Christmas Activity : DIY Play snow 

December is a month which is full of celebrations, winters make it even more special.And making a snow man from snow is the best thing but wait we don’t have snow here in Oman or rather had we been in Delhi getting a booking done for Shimla in december is next to impossible.So does that mean Little N will miss out on making snow man and his childhood winter memories will have no snow man in it? Well No he is going to have  better memories with snow man and will have no chilly hands too.

Do It Yourself is the word …Yes we make snow at home.

Materials Required

Googly eyes

Few decorative items

Pipe cleaner or ribbon

Snow Recipe

Two cups Cornstarch

1/2 cup  edible oil (I have used Coconut oil)


In a bowl mix the corn starch with oil till the time it bind like snow.Take more cups if you wish to make a bigger snowman.We were able to make a small one but considering the fun factor I would suggest take some more.N was happy with his snow man so for us quantity was not an issue.

Set Up

In a tray or activity table put the whole snow mix and keep the items for decorations. Don’t forget to use a mat for easy cleaning.

Let the little one explore the texture, show them how to make balls and break it.Do it again and again and let them enjoy the snow for a while.After that show them how to make a snow man.

One small ball for face

one bigger ball for body.

Put the pipe cleaner as muffler

Put the eyes and if you can find a nose better (I couldn’t or rather I simply forgot about the nose of snowman)

And our seasons first snowfall snow man 😉

N was in love with the texture and making and breaking balls kept him busy for quite sometime.And we are sure doing this activity again but we are running out of corn starch already ;).Time to go and buy heaps of cornstarch and let it snow here in desert what say ?




How to Start Early with Early Learning

As I have mentioned in my posts earlier I started with early learning  when N was almost one and regret not starting it earlier but when I look back and see his videos and pics I realise I was on it since he was born.Yes absolutely without even a single iota of knowledge about early learning ,N was into early learning from the day one or may be before in my tummy while he was kicking he was learning something new.

A new born is born with the natural ability to learn and needs no push to do so.As a parent we only act as facilitator and care provider.So lets get started with early learning in early phase of infant life first.

MONTESSORI MONDAY . Let's talk about how to start early . We started on our structured learning at around 12 months but before that we were more into unstructured learning and never knew those were helping in development and learning too ⠀⠀ . Few of the activities that can be done with infants are listed below . 👉🏻 Tummy time . 👉🏻 Black and white books for infants . 👉🏻Board and touch and feel books . 👉🏻 gym . 👉🏻mobile (hanging for crib) . 👉🏻Peek-a- boo . 👉🏻Loads and loads of skin to skin with caregiver (mother and father) . 👉🏻talk talk talk they love it . 👉🏻finger puppets and stories . 👉🏻Rattlers- prefer the wooden ones . 👉🏻mirror – we had a baby Einstein mirror book we still love that. . ⠀⠀ #montessori #montessorimonday #montessoriathome #montessorikids #montessorimom #montessorilife #indianmontessorihomes #montessoritoddler #montessoriparent #montessoriblogger #montessoriblog #indianmomblogger #muscatbloggers #indianmomtessorimum #momblogger #followme #followforfollow #like4like #instapost #instagood #instadaily #momofinstagram #earlylearning #earlylearning101 #learningisfun #handsonmama

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Tummy Time

Yes it starts from here and parent has a major role in providing the environment. A safe tummy time under adult supervision is a great time to learn for infants.They learn how to keep their head up for longer time and make their neck strong enough to hold the head.

Black and white books

So the fact is to stimulate them and not over simulate; babies love black and white and colours can be over stimulating.So give them some black and white book for the motivation to lift the head while tummy time.


I bought a simple gym and started from the second month  although the weather was cold and layer of clothing was a major factor but still the gym was stimulating enough for body movements.

In fact more than gym my son was  interested in moving fingers in front of his face.He will move his hands and legs with excitement when I would twinkle my fingers in front of him.


(Hanging for the crib )

I never used a crib during the initial months it was only after my son was 5 months old that I invested in a cot.But still we got few hanging and I used to used that in his play area.


