Product Review-Mama Earth Deeply Nourishing body wash

So finally I am reviewing a baby skin care product, Mama Earth caught my attention from the day one I heard about it, being a blogger you get to know about the new launches.A product that claims to be toxin free was something I have not come across.Even the giants who add natural and herbal to their product names are afraid of claiming their product as toxin free.So what is so special about this product and all thanks to Indian Mom Connects I got a chance to review the products of Mama Earth


Before the patch test on my baby’s skin I do a patch test on myself, either on my hands or face.Although few of you might find it silly but then being silly is all a part and parcel of being a mother.And another benefit of testing it on me is that we end up using the same products.Like a baby wash as face wash is a great treat for your own skin.

The patch test on both the baby and Mama fetched positive outcomes.After the patch test I have been using the product on my baby since last 15 days.I picked up the body wash first as it is doesn’t stay in the baby skin and is washed.

About the company

This company is started by a concerned parent just like you and me who wanted to offer all things good to the little ones.Click the link to know about their beautiful journey MAMA EARTH-STORY

About The Product 

Texture-Its a gel like transparent wash

Smell- Soothing fragrance of orange

I did a small research on the key ingredients just to cross check and here is what I have found


Purified Water

Decyl glucoside-It is derived from Coconut and corn starch and hence all natural and biodegradable.

Sodium coccyl isothionate- helps to form lathered and is derived from coconut

Disodium Cocoampho-Again derived from coconut and help in cleansing the dirt.

Vitamin E- Can’t get any better

Allantoin-Allantoin is a naturally ocurring nitrogenous compound used as a skin conditioning agent.

Aloe vera Extract-One of he best for the skin and all natural

Vegetable Glycerine-Clear odourless liquid which is derived from plant and is non-toxic.

xanthin gum-This is derived from bacteria and is used to hold the ingredients from separating.

Sodium Benzoate-A preservative which is safe to be used and is used in food as well.

Potassium Sorbate-It is a mild preservative and the safest one.

Orange essential oil-This is the reason the product has a mild orange fragrance.

Our experience after using the product for 15 days

The product is gel like as I mentioned and produces good lather and cleanses the skin well.It is mild enough to be used every day.Baby’s have a very sensitive skin and using body wash every day is not recommended.But I have used this product for a consecutive 15 days and found it mild enough to be used everyday.

One of the myth that people follow is baby product should have a fragrance,little did they know that adding fragrance is the major reason for adding chemicals which are not good for baby skin.Before using when I sniffed from the bottle of Mama Earth Body wash I was happy that it has a mild fragrance and then when I looked at the ingredients and found out it is the essential oil which has been used I could not have been much happier.

Lastly this product stands true for what it claims, I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a toxin free product for your baby and also this brand is toxin free made safe certified brand.

You can buy the product from here

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post although I received the products for free but all the views and review expressed in the post are mine.

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    I don’t have a baby but i l definitely buy this for myself! πŸ˜… Btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently πŸ™ƒ

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