How to Start Early with Early Learning

As I have mentioned in my posts earlier I started with early learning  when N was almost one and regret not starting it earlier but when I look back and see his videos and pics I realise I was on it since he was born.Yes absolutely without even a single iota of knowledge about early learning ,N was into early learning from the day one or may be before in my tummy while he was kicking he was learning something new.

A new born is born with the natural ability to learn and needs no push to do so.As a parent we only act as facilitator and care provider.So lets get started with early learning in early phase of infant life first.

Tummy Time

Yes it starts from here and parent has a major role in providing the environment. A safe tummy time under adult supervision is a great time to learn for infants.They learn how to keep their head up for longer time and make their neck strong enough to hold the head.

Black and white books

So the fact is to stimulate them and not over simulate; babies love black and white and colours can be over stimulating.So give them some black and white book for the motivation to lift the head while tummy time.


I bought a simple gym and started from the second month  although the weather was cold and layer of clothing was a major factor but still the gym was stimulating enough for body movements.

In fact more than gym my son was  interested in moving fingers in front of his face.He will move his hands and legs with excitement when I would twinkle my fingers in front of him.


(Hanging for the crib )

I never used a crib during the initial months it was only after my son was 5 months old that I invested in a cot.But still we got few hanging and I used to used that in his play area.


One of the most popular and a game which 100% brings those giggles on the tiny lips.We played a lot of peek-a-boo and till now it is my sons favourite.

Skin to skin contact with care giver

A skin to skin does wonders in soothing what it has to do with early learning well!! Attachment with the care giver parents in general is very important and emotional bonding when established can give a long term emotional stability and sense of security . This is important for the emotional well being.


For first few months I was too scared to do Massage of my baby and hence the act was outsourced.But eventually I realised I am losing out on bonding time with my baby and I took over. Apart from many benefits it helps in forming a routine and hence better sleep.

Talk Talk Talk

Babies they love listening to your voice as they recognise your voice from the womb.They start differentiating voices from an early age.Hence language development starts way ahead from what we can imagine.Talk normally and avoid making baby voice with mushy talks all the time  (I know that irresistible but still ).These little talks will aid a lot in language development in future.

Finger Puppets

Invest in some finger puppets or best just DIY. Tell them stories and talk more.


Invest in some good wooden rattlers ,babies first learn to move their head towards sound and then after sometime to grab the object and rattlers are best for that.


Put a mirror near the floor bed or simply show them the mirror during tummy time.Babies they love watching their reflection in the mirror .We had baby eisenstein mirror me book and N use to love it.Now we use this book to make funny faces.

So these were few pointers on starting with early learning at infant stage and my next post in the How to start early will be on babies from 6-12 months.


29 thoughts on “How to Start Early with Early Learning

  1. shubhamthakur1 says:

    Nice to read about the tips, a child should always be taught very carefully and i think these methods would prove to be the best..


  2. alpanadeo says:

    We do so much with the babies since day 1 but we don’t realize we are laying down the foundation for their learning.

    Fingers puppets are my personal favorite. We can so so much. I have two sets-one at home and one for car.


  3. momtasticworld says:

    This is so true, sooner the better. Babies learn quickly and that finger puppet I have used it too for my baby. She is a toddler now and she still loves it 🙂


  4. roopikais607 says:

    Very informative !
    Interestingly all these activities help in enhancing Not just the child’s learning skills but also in visual development of babies.


  5. MommyingBabyT says:

    Looks like I didnt know it too but I did start early. i really believe in black and white and high contrast books. They helped a lot.. and yes despite being a quiet and introverted person I talked a lot with him.


  6. Neha says:

    I had no clue about early learning, but when I read your post, I was doing a lot of things that you said, even without knowing it! Good to know that I was doing the right stuff


  7. allaboutmommying says:

    That’s an amazing interesting topic to read. I loved reading it. Very informative. No doubt kids will equally enjoy these activities


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