One of the most popular and a game which 100% brings those giggles on the tiny lips.We played a lot of peek-a-boo and till now it is my sons favourite.

Skin to skin contact with care giver

A skin to skin does wonders in soothing what it has to do with early learning well!! Attachment with the care giver parents in general is very important and emotional bonding when established can give a long term emotional stability and sense of security . This is important for the emotional well being.


For first few months I was too scared to do Massage of my baby and hence the act was outsourced.But eventually I realised I am losing out on bonding time with my baby and I took over. Apart from many benefits it helps in forming a routine and hence better sleep.

Talk Talk Talk

Babies they love listening to your voice as they recognise your voice from the womb.They start differentiating voices from an early age.Hence language development starts way ahead from what we can imagine.Talk normally and avoid making baby voice with mushy talks all the time  (I know that irresistible but still ).These little talks will aid a lot in language development in future.

Finger Puppets

Invest in some finger puppets or best just DIY. Tell them stories and talk more.


Invest in some good wooden rattlers ,babies first learn to move their head towards sound and then after sometime to grab the object and rattlers are best for that.


Put a mirror near the floor bed or simply show them the mirror during tummy time.Babies they love watching their reflection in the mirror .We had baby eisenstein mirror me book and N use to love it.Now we use this book to make funny faces.

So these were few pointers on starting with early learning at infant stage and my next post in the How to start early will be on babies from 6-12 months.


Guide To Start  Knife with Toddlers ft Little Fingers at Work’s Toddler Knife

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When lil N was almost 18 months old we wanted to introduce him to knife and hone his knife skills.But unfortunately my search for toddler Knife fetched no results online.I tried few stores here is oman but never got what I was looking for.So I started with the plastic knife which comes with every cooker in our Indian household.

In case you are wondering what was the hurry and why on this earth do I want my toddler to learn knife skills at such a young age.Give this whole article a sound read, many will not agree many would be convinced but the idea of writing this particular article is to educate my reader on early life skills.

Why Knife at Such a young age ?

Knife skills is one of the practical life skills of montessori approach and is recommended after 18 months only when babies develop a better fine motor skills and a better control over the movement of their body parts.

A toddler is inquisitive and developing many life skills at this stage.Observe a toddler in a pretend play and you will get to know how their observation skill works.You will be surprised to see how they copy you and observe your movement and activities.

Preparing your own food is a basic life skill and to raise an Independent individual which is the primary aim of montessori, introducing a toddler to knife early helps rather than making them realise that they are incapable of doing it.

Just like introducing the glassware to toddlers makes them aware of the fact that it needs to be handled gently and with care  similarly introducing knife makes them aware of the fact that it needs caution.

How to start with Knife 

12-18 months– A butter knife or a plastic cake knife (which I was using and still use).

It will give them a better control and coordination to cut things.You can start with pretend play sets like the pic below as well.

If you choose a butter /plastic knife start with soft fruits like banana, ripe papaya, watermelon ensure that you peel and give it to them for cutting.

18 months plus – A toddler knife like the one shown in the pic below

As I have already mentioned I was searching for a knife but couldn’t find anything fortunately I came across a reviewer requirement by Little Fingers At Work while I was in India,wherein they wanted  moms to review their toddler knife and  send across honest feedback to them.

Its been almost a month we have been using this knife almost every other day to make fruit salad.N shows a lot of interest in kitchen and he eats his fruit salad with more delight and satisfaction.

How to use it 

Start with keeping the cutting board at one side to make them learn that chopping needs only one hand till the time they get a control over the knife.

Give soft fruits like banana, pears; food like paneer,eggs which they can comfortably chop with one hand.

The knife is blunt enough not to hurt those little fingers but you know toddlers they go a little bit extra with chopping and you would want them to hit the knife on the other hand hence a conscious effort of using one hand only.

Once they are used to the fact of chopping with one hand give them the chopping board while they are with you in the kitchen in front like you do cutting or on the high chair.

