So when we talk about Breastfeeding and normalising it one of the most controversial topic that crops up is “breastfeeding in public”,I thought to take this weeks celebration as an oppurtunity to talk about breastfeeding in public and my experience so far.

I like travelling and weekends are only fun if we are out and if you have read my last post MY BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY you would know that my son’s primary diet and soother till now are breasts. But that has never stopped me from venturing out or going for dinners or for that matter stopped myself from venturing into the streets for shopping or long walks.

I would not say that I was comfortable breastfeeding in public initially.It took me a while to get comfortable and get out of my own mind block of people are watching.

But before I write about my experience I would like to thank my parents, sister and my husband who have constantly worked on making me comfortable.I was very nervous the first time we went for a dinner and Nirvaan got cranky and I was scolded by my mother saying either you stay at home or be comfortable feeding in public.

Since then I don’t think I have ever felt nervous or refused to feed in a place where people are around.Breastfeeding in public or at any place is a personal choice and should be respected.A mother’s primary concern is her child be it any place that can’t change just because she is in a public place her right to feed her baby should not be questioned or looked down upon.

My Experience 

Initially when Nirvaan was an infant my outings honestly were to the places where feeding was comfortable like to a mall where there are feeding rooms or to the restraunts where we used to book the corner tables for extra privacy.Nirvaan made his maiden flight travel when he was just one and half months old and we did quite well with the feeding rooms at the airport and the window seat.Feeding an infant in public is honestly easier.All I did was to either use a cloak or a long shrug as I couldn’t feed him without looking at him.

I have fed him in parks , airport very much infront of people but always with a cover on that is my idea of being comfortable in public .

The real challenge I faced or rather face during feeding in public places is with a toddler who doesn’t want to keep the cover on him and also breastfeeding for us is not just breastfeeding it is a bonding time where Nirvaan loves to hear the sweet nothings I tell him and also he demands a lot of skin contact even till now.So in public places where he gets really cranky I don’t feel like feeding him out in open and honestly I prefer washrooms if there are no feeding areas.That gives me the required privacy and also gives him the required comfort.I find nothing wrong in it but yes one should not be forced to feed in washrooms when they are comfortable anywhere.

Well washrooms have been my last options I usually rush to clothing store and use their changing rooms and those are the best 😉 or if he is sleepy feeding him is easier in public .

I don’t bother those looks and till date have never stopped myself because of those looks.

I feel like if my breastfeeding makes someone uncomfortable then they should just avoid looking at me and can take a walk as I have not sat down for them to stare at me. You don’t like it then move on why bother looking and getting uncomfortable watching a baby having food. 

The whole idea of breastfeeding in public comes down to just one point of being comfortable whether with a cover or in the washroom it should be you who should be the decision maker not the people around.

For the beginners I just have one tip be confident you will get those looks even if the baby cries inconsolably,so just don’t bother and go ahead breastfeed any where  you feel comfortable.


I would highly recommend to check fellow mommy Natantara’s blog post on breastfeeding which is a complete guide for new moms click below to read it

Don’t forget to share your experiences down below in the comment section would love to know your breastfeeding experience in public .



  1. Ekta says:

    I’ve travelled a fair bit with my daughter since she was 8 months old.. obviously there have been off times when I had to feed her in while commuting.. . Her wrap came to my rescue when I was not well prepared: )


  2. Jiya B says:

    I did feed my kids in public and I made sure I use wraps or shawls But still what bothered me a lot was women staring at me continously. Which was a bit annoying sometimes.


  3. Nisha Malik says:

    I can remember so many such events when i had to breastfeed him. I too used to opt for corner seat in restraurents or changing room of a clothing brand.. 😍


  4. alpanadeo says:

    As always another inspiring post coming from you. You said that right it’s you and the public around you to decide where, when and how to feed your baby.


  5. Sangeeta says:

    Kudos to you. A lot of women still feel that feeding in public is almost a taboo. Our society thrives on putting us down based on basic biology. At the end of the day, it is the mother’s choice and it shouldn’t really matter to anyone else.


  6. momsmethods says:

    My kids too breastfed for more than 2 years each and it’s really nice to see that most places are having nice clean feeding areas and also where they are not easily available people are generally very supportive and give you your space


  7. kidsfoodlife2017 says:

    I love your mothers wisdom, stay at home or get comfortable breastfeeding in public! I was young and very self conscious to breastfeed in public with my first child but with my second 5 years later I felt much more confident to feed in public. Like you said, people will still stare if your baby is crying uncontrollably. It’s only natural, the more people see babies being breastfed in public, the less ‘taboo’ it will become! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I completely agree with you.. but as for me a cover is essential.. because i have seen men watching a lady feed her month old baby in train and doing stuff with their body.. 🙁


  9. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Very interesting topic and about time people start talking about this and also respecting this natural thing. I have also had my share of instances when I had to feed in Public. In fact, I remember a time when we were out shopping and in a shopping mall I had to hide behind racks of salwar kameez and sit down to feed my daughter. There aren’t many facilities available to take care of this requirement.


  10. Shalu Sharma Rathod says:

    in villages & small towns women breastfeed in public quiet often. Nursing in Public is turning out to be a taboo mostly in cities & public places full of educated & progressive people. This is sad as well as shameful.


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