go to anyone except me.And till the time he slept it was like we were one.When I look back now I wonder how I managed it was so difficult managing both office and a baby.I had no time for myself or for anyone for that matter.

Life as stay at home mother

For the record I have never stayed at home ever and staying with a baby was the last thing I could have imagined.But destiny has its own plot.So here I am staying with my baby at home with a brain which constantly works for him and a heart which endlessly melts for him.Is my life easier? My answer is pretty simple if you are asked to leave a job for say I was/ am(I am currently on a sabattical)  a banker, its like I left my job as a banker to become a Teacher, Artist,pshycologist,interpreter,Sweeper,cook,maid,care taker, doctor and the list is endless.Its not easy to be a SAHM,it involves a lot of stress, your child’s behaviour completely changes when you stay at home.Suddenly my child has become a picky eater and the frequency of breast-feeding has increased many folds.Although I get time for myself but it is only when he sleeps.

Talking about the guilt factor I have let it go I don’t bother if people think my baby is lagging behind even when his mother is giving him so much of time.This is the main reason for SAHM’s to stress and feel guilty.I give a damn to what people think.I am staying at home for him not to prove how smart he is to people or how me staying at home is doing good to him.

A Mother is a Mother

Stay at home or working really doesn’t make much of a difference a mother is a mother no matter what she decides to be.It is always for the best of the child if she sacrifices her career or her time while she works.

P.s- If you have been wondering what my husband was doing all the while, he was away for an assignment and was fighting another battle within for not being present while I juggled.He has been a constant support without whom I might have lost my sanity.