Once they are old enough to understand how to cut and not chop give them fruits like  banana to teach them how to hold and cut.Like give them a banana hold it at one end and start cutting from the other end.(we have not reached this stage and hence will be updating more once we start doing it )


The next progression could be a nylon knife or a wavy chopper with handle like the real knife we use.These knifes are little sharper and can cut harder fruits and vegetables also.And should be introduced once the toddler has learnt to hold and cut cautiously.(We are yet to reach this stage and hence more updates or a detailed blog post will be posted once we hone these skills and progress.)

About Little Fingers at work Toddler Knife


A blunt steel sheet with a wooden grip handle.

Blunt enough for young toddlers

wooden grip handle gives a better grip and control.

Good for chopping soft food items.

An excellent knife to start with knife skills.


The edges are pointed, which may require extra caution if the toddler doesn’t have a good control.This is the only drawback with this knife.And as the knife was sent across for feedback for improvement I conveyed the same to the team and it has been noted by them.

Cooking or helping in the kitchen not only helps the toddler to become independent but also gives them a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which they strive for.And introducing knife skills makes them more confident and cautious.

Some points to keep in mind while introducing knife to toddlers

Adult supervision is a must

Keep the knife out of reach of toddler

Test yourself first by cutting the fruit you offer child to cut.This will give  you an idea if child can cut it comfortably.


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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology which enhances or visualizes an object when seen through a gadget like mobile.The Image when viewed through the app in mobile or tablet comes to life (animated).And is in sync with the object in reality.For example if you have an image and you view it through the app to augment if you move the image in real the augmented view on device will move accordingly.

Why Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality is the next generation technology and is making a great impact already in many fields.Taking the education or play in consideration.It makes the screen time more interactive.Learning through touch and interaction is known to have deeper impact. augmented reality in play and education is providing that interactive way of learning.

Read this excerpt from National Geographic on Augmented Reality

Some scientists contend that screen time may rewire the developing brain, hinder cognitive abilities, and cause behavioral problems. But unlike other forms of digital media, “the primary activity in AR is interacting with the real world,” says Chris Dede, a professor in learning technologies at Harvard University.

How to use augmented reality for educational based play?

So now the question arises how to make the augmented reality work for us and impart knowledge and make the screen time effective.

There are many games available which are based on augmented reality,I will be talking about my personal experience with my two-year old son and augmented reality games from Play Shifu.

Being born in the age of gadgets no doubt these little ones have extra flair over the gadgets, and hence technology serves as the best nanny.But all said and done technology has its own loop holes and as a parent instead of using it as nanny we need to use it wisely.

Augmented reality games like Play Shifu are interactive and hence can act as a great source of learning when played in moderation.

  • Choose the age appropriate play for your kid.
  • Explain them how to play once
  • Let them explore the cards and choose the ones they want to play with
  • Click on the information mode where they can learn about the particular object or animal on the card.
  • Let them touch and move in the screen.
  • Let them move and adjust the card.
  • Switch to library mode and let them go through that.

It is always advisable that you administer your kid while they use gadgets like mobile or hand them over with limited access or app lock, So that they can’t access something which is not meant for them when left unattended.

Our experience with augmented reality and review 

Play Shifu Wildlife

Whats Inside the box?

  • Tablet/mobile stand
  • Activation code
  • 20 Animals cards.

Play Features

  • Animals in 3D
  • Natural habitat
  • Distinctive sounds
  • Feed me quiz
  • Fun spelling game

How to play Shifu Wildlife ?

  • Download the app
  • Use the activation code
  • Click on the game
  • Place the cards in the play area in the range of camera
  • enjoy watching the cards coming to life.

Our Experience

This was the first time Nirvaan was experiencing something like this so we were pretty excited to see his reaction on this particular game.Animals are his favourite and I was sure he would be happy to see the flashcards.

The app was launched and while it took sometime to launch probably 2 mins Nirvaan was impatient and constantly asked why is it not working (lesson learnt download and launch before presenting it to your kid).

And once it was launched his father showed him how to place the cards and see the animals come to life in the screen.There was no stopping after that.He is currently in his I can do it all phase, so we took a back seat and he was busy shouting the names of the animals he knew and asking for those he didn’t.

Then after few days we again played Shifu wild life but this time we played and learned about the natural habitat and sounds.

The other day he played the feed me quiz and he loved and found it really funny when the automated voice said No or that’s tasty.

He is too young for the fun spelling game hence gave it a skip for later.

The library mode is a nice way to browse through without using the cards.

The reason I introduced him the game step wise is simple 

  • For a two-year so much of information in one go can be over stimulating.
  • He will easily lose interest if I hand him over the app and let him play all.
  • Step wise learning is more enriching.
  • It will be less confusing and he will have a better understanding.
  • The app can heat up the device when used for longer duration.
  • And anyways exploring the whole app in one go needs time and I told you we use technology in moderation.

About the app 

  • Easy to download and available in Android OS 4.4 & above / iOS 7.0 & above
  • The activation code can be used in three devices max.
  • The whole process of download and play is very easy to understand.

Some added benefits

  • The flash cards are of great quality and hence can be used for offline learning as well.
  • The stand comes really handy for watching movies and YouTube videos for parents.


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So last three months were crazy for me as I had to travel a lot and  that to with a toddler.Apart from packing lots of snacking options and diapers there were few other things that I packed and were essential for my travel as I travelled by train and cabs as well.I tried these three products by Redclifee Hygiene Pvt Ltd sent across to me for an honest review.

My travel plan was made keeping few family functions in mind and hence I had to travel across cities as well.The first thing that I used was Pee safe.

PEE SAFE-Toilet Seat Spray Sanitizer

The reason I mentioned family functions before I started the review must have made it clear, yes it rescued me! I have had bad experiences before of contracting urine infection .And I completely avoid using public toilet as much as possible no matter how clean and hygienic they look.But a family function means staying outdoors for long and hence pee safe was the best thing in my bag.

Before using the sanitiser I had my own way of using the public washroom, I never sat on it and used it in a seating position but without sitting.But when I had to poo this trick failed and hence Pee safe made it easier and comfortable for me.

Travelling with a toddler is not easy specially when they don’t stay stable for the diaper change.I don’t trust the airport changing tables as well when it comes to hygiene for my son.When he was a baby the sheet was enough to protect him but now with the mobility that sheet doesn’t stay and he ends up on the tray straight.Pee Safe came to my rescue there as well.

How to use it ?

Just spray on the area your skin will come in contact with specially on the seat area. wait for it to evaporate never wipe it with toilet roll wait for it to does quickly.

For babies spray on the diaper changing able and wait for it to evaporate if you wish to keep the sheets as well.


The packaging is handy and small and hence allowed in flight as well

Easy to spray and evaporates quickly

makes the journey and outing so much more pleasurable.


Honestly could not  find any.

Palm safe- Foam Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitiser and toddlers they go hand in hand,Personally I don’t like using sanitiser a lot and prefer washing my hands and same goes for my son.But while travelling this is not possible and sanitiser is the best option.The sanitiser available in the market and i have used till now were all alcohol based and hence not good for skin but had no option before I came across Palm safe.

Palm safe is an alcohol free foam based sanitiser which makes it a must buy for babies and toddlers.

How to use it ?

Pump twice and rub your hands for a good 5 secs.


In love with the packaging compact and small again can be carried in hand baggage in airport.

The pump makes it a zero wastage product.Usually it is not possible with the sanitiser bottles to get a pea sized drop but with this you get just the right amount pumped.

Alcohol free


Again couldn’t find any.

Moskito Safe- 100% Natural Mosquito repellent

My visit to India coincidentally was planned in such a way that I guess dengue epidemic and we landed at the same time.There could not have been a better timing to test this product as in Oman we use a repellent only when we visit the park at the evening time rest there is simply no need.But in India and that to in Delhi, we just couldn’t live without it.

How to use it ?

Spray on the exposed part and on the clothes.Reapply every 3 hrs so maximum effect.During the dengue season it is highly recommended that you apply this during day time as well as dengue mosquitoes bite during day time.A mosquito net during sleeping hours is also recommended.It is equally important for an adult to use mosquito repellent as for babies and kids.


100 % natural Repellent

Alchohol and DEET free

Has neem and citronella oil which are most effective natural mosquito repellent.

Spray bottles makes it easier to spray on clothes.


I just didn’t like the smell but honestly for a mosquito repellent to be effective it should have a strong smell.

PeeSafe, PalmSafe, and MoskitoSafe are currently selling online on SafetyKart, Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa and other top-selling e-tailing platforms as well as 2500+ retail stores with the kinds of Le Marche, 98.4 Pharmacy, Global Healthline, Fortis Healthworld, Medirent, Apollo Pharmacy, etc. in India.


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As you all know we started our Pediasure journey few months back and I have also  updated on the different recipes that we have tried to make our morning routine of PediaSure more interesting.


If you have not checked the last two posts then you can click the below links

Picky Eaters and PediaSure

Breakfast with PediaSure- A Journey worth sharing

Picky Eater Morning Routine 

When we started our PediaSure journey I was struggling with a Picky eater who would throw tantrum everytime I would try to feed him something.Then we started with breakfast with Pediasure where every morning for last few months I have been giving him a glass of PediaSure.It was easier for me to make him drink something as usually with solid he would throw tantrum and refuse to open his mouth.

How I made my Picky eater Love food 

people-2560321_960_720.jpgHonestly when I started with PediaSure my expectations were limited to meeting my baby’s nutritional requirement which he was losing out on being a picky eater but the results have been just more than that.

The Results

Along with PediaSure I also started offering him food and freedom to eat on his own without me pestering him to eat again and again. Initially as he used to drink a glass of PediaSure in the morning he didn’t use to eat much during the whole day but gradually his appetite increased and he started eating on his own.

This increase in appetite has led to him experimenting with his tastes as well now he doesn’t reject the food offered out rightly the way he use to do earlier. I offer him a variety so that he has options to choose and now he eats his meals three times along with few snacks and a glass of PediaSure.

When did he last catch cold I don’t even remember that honestly season change I don’t get to know through my Baby falling sick as his immunity is better.Now season change is just change in season  rather than a reason for my baby’s bad health.We have not visited hospital or called a doctor since a long time.(Touch wood or rather should I say Thanks to PediaSure).

Before starting with PediaSure my baby’s weight was almost constant although he is a healthy baby but off late he was not gaining weight.The reason could have been the eating habits as he was extremely picky.But since last few months I have since a constant gain in his weight. 

Toddlers are just filled with so much of energy they need to get tired and need to utilise that energy in the form of play. But do you know if the body’s nutritional requirement is not met Kids might just lose interest in playing and can be lethargic as well.I have seen an increase in my baby’s energy level after starting with PediaSure.The park outings are now longer and more fun.


And he returns home for a good uninterrupted sound sleep which is again required for the overall development in the growing age.

After using PediaSure for these months all I can say is our Journey with PediaSure has been Healthy and Happy.

Although trying PediaSure for all these months was a part of #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign but I am thankful that I did and the results are much more than what I expected.PediaSure is going to stay in our morning routine and also in our night time routine as we grow with PediaSure and continue #MyPediaSureJourney.

Have you started your journey yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below if you have. If you wish to start your journey with PediaSure nutrition, you can buy it from the company website or from any local store or druggist near your area.

Disclaimer: Although Abbot approached me to try PediaSure nutrition for my child, the views, opinions and experiences shared in my post are my own.

Top 10 things to bring fun home this children’s day

14th November brings back so many memorable moments that I have shared at school, preparing the speech on Chacha Nehru,remembering him more as Chacha Nehru than as first prime minister of India all thanks to children’s day celebration at school.I really don’t have any fond memory of this day at home, I wonder why? when this day is all about children then why is this day not celebrated at home with parents and siblings.

This year my husband and I decided to bring fun home and make it memorable for Nirvaan so that while growing up he will remember this day as a fun family day as well.I am listing the top ten things you could bring home to make this children’s day memorable for your children.

Bake a cake together 


Baking alone or a surprise cake can never bring the joy on those little faces than the cake they bake for themselves.Bake a cake together!Let them wear the baker’s cape and spread some magic icing of happiness over the cake.Let them peep Hundredth of time over that oven to check  the cake. Don’t forget to tell them the secret of perfect cake ‘ the toothpick trick’.

Watch their Favourite movie

Yes I know watching that movie all over again is something you would not want to do so why not press that mute button and enact the favourite movie and let them take the favourite character.Oh yes ! don’t forget to watch the movie for yourself the night before I am sure you would not like to forget the dialogues while enacting.

Plan a Messy Play 


How can a day be memorable if you can’t make it merrier with mess.Plan a messy play and have some fun with the mess.

Order in 

Order in their favourite food and let them open the door once its there,I am sure that smile will be worth a million bucks.

Have a fight 


Don’t say no to fight this children’s day ,have a pillow fight with the little ones.Let them jump and hit each other with the pillows. Don’t be your strict self and join them in the fight.

Plan a get together

Invite the cousins and friends over this children’s day at home and have a small get together.Nothing like seeing the little ones having fun together.Will remind you of your childhood get togethers with cousins.

Switch off that mobile 

I know its difficult but keeping it in silent is manageable, just give your full and undivided attention to your kids. We spend a lot of time on these gadgets when we are home and often miss out on the one to one communication. This children’s day keep that mobile away.

Plant a tree 


In our busy life we often forget the small happiness we get from being close to nature.Plant a tree with your kids so that they will remember the birthday of the tree and cherish it growing every year. If you don’t have space then consider planting some plants which purify air.

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi 


Children’s day is not just about the little ones its for us too, to relive the childhood we had which had made us the person we are today.Play those old forgotten games with your kids and take them down to our childhood where there were no gadgets and a piece of paper could keep us busy for hours together.

Kuch Mittha Ho jaye !

Relax if you can’t plan anything just remember to buy some cadbury Dairy Milk.Sit with your little ones and share the chocolate. Remember to fight over the last piece and when you win over the last piece just hand them over the bigger packet of Cadbury Dairy Milk you got for them.Don’t forget to capture that smile 🙂

Take a break from the busy adult life let the child in you take you over this children’s day. Let that carefree child in you be the parent for a day and do all the mischiefs with the little ones.Surprise yourself and the little ones and make it a memorable day.

Here is a small video to pep up the day for you

Disclaimer:A sponsored post to just let the sweetness take over this children’s day in association with Cadbury Dairy Milk

 PRODUCT REVIEW: ANG TATVA -Kesh Tatva for hair and Kaya Tatva for face 

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I am sure if you are on social media you must have heard about the skin care products by Ang Tatva , a skin care product personalised as per your skin type and delivered to your door step.And the best part is the products are all made of natural ingredients and are completely safe and chemical free.The person behind this skin care range is a mother of two and does an excellent job managing her business and kids.Being a mother she understands the importance of skin care in a mom’s life takes a back seat and hence  no time to take care of oneself the natural way using the house hold ingredients. I seriously feel there is nothing better than getting these products all ready made.

I have used both the product thrice in a span of three weeks and here is my experience and review.

KESH TATVA :The Black Magic Hair Pack

My hair type
– Dry , Frizzy and I got smoothening done last year so now my hair are most messy than ever as I have a combination of wavy curly hair.

: Amla, Amrood Patti, Mahabhringraj, Yasimadhu, Majishtha, Lodhra, Kal Til, Patchouli essential oil , Avacado oil and few more herbs 

Directions for use:
soak the hair mask in tea water for an hour or more and apply a thick paste on the hair and wash with a mild shampoo.
I followed and used as per the instruction mentioned.

My hair feels shinier and smoother than before.

The hair mask has enough oil to prevent my hair from drying out.

Usually the mask for Dry and curly hair makes my hair straight ( which honestly I don’t like ) but to my surprise this hair mask made my hair bouncy and smooth without making my hair look straight.

It made my hair look healthier.

The only drawback I felt about this particular product is the packaging as the product spilled while it was delivered. I loved the concept of glass jar but if the lid used can be changed to a tighter and spillage safe it will be better.

KAYA TATVA: Glow Worm 

My skin type: I have a combination skin which is normal during summers and dry during winters.

: Rice flour, powdered oats , fenugreek, white poppy , turmeric powder, yastimadhu and few pulses mix.

Directions for use
: Take a spoonful of the pack and mix with honey and milk to make a thick paste and apply evenly on the face. Let it rest for 25 minutes and rinse with cold water.
I followed and applied as per the instructions.


I am blessed with a skin with no breakouts so honestly I don’t use much of face masks. I really never thought a mask can bring glow on your face. The first time I used it and felt nice I thought it was psychological I am being very honest. My skin felt supple and soft. The next time I used it I could feel the difference it was making to my skin. I recently used it night before I had to attend a family event and went with minimal make up of sun screen , kajal and lipstick. My skin felt good and I didn’t miss putting make up.


Not applicable is all I can say for this product.

I will highly recommend Ang Tatva products, and if you love home made natural skin care products but have no time this brand is a blessing. The products I have received were just few of the amazing products this skin care range has . You can check the whole range and much more on their Instagram page just click the link below to view.

Ang Tatva Instagram

MOTHERHOOD: A love Story 

Once upon a time there lived a girl who never dreamt of becoming a mother , her dreams were more of achieving her career goals.she was extremely judgemental of the women who sacrificed their careers for becoming mother.

She lived in a world filled with dreams of travelling with love of her life and making a beautiful place called home with him.

They often discussed how their life would be in few years and discussion was always more on which position they both will be holding as they both worked in the same industry and organisation.The life was too busy they had no time simply no time either their jobs kept them posted away or when they were together the work kept them busy.The idea of a third person in their life was something which never striked or came across their minds.

The life was going on smooth with both of them being at the peak of their careers.It was almost three years they were married and they were soon going to be in their 30’s in couple of years.It was her birthday and she knew what she wanted to be the coming year “A Mother ”

“What ???Are you out of your mind or this biological clock ticking is playing the game for you stop watching those stupid series you watch ” the husband said 

” No I am serious nothing has inspired me it is something I wish to be ” the girl said 

It was her birthday and he knew she was serious and determined it was not the vodka which made her say all that.( on a lighter note that was the last vodka she had )

She was pregnant the very next month of her birthday and while she was taking the home test for pregnancy that morning she only wished to see those two purple lines a single would have broken her that day.And voila!! Faintest of two purple lines appeared and anyone who has taken.a Pregnancy test would say it was negative but she knew she knew it was positive and that “it ” was coming. A visit to the doctor and the most uncomfortable ultra sound possible confirmed that she was right.

The first trimester made her regret her decision every day , every single day she would regret and tell her husband she was mad when she said that and at least he should have given a piece of mind instead of just being a partner in crime.

Then came the happy phase The second trimester where she loved each and everything about being pregnant and she completely forgot about her figure while she hogged, it was impossible for people around to believe she is the same girl who never accepted that she fits into size s but would insist that she is xs which she was.she would happily shop for clothes which where XL and XXL.

After the happy phase was over there came the third trimester where everything was simply impossible taking a shower being one and again she started regretting her decision.But more than anything now she wanted to get over this and wanted the “it ” thing to pop out.

It popped out one day much after it’s due date on the day they decided to force it out it popped out on his own.And it was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen in her entire life. He was the one who made her pain disappear and the only thing she could feel was happiness. She wanted to hug him while he was taken away to be cleaned and examined.

When she held him for the first time she didn’t  cry for she was going to be the strongest lady this little man would see and admire, for she was going to be his pillar ,how can she cry but she smiled and counted his fingers and toes and looked at the miracle she has just created. She watched in awe and when he fed for the first time it felt like she was born to be just his mom. Everything every relationship was in existence just so that they could have met and this love story could have begun.

That’s my story which you just read  motherhood has changed me into a completely different person from one tight slap masi/ bua to gentle parenting mom, from bottle to breast is best and from what’s early learning to Montessori mom.

I am a mom on sabbatical and I know when I join my work back I am not going to be the same person. I am not going to stay back because my work needs me but I might just stay back home because my baby needs me. 

If I have to explain how motherhood has changed me in one line then it would be 

Of all the promotions and designations I have held being promoted and designated as Nirvaan’s mom has been the best.

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With the change in time and technology the way we bring up our kids have also changed. So while at our times excess of TV  was a matter of concern now excess of gadgets like mobile , tablets is a concern. While in our times our parents exercised control over television time and counselled us to watch Discovery, History and Natgeo, now we have many options for our kids to make their screen time more effective and learning and change the lost game into a win by educational apps and excercising moderation.

One of the applications that I am going to review today is Kidloland. 

My son is 2 yrs old and has been exposed to screen time since he was 20 months. He has a fixed timmimg for screen either mobile or television.We don’t watch television so most of the time it’s something that he watches on net but on TV.Only during traveling I allow him a little more liberty and little more of screen time apart from keeping him busy with his activities. This time while I was travelling alone with him I wanted an app which would be more of his activity then just plain viewing and that is when I tried Kidloland.

This app has endless options to keep the little ones busy without compromising on the learning aspect .What I liked most about this app is the age appropriate content.The settings has the option and you can choose the age you want your kid to view the content for. 

The puzzles and the chomping monsters are baby N’s favourite he would simply browse and open the puzzle to feed the hungry chomping monsters. He would make donuts , hamburger by solving the puzzle and simply say eat donuts hungry monster. This has been one of the best development in the last month where he has learnt to frame sentences on his own and this app has helped in improving his vocabulary .

Other than puzzles the app has some very interesting early learning games, flash cards ,songs to make them learn numbers, vegetables etc.Again one of the things that baby N loves is the Collection of universe songs which has 

The sun song which teaches about sun, the moon song about moon similarly a star song about stars. 

The planet songs teaches about the planets and their unique features, the continent song about the different continents and the ocean songs about oceans. 

Although N is too young to understand these but the songs are catchy enough for him to catch the tune and sing a whole line. That is when I decided to let him listen to these songs and make him learn about the universe early.

The collection of nursery rhymes is unending and are original without any addition of lyrics unlike most of the rhyme apps these days. All the rhymes ate interactive and child can click on the objects shown in the screen and they will move. This is a nice way to make them learn the meaning of the rhyme and helps them learn the ryhme in a better way.

The app has lullabies in melodious voice which can play at the background while making your child sleep.The stories in the app are interesting and can be read by the older kids on their own and read for me option for the young ones.the story collection is good for early readers.the collection of some old forgotten fables will take you back to your childhood . The stories we grew up listening can now be read to our children too.The app has some very nice stories on good manners which can be read as a part of bedtime stories to the young ones.

The flash cards are good for early learning and make kids learn about shapes, vehicles,food etc. Improves the vocabulary and recognition skills.

The Kidloland is full of options and covers almost all the learning skills required. This has been so far the best travelling companion for us. Along with keeping baby N busy and retaining my sanity this has been a great help on the learning part as well. 

Few tips to make screen time more effective 

1. Set a time for viewing for us it is max half and hour a day.

2. Allow only educational content.

3.Screen time should be only during day time as night time screen viewing is not good for kids.

4. Be around your baby and make the screen time more interactive rather than just viewing.

5. Ask what they have learnt from the app once their screen time is over.

6. Try to cut down your eon screen exposure so that you can actually preach what you practice about screen time.

Some of the cons of the Kidloland app 

1. Takes a lot of space in the phone (not actually a con but the options are so tempting that I actually downloaded all)

2. No timer option hence a meltdown or emotional blackmail for more viewing is possible.

Rating by baby N and Mama 

Educational -5/5 

Overall -4/5 ( one less for timer option it would have been 5/5 by baby N though)

You can visit their website     To know more 

You can simply download the App  by clicking the link below for  ios

Kidloland iOS app

For android 

Google kidloland app
From Amazon App Store 

Amazon Kidloland app